Apr 11, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Neuroimaging Expert Confirms Brain Damage from UFO Encounters

A number of famous UFO encounters and alien abduction cases have detailed physical and possibly mental injuries suffered by those allegedly exposed to the energy used to power these extraterrestrial crafts. Just last week, US Defense Department report on the biological effects of UFO sightings on humans, obtained by The Sun, exposed “356 selected cases of UFO-induced psychological effects on humans” which include paralysis, eye injuries, burns, dehydration, hair loss and many more. Just days later, The Daily Mail has followed this with its own exclusive interview with a Pentagon neuroimaging expert who claims he’s examined “hundreds of patients” who were injured or died after alleged UFO encounters” … and claims their symptoms resemble those experienced by government employees suffering from the “Havanna syndrome.” Could there be a connection?

Can UFOs cause brain damage?

“I'm the go-to physician in the Department of Defense for unexplained morbidity and mortality. I do look at injuries and mortality from unidentified UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena).”

Forensic neuroimaging expert Christopher Green, a professor at the Wayne State School of Medicine in Detroit, told The Daily Mail he was commissioned in 2010 by the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP) to examine people who claimed they were victims of UFO events. In the shocking report, he reveals finding symptoms of multiple sclerosis, brain damage, and burns … injuries so severe that one in ten died within seven years of their alleged encounter. Greene says he published 38 papers on his investigations (you can read one here) and may have risked his own life as a result of at least one of them. 

“'I had said some things in the paper that they [the DIA] did not want me to say. The reason I was told was, I referred to radio frequencies as having to do with alien spacecraft, and UFOs. I think that there are serious people in the Department of Defense who believe that some of the objects that are identified as 'unidentified flying objects' are real, and are extraterrestrial. It's reasonable that reasonable people are concerned about that.”

In his position as the former Assistant National Intelligence Officer for Science and Technology and as “an intelligence officer for the government since 1969,” Greene says he was accustomed to being involved with highly classified cases of soldiers and civilians injured in unexplained ways while working for the Department of Defense, Special Forces and the aerospace industry. The stories he shared with The Daily Mail sound like they’re right out of a modern cable TV UFO series, including: 

  • Things that instantaneously appear and instantaneously disappear.
  • Things that instantly disappear and then instantly appear close by but in another angle of sight. 
  • Close encounters resulting in burns and unconsciousness.
  • Something cloaked that was believed to be a human being.
  • Injuries from encounters with UFOs “near the White House” and over the Capitol Mall.

When pressed, Greene refused to give any info on the last two. However, he did compare the UFO cases in general to the recent reports of Havana syndrome – a mysterious illness which caused similar brain damage to diplomats and US officials in embassies around the world and in Washington DC. Greene’s cases all happened long before Havana syndrome was first reported in 2016 and no public testimonies of cases of Havana syndrome refer to UFOs, but that doesn’t stop Greene from offering an analysis that can apply to both.

“'I don't have to invent aliens in order to explain the cases that I get.”

If it wasn't aliens, what caused the brain damage?

Greene told The Daily Mail all of the injuries he’s investigated can be explained by current human technology, including advanced microwave and radio frequency non-lethal weapons developed by the US and other countries. That has been the most accepted, although not confirmed cause of Havana syndrome, and many investigators believe most UFO cases can be explained by advanced aircraft and drones using high-tech power systems which could cause radiation, chemical or heat-related physical and metal injuries to those who are too close to them or have secret weapons fired at or even just aimed at them.

Forensic neuroimaging expert Christopher Green is right – many UFO-related injuries can be explained by human technology, not aliens. What about the ones that can’t? And what about those White House and Capitol Mall cases? 

Greene? Greene? Bueller? 

Paul Seaburn

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