Apr 07, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Pentagon UFO Papers Show Alien Sex, Unwanted Pregnancies, Injuries and More

In a blockbuster news report, The Sun claims it received 1,574 pages of documents from the US Pentagon as a result of a Freedom of Information (FOI) request first filed in on December 18, 2017, asking for a copy of all "files, reports or video files" related to the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP) – the secretive US Department of Defense UFO investigation program which began in 2007, was funded until 2012, ran unfunded for some time after that, and was made public in 2020. That’s not the blockbuster part either … The Sun reviewed the documents and found reports on the biological effects of UFO sightings on humans – including cases of "apparent abduction", "unaccounted for pregnancy", sexual encounters, experience of telepathy and perceived teleportation.

I'm pregnant?

"Sufficient incidents/accidents have been accurately reported, and medical data acquired, as to support a hypothesis that some advanced systems are already deployed, and opaque to full US understandings."

According to The Sun – which included a few pages in the article -- the document titled “Anomalous Acute And Subacute Field Effects on Human and Biological Tissues" investigates injuries to "human observers by anomalous advanced aerospace systems." It refers to “356 selected cases of UFO-induced psychological effects on humans” which include paralysis, eye injuries, burns, dehydration, hair loss and many more.

"The medical analyses while not require the invention of an alternative biophysics do indicate to use of (to us) unconventional and advanced energy systems."

The Sun reports that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) admits the pages are redacted due to privacy and confidentiality concerns but the "DIA has not withheld any reasonably segregable non-exempt portions of the records." What it DOES say is that it received five reported sexual encounters between UFOs and humans – including one unaccounted-for pregnancy. Unfortunately, no further details were given. The DIA study says UFO sightings left witnesses injured, suffering radiation burns, brain problems and damaged nerves that are likely the result of electromagnetic radiation exposure from "energy related propulsion systems." While the article didn’t refer to crashed UFOs, it said the study argued it was possible to use this medical information to "reverse engineer" UFOs "from unknown provenance that may be a threat to United States interest.”

It appears AATIP was planning for more encounters – the Star points to one document categorizing "anomalous behavior" - "ghosts, yetis, spirits, elves and other mythical/ legendary entities" were AN3, "witness interaction with AN3 entities" were AN4, and when “an encounter with an alien results in permanent psychological injuries "or death"” it got a CE4. The Star mentioned other categories for poltergeists, crop circles, spontaneous human combustion, alien abductions and other paranormal events.

"Classified information exists that is highly pertinent to the subject of this study and only a small part of the classified literature has been released".

How much more is there? 

The Star article concludes with the above government caveat – unfortunately, it’s not a promise to release more. It’s hard to tell what happens next. Will The Star make all of the 1500+ pages available to the public? Do we care to see them if The Star already release the ‘good stuff’? What happened to the woman who became pregnant as a result of her UFO encounter?

Come on, Star – be a ‘star’ and release the documents to the public while continuing to demand more.

Paul Seaburn

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