Apr 11, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Tesla Ghosts, Bug-Eyed Man, Giant Worm Cloud and More Mysterious News Briefly

Mysterious News Briefly 

In what must be a first for any rover, a photo taken by NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover appears to show it has found its own parachute 412 days after landing on the Red Planet. If it takes 412 days to find a parachute on a planet with no buildings, good luck with Perseverance helping to find Martian colonists’ lost keys.

A skull with a hole in its forehead found in northwest Alabama that dates back between 3,000 and 5,000 years ago has been identified as North America’s oldest known case of skull surgery – a pressure-reducing operation probably performed on someone with brain swelling caused by an attack or a serious fall. What was the Native American doctor’s name – Poke-a-hole-as?

Owners of Teslas driving through cemeteries are getting freaked out by their car’s collision detection program because the display appears to show ghosts walking around despite the fact that there was nothing visibly in front of the car’s camera – experts say the system is picking up flowers it doesn’t recognize so it substitutes images of humans. Elon Musk says it’s a warning to stop making fun of him.

Dog bones excavated at Jamestown, one of the first English colonies in North America, show cut marks indicating the colonists probably killed and ate local dogs to survive … before they turned to human cannibalism. Did you ever notice that removing one letter turns ‘man’s best friend’ into ‘man’s best fried’?

Officials in Alaska were swamped with calls about a strange worm-like cloud that appeared in the sky over Lazy Mountain – many thought it was an alien spaceship – but further research determined it was a large commercial jet on its way to New York whose contrail combined with the rising sun to create a very “unique atmospheric sight.” Alaska – the land of the midnight funny clouds?

The British insect-engineering company Oxitec is planning to release millions more of its controversial gene-hacked Mexican mosquitoes in California in an effort to kill future generations of female mosquitoes – the ones that bite and reproduce. Are they doing this in California to be close to movie studios standing ready to turn it into dystopian blockbusters?

A 53-year-old man in France went to the emergency room after he developed an itching sensation in his right eye and found out it was caused by over a dozen sheep bot fly larvae on his cornea and conjunctiva that he picked up while gardening near a horse and sheep farm – the doctors were able to remove the larvae with forceps and he’s OK now. “I told you I wasn’t winking at you,” said every sheep on the farm.

A new study on exoplanet weather found that exoplanet WASP-178b – which orbits WASP-178, a young white star 1,360 light-years away -- is so close to its star that its clouds consist of vaporized rock. Their Weather Channel there is called “Survivor: WASP-178b.”

Astronomers puzzled by why the near side and far side of the Moon are so different have a new theory – a giant impact billions of years ago near the Moon’s south pole created a massive plume of heat that propagated through the Moon’s interior, carrying rare-Earth and heat-producing elements to the nearside where they contributed to the volcanoes that created the volcanic plains we see from Earth. Turns out the Man in the Moon is thinking, “Does it feel hot or is it just me?”

Researchers from the UK’s Babraham Institute have managed to turn back the clock on skin cells and make them 30 years younger using a technique called 'maturation phase transient reprogramming' which partly restores the function of older cells and helps them produce collagen again at a youthful rate. If this works, there goes three aisles of skin care products at the drugstore.

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