Apr 08, 2022 I Nick Redfern

Infiltration of Our Planet by Human-like Aliens

Think of an alien invasion and it is likely to provoke images of movies along the lines of Independence Day and The War of the Worlds. We’re talking about planet-wide attacks, cities destroyed, and millions of people dead. But, what if the invasion has already gone ahead? And in a near-silent, camouflaged fashion? You might wonder: how can that be? Well, I’ll tell you. Over the years I’ve spoken to a lot of people who are absolutely sure they encountered dangerous aliens – and sometimes on repeated occasions, too. And, that those same people came to terrible and frightening scenarios: that there are countless numbers of deadly extraterrestrials that are our enemies – and who look at least somewhat like us – and who are making their ways through our towns and cities, bit by bit, day by day, month by month and…well, you get the grim picture. Could there really be alien creatures here that are so like us that unless we looked careful enough, we would never know, and never realize, of the infection spreading throughout our world. And, yes, “infection” is a good term to use. 

If you think the scenario above is way too far to accept, I’ll tell you why it’s not. And it all revolves around some of the most sinister creatures that are determined to make our world their world. They’re not quite like us. They are, however, close enough so that most of us would never know. We’ll begin with the creepiest creatures of the modern world: the Black Eyed Children. Do you see where I’m going with things? Take a glance and you probably wouldn’t see the eerie differences. And particularly so if your phone is in your hand 24/7. But, just look a bit closer and what will you see? Well, I’ll tell you: you’ll see skin that seems to be made of plastic. Some of them wear wigs and hoodies to hide their sometimes-hairless appearances. And, of course, the Black Eyed Children aren’t given that name for no reason! That’s right: their eyes are just like the ones on the cover of Whitley Strieber’s classic 1987 book, Communion. And those creepy kids are always trying to find ways to get in peoples’ homes. They drain us of our life-force, itself. And, they have been reported seen all around the world. That’s right: their numbers are growing. An infestation on the move? Maybe.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the Men in Black and the Women in Black. Like the Black Eyed Children, these equally creepy characters look slightly like us. But, they’re different enough to make their way through our towns, our cities, our malls. Basically, everywhere. Of course, many might say that all of this is just theoretic. I assure you it isn’t. And on that path, I’ll share you some examples of this eerie phenomenon. In early 1987, a very bizarre incident occurred at a Manhattan bookstore. It is a story told in Whitley Strieber's 1988 book, Transformation, and in Ed Conroy's Report on Communion, published one year later, and which is an excellent read. It involved a woman who was heavily masked, hidden, camouflaged, and who was likely not human, and who left a deep, lasting impression on the witness. The woman was not alone, however. She had a male companion. It was a wintry, freezing, and dark Saturday afternoon in the latter part of January 1987 and a man named Bruce Lee - who worked as a senior editor at a New York publishing house, William Morrow & Co. - walked into a bookstore on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, along with his wife. It was the now-closed-down Womrath's, on Lexington Avenue.

That was not the only unusual thing about that fateful, Saturday afternoon. Both the man and the woman were barely five feet in height – maybe even slightly smaller. They had scarves that covered their chins, hats pulled tightly down, and huge, black sunglasses. They also appeared to begin speed-reading the book, noting out loud – one might even suggest for Lee's benefit – where Strieber had got certain things wrong. Quite naturally, given that he worked for the very publisher that had just released Communion, Lee walked over and asked the pair what was wrong with the book. The woman suddenly looked up, at which point Lee was able to see through her sunglasses that her eyes were not just large, but huge. Lee, by his own admission, felt the hackles on the back of his neck rise, and got a "mad dog" feeling emanating from the woman. Not good. Not good, at all.

Let’s now have a look at another case of the creepy kind. UFO author and investigator, Denise Stoner told me this: “My Mom and I had gone to the mall on a Christmas Eve for a couple of last minute stocking stuffer type gifts. We actually knew what we wanted so we parked outside J.C. Penney’s on the side where those goods were. We went in and immediately noticed that in late afternoon, there were only a few shoppers. We picked out our gifts and got in line at the cashier in back of two other people. We could easily see the exit door and the sun in the parking lot, we were facing that way. The glass doors opened and two very tall, thin women entered. They had long almost waist length blond hair parted in the middle on top and it was thin in texture. Their skin was also pale and I did not notice any make up but each had huge piercing blue eyes. Their gait was odd like they were too tall (approximately 6'1) to walk smoothly. I was already an investigator for MUFON so I was aware of oddities in people and had done background searches for the Federal Government, so was trained to be observant.

"They were pushing one of those umbrella style strollers with no fancy attachments - just the hammock type bed, wheels, and handles. I noticed they had no purses or accessories such as a diaper bag to carry diapers or bottles, etc. The women moved slowly it seemed and drew my attention to the stroller. There was a baby blanket in the bottom portion and on top of the head of a baby no bigger than a small grapefruit, pasty colored skin, no noticeable nose, a line for a mouth and huge dark eyes taking up most of the rest of this head. I wondered if the baby was deformed but knew this was not the case somehow. The baby appeared alert and was staring up at me. My Mom bumped me with her arm to get my attention and said ‘what is wrong with that baby?’ I felt I needed to tell the person in front of me because we had been talking with her about being slow in finishing up our shopping. When I tapped her on the shoulder I then was shocked to see not only her but the lady in front of her and the cashier were kind of frozen in place. Everything seemed to be moving in extremely slow motion around us.”

I should stress that bizarre – and even sinister – cases like this one are not rare. Having written three books on the Men in Black, one on the Women Black, and another that covers the Black-Eyed Children, I have hundreds of cases of such creatures on record. The fact is, like it or not, there is a growing body of malicious, dangerous entities that – to a degree – look like us, but aren’t. Right now, the infiltration is not to the degree it could be. That doesn’t mean it won’t reach huge levels. It could. And, quite out of the blue – when these things show themselves for what they really are and how they look - the “war” could begin. Be careful. Very careful.

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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