Apr 08, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Vampire Bats Bonding, Triceratops Fighting, Human Brains Shrinking and More Mysterious News Briefly

Big John, the largest Triceratops skeleton ever found, has a keyhole-shaped opening on its frill that a new study claims was the result of a fight between Big John and another Triceratops more than 66 million years ago – the position, size and shape of the hole seem to match the damage another Triceratops could do. Time to go back to the fossil field and look for a shapely female Triceratops?

New lunar maps show magnetic anomalies — regions of the lunar surface that contain unusually strong magnetic fields — sprinkled across the moon's south pole that seem to be acting as tiny magnetic shields that protect lunar water ice from being melted by solar wind, but researchers are at a loss to explain where these anomalies come from – while the moon once had a magnetic field, that was 4 billion years ago. Cold lunar magnetic anomalies – could they be ET refrigerator magnets?

Researchers at Stanford University created a photovoltaic (PV) cell which collects and converts solar energy to electricity during the day, then generates a sizable amount of power at night by soaking up energy emitted by radiative cooling. Good luck explaining that one in high school science classes.

Veteran ESA astronaut Roberto Vittori tested the new DLR Robotic Motion Simulator – a machine which uses an industrial robot arm with a flight deck capsule attached to it and a virtual flight deck window to simulate landing on the moon. “That’s what the seat of your pants is for,” thought Buzz Aldrin.

After studying more than 120,000 brain scans, neuroscientists found that human brains grow until adulthood, then begin gradually shrinking as we age. Before you go buy your nervous 100-year-old great-grandad earplugs, they don’t get small enough to roll out.

Proving humanity has crossed another laziness threshold, the Japanese gaming peripheral/furniture maker Bauhutte has unveiled the Electric Motorized Gaming Bed designed to facilitate spending an entire day gaming in bed without getting uncomfortable – it has shelves for a refrigerator, food, drink bottles and clothing plus the usual gaming gear. If you need to ask if it has a bathroom, you missed the comment about ‘drink bottles’.

Proving many owners, sellers and breeders of aquarium fish are irresponsible, at least 70 non-native aquarium fish have been found in Brazilian inland waters alone, and the latest species added to the list are genetically modified glow-in-the-dark zebrafish that glow red or green. These people need to be flushed.

To the disappointment of most new fathers, a new Cornell University study of early vocabulary development in an Indigenous language found that after ‘mama’, the next words babies learn are "this" and "that" – a trait also found in widely spoken languages such as English, Spanish and Mandarin. Sorry, babies, ‘that guy’ is not the same as ‘dada’.

A new study by researchers at The Ohio State Universityfound that vampire bat pairs forced to live together for only one week sustained their friendly relationships for more than two months after they were released into a bigger bat community – a trait the study compared to the social bonding that occurs between randomly assigned college roommates. Do they also argue over who has to clean the cave?

Puma Watch North Wales received a report this week of a “black panther” hunting for rabbits and birds on Ffrith beach near Prestatyn in North Wales which was later spotted running “at great speed” across the beach – this coastal area has had a number of big cat sightings recently. If you decide to risk a Welsh beach visit, don’t wear a feathered hat.

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