May 04, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Haunted Dolls, Corpse Comes Alive, Flying Ghosts and More Mysterious News Briefly

It’s no longer enough to keep hospital surfaces dry to prevent bacterial infections – a new study in the journal Cell Host & Microbe found an antibiotic-resistant pathogen (Acinetobacter baumannii) that can survive for months in a dehydrated state and becomes even more potent and virulent when hydrated. Is it time to replace hot water tanks with giant tanks of antibacterial lotion?

It seems like most dogs will eat anytime there’s food in their bowl or on the floor, but a new study of over 10,000 dogs found that adult dogs that are fed only once per day tend to score significantly better across several indicators of health, compared with dogs that are fed more often. Will the instructions on future dog food bags say how to deal with sad eyes, drool and incessant begging?

Ukrainian authorities have finally admitted that the social media military hero called the “Ghost of Kyiv” – alleged to be an ace fighter pilot responsible for shooting down multiple Russian planes – was a myth … even though the Ukrainian Air Force disagrees and wants to keep the legend alive. It’s time for their Air Force pilots to stage a movie scene: “I’m the Ghost of Kyiv. No, I’M the Ghost of Kyiv! We’re ALL the Ghost of Kyiv!”

Walt Disney World has been in the news lately, but not for this – a TikTok video is making the rounds of a Magic Kingdom visitor who jumped into one of the gravestone areas in the Haunted Mansion and laid down as if she were buried as one of the 999 Happy Haunts – an obvious rule violation that park officials warn will result in expulsion. This is the only haunted place where the officials are scarier than the ghosts.

The Warren Occult Museum in Connecticut may be closed to visitors, but its famous possessed doll Annabelle was recently transferred from one wooden box to another by praying paranormal investigators in preparation for being taken with other museum artifacts to the Warren’s Seekers of the Supernatural Paracon in Uncasville in October. Does moving a haunted doll require a haunted dolly? (Asking for a downsizing friend with a creepy doll collection.)

In other haunted doll news, a paranormal investigator claims CCTV footage of his business headquarters shows a possessed doll named Emily Rose pushing another doll named Annie off of her stand, breaking her glass container, because she’s jealous of Annie being named the world's most possessed doll. Coming soon to your favorite cable channel: “Haunted Doll Wars.”

Archeologists exploring a 3-mile-long cave in Alabama discovered in one chamber a 1,000-year-old, 10-foot-long painting of a rattlesnake made by Indigenous Americans who were probably depicting the underworld – the cave itself contains the largest collection of Native American paintings in the Southeast. “Why is it always snakes?” thought Alabama Jones.

Researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) say a mysterious gamma-ray signal -- known as the Galactic Centre Excess -- coming from the center of the galaxy, which was long thought to be a sign of dark matter, is actually coming from an unusual rapidly-rotating neutron star. While we wait for verification, Galactic Centre Excess is a great band name.

Robots will become even more human-like as a team from Chemnitz and Dresden created sensitive electronic skin (e-skin) with integrated artificial hairs that acts like real skin by perceiving and anticipating the slightest tactile sensation and even recognizing the direction of touch. We’ll be impressed when the robot uses its other robotic arm to swat the fly.

In a sad story in with a sadder ending from Peru, mourners at a funeral heard banging coming from the casket and found the ‘deceased’ woman alive and kicking – or at least pounding – as she tried to get out ... unfortunately, she was rushed to the hospital where she ‘died’ once again from injuries due to a car crash. Don’t funeral directors in Peru carry hatpins?

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