Apr 28, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Expert Warns New Owner of Twitter Could Block Important Alien Tweets

He warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine was scaring away extraterrestrials. He applauded Queen Elizabeth II for being the kind of leader those same ETs could like … although they don’t care much for her son Andrew and grandson Harry. After the famous slap at the Academy Awards, he claimed that ETs are also afraid of “Independence Day” actor Will Smith. And yes, he’s a real UFO and ET expert who worked at the “UFO desk” for Britain’s Ministy of Defence. If you haven’t figured it out by now, he’s Nick Pope and in his new capacity of linking everything to UFOs and space aliens, he warned this week that Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter could drive ETs away from using the social media platform to contact us. Why don’t they switch to TikTok like the time travelers have?

Is Twitter the best way for aliens to reach billions of humans?

"If our Twitter bid succeeds, we will defeat the spam bots or die trying! And authenticate all real humans."

-- Elon Musk

That’s the recent comment of Musk’s which seemed to push Nick Pope over the edge and talk to The Mirror about Twitter, Musk and aliens. Whether you believe in ETs or not, Pope’s logic starts out sound. He says intelligent ETs might decide to announce their existence or arrival using the most common and widespread form of electronic communication – email or a tweet. Twitter is full of accounts that claim to be from aliens or people channeling aliens – non-believers look at these as potential spam bots or fake accounts … both of which Musk promised to eliminate.

“But what if one of them was the real deal? How would we know?”

Pope suggests that instead of eliminating these suspicious messages, we should be “trawling the internet and social media sites for anything that might be a real message from an alien.” Why?

"To get our attention, a genuine alien message would probably include the solution to a major unsolved problem in mathematics, physics or computer science - something advanced, but verifiable.”

OK … when was the last time you saw the solution to ANY unsolved problem in mathematics, physics or computer science on Twitter? Why a dress looks one color to some people and a different one to others … maybe. Most people think Rubik’s cube is a major problem – is a solution on Twitter a sign of alien communication? And what kind of spam bot spits out physics problem solutions … unless an opposing political leader believes the opposite? If Pope had ended his thoughts there, he might still have made a good point. But then he opened the same box that released the comments about aliens fearing Putin and Will Smith while loving Queen Elizabeth.

"They'll already have been paying close attention to Elon Musk, because he's such a key player in the space program, so now that he's bought Twitter, they'll be looking at him even more closely. They may even think he's Earth's supreme leader - after all, Twitter has such power, it even banned a former President of the United States!”

Really! Is there anyone – except Musk himself – who, when ordered by an ET to “Take me to your leader”, would drive them to Elon’s house … or whatever friend’s house he’s staying at? But Pope seems to believe that’s what space aliens would discern based on the fact that Twitter is worth more than the gross domestic production of most countries … and Musk is now the leader of Twitter.

Would you recoginze a tweet from an alien?

Pope ends with one scary thought about aliens communicating with humans on Twitter.  

"It would be a sort of extraterrestrial calling card, and if it's on Twitter, Elon Musk is now perfectly placed to find it."

Even if Musk is not the leader of the world yet, he’s “perfectly placed” to convince alien overlords that he is.

Whether you believe all, part or none of Nick Pope’s Twitter logic …

Are you afraid yet?

Paul Seaburn

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