Apr 25, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Skinned Vikings, Ghosts and Actors, Talking to Dogs and More Mysterious News Briefly

Seismologists have confirmed that the Tonga (Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha'apai) volcano eruption of 2022 was the largest explosive eruption of the 21st century and possibly one of the biggest eruptions ever recorded. Does this mean descriptions of its boom must now be a capitalized BOOM?

For centuries, locals believed that a large piece of skin nailed to the door of St Botolph’s church in Hadstock near Cambridge in England was human skin that belonged to a Viking pillager who tried to plunder the church in the 11th century CE, but a new study found the so-called ‘daneskin’ came from a cow, and similar ‘daneskins’ from three other churches also came from animals. There goes another great scene from your favorite Vikings movie.

Christopher Meloni, Detective Stabler on “Law & Order: Organized Crime” and “Law & Order: SVU”, sold his haunted house in the Hollywood Hills for more than $5 million, despite the warnings that its ghosts have caused incidents there ranging from doors shutting, sheets flying off beds, a pervasive smell of rose perfume, and other phenomena. Well, that’s what he told his wife and who’s going argue with Detective Stabler?

Speaking of haunted actors, English Actor Matthew McNulty claims he once stayed in a haunted hotel “half an hour from Galway in the middle of nowhere on the West coast of Ireland” and encountered the ghost of an old man who sat on the bed and then peed in the closet. The old “I wasn’t drunk – an old man ghost peed in the closet” defense.

A new study compared the genome of an Australian desert dingo with those of five domestic dog breeds and the Greenland wolf and found that dingo's genome was structurally distinct from the boxer, German shepherd, basenji, Great Dane and Labrador retriever, but is closer to the German shepherd that the Greenland wolf. Which one is most likely to eat your baby … generations of “Seinfeld” fans want to know.

Pet medium Beth Lee-Crowther gave The Mirror five tips to help anyone talk to their animals – the list includes focusing on the pet, asking questions, performing gratitude and physically tapping on one’s ‘third eye’. If my dog is staring at my third eye, it means I have a mole that looks like a cookie.

Some cities have landslides or fires – Eagle Mountain, Utah, has its twice-annually tumbleweeds invasion which is making its spring visit and covering the town with tons of tumbleweeds that residents deal with by burning, dumping or selling them on Etsy to people who use them to decorate their houses. If only this worked with crabgrass, dandelions and raccoons.

Researchers from the University of Amsterdam are experimenting with 3D-printed chocolate with unique structures that make it crispier – a mouth-feel characteristic that experts say enhances its consumption. You mean there are people who leave chocolate in their mouths long enough to feel it?

Contrary to their carnivorous reputation and reputation for hosting meat-laden feasts, a new bioarchaeological study claims that before the arrival of the Vikings, the diets of Anglo-Saxon royals and elites were largely vegetarian, containing only small amounts of flesh. What did the Vikiings bring to change their minds … bacon?

Indiana Jones had a famous hatred of all snakes but he also said that big scorpions weren’t as bad as small ones, and a new study agrees - researchers from NUI Galway analyzed 36 species of scorpions and found that the smallest species were 100 times more potent that the largest. Even scarier to Indiana Jones would be a small scorpion swimming in the Holy Grail.

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