Apr 12, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Pigeon Metaverse, AI Sense of Humor, Magic Mushroom Therapy and More Mysterious News Briefly

Mysterious News Briefly

If you need more to worry about, microbiologists from The Ohio State University studying ocean water samples from around the world discovered more than 5,000 new virus species. Time to take a spring break from Spring Break?

Researchers digging at the Huaca Las Ventanas archaeological site in Lambayeque, Peru, found the tomb of a surgeon of the Middle Sican period (900 – 1050 AD) which contained knives, needles and other sharp metallic tools he used for both medical and sacrificial purposes. Being able to sacrifice patients sounds like the first malpractice insurance.

Planetary scientists are puzzled why Neptune is experiencing an unprecedented period of strangely fluctuating temperature drops not expected during the 40-year-long summer season the giant planet is currently in the middle of. Forty years of summer … could it be the result of forty years of ozone from Neptunian air conditioners?

Japan’s Tori (“Bird”) Games has released Hatoverse, the world’s first pigeon metaverse that allows one to transform into a pigeon, communicate with multiple other humans-turned-pigeon in real time, walk around, jump into the air, make pigeon coos and act like a pigeon – they claim it’s therapeutic. Sorry, it’s only therapeutic if it allows you to cover your boss’s car with pigeon droppings.

Spain’s Civil Guard raided warehouses of a businessman in the eastern Valencia region and found a private taxidermy collection of 1,090 animals, including 405 from protected species and at least one specimen of the extinct North African oryx – the collection is worth an estimated $31.5 million on the black market. Without ‘tax’-ing your brain, can you think of a proper punishment?

Psilocybin, the psychedelic compound in magic mushrooms, was shown in a new study to unlock rigid patterns of brain connectivity and trigger a more flexible and expansive brain state that lasts for several weeks – resulting in reductions in depressive symptoms. Calling Dr. Alice … calling Dr. Alice.

In a recent experiment, surgeons listening to AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell” and “T.N.T.” played loudly in the operating room saw the time needed to make a precision cut drop from 236 seconds to 139, their accuracy improve by five percent, and their stress levels, anxiety levels and blood pressure drop. Calling Dr. Rudd … calling Dr. Rudd.

Two months after it happened, the Bureau of Land Management has finally admitted that one of its construction crews using a backhoe seriously damaged fossilized trackways of dinosaur footprints in Utah’s famous Mill Canyon Track Site, and paleontologists are not convinced the government recognizes the severity of this destruction and is making changed to prevent it from happening again. Would a giant inflatable dinosaur in front of Congress help?

Three of the developers responsible for DeepStack, the first AI system to beat humans at heads-up, no-limit poker, have founded Equilibre Technologies which employs algorithms to pick stocks and cryptocurrency. Get ready for a broker who looks suspiciously like a hologram of Kenny Rogers in a suit singing “The Gambler.”

In another AI development, Google’s research team claims to have trained a text-generating language model called PaLM how to interpret and explain jokes told by humans. It’s so human, it knows to laugh at your spouse’s jokes even when they’re not funny.

Paul Seaburn

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