May 03, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Cow Burps in Space, Wicked Bible, Bank Holiday Chemtrails and More Mysterious News Briefly

University of California Santa Cruz scientists may have an antidote to carbon monoxide poisoning – small hemoglobin molecules designed to bind tightly with carbon monoxide and rescue red blood cells exposed to the odorless gas. Which will come first – a CO antidote or the world switching to electric cars?

Tokyo Metropolitan University researchers found key similarities between the behavior of sand and melting gelatin that may help improve our understanding of destabilization caused by gravity as seen in avalanches, landslides, and industrial transport processes. And you don’t have to mow green gelatin.

Those who fear heights should avoid Vietnam’s newly-opened Bach Long bridge – the 2,073-foot span over a jungle just broke the record for the world’s longest glass-bottomed bridge … the pedestrian bridge can hold up to 450 terrified people at once. It’s a good idea not to gorge before crossing this gorge.

High-resolution satellites operated by the environmental data company GHGSat picked up methane emissions from the burps of cattle on a farm in California’s Joaquin Valley. “Hold my beer and watch for these”, said guys in the Joaquin Valley as they looked up to the skies and opened their mouths.

While many Brits fear the rumored Alien Big Cats, Scotland plans to bring them back – a group is pushing for the reintroduction of Eurasian lynx which were native to Scotland until 500 years ago and now have strong public support for a comeback. This is not good news for feline lovers who own Tasty Small Cats.

High temperatures on Britain’s most recent Bank Holiday caused conspiracy theorists to blame the resulting aircraft contrails on chemtrails being allegedly spread by secret Government departments. Why would anyone want to be a chemtrail maker – they have to work on Bank Holidays!

Researchers think a 3,000-year-old skeleton found in a tomb in northwest China is the earliest known example of foot amputation as punishment for a crime based on the cut looking nothing like a medical amputation and the analysis that the woman lived for five years after losing her foot. Whose butt did she kick and was it worth losing a leg over?

Dmitry Rogozin, the director-general of the federal Roscosmos space agency, says Russia will pull out of the International Space Station (ISS), perhaps as soon as two years from now, because of the sanctions imposed after its invasion of Ukraine. It could be sooner – cosmonauts are said to be practicing the ‘beep-beep’ sound trucks make when backing out of a parking space.

Pupillometry researchers at Princeton University discovered that a person’s pupils size grows bigger when they imagine really vivid mental images, their pupils get much bigger – leading to the conclusion that people with larger pupils have a strong imagination and the ability to conjure up vivid mental imagery. Here’s something imaginative – Pupillometry would make a great band name.

An extremely rare copy of the 1631 “Wicked” Bible – so called because a misprint omits the word “not” from the seventh commandment so it reads “thou shalt commit adultery” – has been discovered in New Zealand where experts say it’s one of only 20 remaining. There’s a paper shortage in New Zealand as copy shops are rushing to meet the demand.

Paul Seaburn

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