Apr 03, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Expert Claims Extraterrestrials are Now Afraid of Will Smith

"Welcome to Earth."

“Come here you f-ing basterd! I'm going to put you on a f-king barbecue!

    Will Smith as Capt. Steven Hiller in “Independence Day”

“Freeze! NYPD! Freeze! Freeze means stop!”

“Yeah, and when he gets here, I'll arrest his ass too!”

    Will Smith as James Darrell Edwards III / Agent J in ”Men in Black”

"Keep my wife's name out of your f-ing mouth."

    Will Smith as himself at the 2022 Academy Awards

After seeing him in some of his most iconic film roles – especially two that involve extraterrestrials – and then watching his now infamous slap and comment at the Academy Awards, are you afraid of actor Will Smith? While you may not be, The Mirror reports that well-known UFO expert Nick Pope thinks extraterrestrials are terrified of the pugilistic thespian.

“If extraterrestrials are watching Earth - either monitoring us as part of a scientific study of emerging civilizations or maybe as reconnaissance, ahead of an alien invasion - they'll get a lot of their information about us from our TV broadcasts.”

Is Will Smith in here?

You may recall that Pope – the one-time UFO researcher for the British Ministry of Defence and current UFO journalist – recently warned that aliens are leaving the area and are no longer interested in Earth because they’re afraid of Russian president Vladimir Putin after seeing his actions in Ukraine. However, he also claimed they like Queen Elizabeth II. Now, after watching the 2022 Academy Awards – which aliens monitoring Earth undoubtedly also watched – Pope says (according to The Mirror) that ETs will be fearful of the star they’ve also watched in the movies saving the planet from … them!

"What will they make of the fiasco at this year's Oscars ceremony? Aliens will already know Will Smith from ‘Independence Day’, where he punched out an alien and uttered the immortal line “Welcome to Earth.” They'll also know him from the ‘Men in Black’ movies, so if aliens are planning an invasion, they'll think Will Smith is often the person we put up to defend ourselves. Aliens may also think he's one of Earth's ruling elite, if they've heard the phrase “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

OK, that last connection seems improbable, but Pope has a response.

"All this depends on whether aliens understand the concept of fiction. If they don't, they'll think Earth has already fought off multiple alien invasions, and that may have a deterrent effect."

Fiction? What is that? 

Does one need to understand “fiction” if one has mastered the warp drive or traveled through time? The Mirror, which appears to be the main and only source of Mr. Pope’s comments, says it followed up on them and confirmed that Pope was not joking.

Hmm. Let’s say ETs really ARE afraid of Will Smith because of his roles and actions. Does this mean world leaders should promote more movies like “Independence Day” and of the dystopian kind to show ETs we’re ready for them? Will they turn around and go home … or never invade in the first place?

Or will they say:

"Keep our names out of your f-ing mouth."

Paul Seaburn

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