May 18, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Earth Woman Falls Hard for Extraterrestrial Spaceship Captain

Many fans of romantic comedy films say the genre is dead – the dearth of recent rom-coms at theaters or streaming seems to confirm that the movie-going public is more interested in action heroes and space thrillers. That may be the perfect pitch for a new kind of rom-com starring an actress whose real life would seem to make this more of a bio-pic. Abbie Bela, who also goes by Emanuela Rose, is making the rounds to tell the world about her out-of-this-world romance with the extraterrestrial captain of a spaceship currently docked in Earth orbit while he romances his human sweetheart. ‘Sleepless in Sagittarius’? ‘When ET Met Abbie’?

“I met him on his spaceship – he has a little spaceship – we started talking, and I was talking about how Earth men are trash and would almost be better to get abducted by aliens than keep dating on Tinder.”

If you follow intergalactic romances (it’s better than watching Johnny Depp and Amber Heard), you’ll remember Abbie Bela. In June of 2021, the Polish-born actress revealed that she was giving up on human males after being abducted by aliens, taken to their spaceship and subsequently falling in love with one of her captors. (Could the Stockholm Syndrome be intergalactic? Google Patty Hearst.) At the time, she said her alien went back into space, didn’t mention his rank and didn’t specify why she preferred him over human men. Well, he’s back and now she’s opening up about him to the Daily Star and on TV.

What do you mean I'm not alien enough for you?

“He just thinks I’m funny, I think he's cute. He’s my type, and we just get along.”

“He’s out of this world, I think what I like most about him is he’s not like Earth men so he doesn’t lie. Aliens don’t know how to lie.”

A sense of humor and incapable of lying – how do human men compete with THAT? Plus, he has his own little spaceship. Even Elon Musk only has two out of three on her list. However, there are some drawbacks to the relationship as she explained in a recent interview when the host asked about the inflatable doll she was holding.

“Yeah, this is the blow-up doll version of him… I would love to introduce him to you, but for security reasons, you know how it is on Earth, Area 51, we’ve all heard the stories… I don’t want him on a slab somewhere getting experimented on."

Wow! Not only does Abie Bella reveal her ET beau is a spaceship captain, she confirms that Area 51 performs experiments on extraterrestrials. The best she can do is say his Earth name is Paul, he’s from the Andromeda galaxy, and she has photos of him but can’t show them to anyone. That’s probably for the best because, if he’s good-looking in an alien kind of way, she’d have plenty of other women to compete with after divulging his last endearing quality.

“They just don’t have prejudice, so he doesn’t have the same kind of sexist beliefs that a lot of Earth men have.”

Good grief! This rom-com has suddenly turned into a dystopian sci-fi version of the Pied Pieper, with an extraterrestrial leading all of the women on Earth into his little spacecraft (it’s undoubtedly a TARDIS) to abscond with them to Andromeda and create a new hybrid species that looks like a blonde actress, acts like the Dalai Lama and performs in the romance department like Captain Kirk.

Babe ... I'm back.

Should we believe Abbie Bela’s tales of alien abduction and romance? She offers no evidence and could easily be just another actress trying to come up with a new angle to the attention of casting directors. On the other hand, we’re really hurting for good romantic stories these days. Let’s see what she has in store for us in Act 2. Does ‘Paul’ become jealous when he mistakes her brother for a romantic rival? Does Abbie give up when he doesn’t call or send any telepathic messages? Will Paul Rudd play the alien?

Stay tuned!

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