May 17, 2022 I Micah Hanks

Incident at Fort Knox: Man Tells Strange Tale of Sasquatch Killing Near Army Base

One of the many lingering questions about claimed sightings of Sasquatch, the reclusive hairy biped long believed by some to roam the most remote portions of North America, involves whether the United States government knows about their existence.

For Kentucky-based Sasquatch researcher Charlie Raymond, he believes the answer to this question is clear.

“I do believe the government knows,” says Raymond, who says he has obtained reports from members of the military over the years that have helped lead him to this conclusion.

At least one of these stories seems beyond belief—and may very well be—although it remains without question one of the most unsettling encounters involving Sasquatch he has ever collected.

“I’ve got reports—just astonishing reports—from military at Fort Knox, where they supposedly killed a family of them,” Raymond told me in a recent interview.

According to Raymond, he was contacted by a man some time ago who had been inquiring about public excursion Raymond leads into the Kentucky wilderness in search of evidence of the reclusive beast. Curiously, the individual that phoned Raymond had inquired about the proximity of hospitals to the locations where the investigations would take place.

“He was basically on his death bed when he told me this story,” Raymond soon learned.

“I wasn’t expecting this,” Raymond said when the individual initially reached out to him. “I didn’t even know he’d had an encounter.” However, soon after their call began, Raymond said the man admitted to being a “knower, not a believer,” before going into what would soon become one of the most incredible stories about Sasquatch, if true, that Raymond had ever come across.

“Back in the 80s, he was a Sergeant at Fort Knox,” Raymond recalled about the man’s story. “And they were working with the local police department to eradicate the marijuana around Fort Knox.”

“That particular day, the helicopter above said ‘hey listen, he have some individuals up here. Can you guys get up here’,” referring to a location further up the hill from where the Seargent and his accompanying police forces had been at the time.

“We got up on the ridge, and there they were,” the man told Raymond. “A large male, black… the female was a little shorter, lighter color—like a light brown—and then there were two [juveniles]. Again, a little bit different color, a little smaller.”

“And the female had a small black one in its arms,” Raymond said, noting that the witness had observed the infant’s leg caught in what appeared to be a bear trap, displaying severe injury. Attached to the trap on the small creature’s leg was a length of chain, which the large male carried in its hand.

At the sight of the Seargent and his companions, the large male purportedly emitted a loud vocalization which the witness likened to being a roar or deep scream. Then, the creature proceeded to charge at the men and their vehicle. Without hesitation, the witness said he and his companions opened fire, never leaving their vehicle.

“We shot ‘em,” the witness told Raymond, seemingly expressing regret at how the circumstance had unfolded.  

Raymond, who was shocked as the man related his encounter, asked the witness his reasons for sharing this story.

“I have stage four cancer,” the man said. “I only have about a year to live,” he added, noting that he had begun to tell people like Raymond and a few others about the incident in recent months.

Curiously, when Raymond asked if the witness left his vehicle to examine the creatures, he said that another vehicle driven by another Seargent arrived, at which time he was ordered to remain in his vehicle.

“Another vehicle came up,” the man told Raymond. “Another Seargent said stay in your vehicle. He took his pistol, and went up and put a round in each earhole.” Thereafter, the witness and his company were reportedly taken to Island Army Hospital.

“A man with white hair came in,” the witness claimed. “We had to sign nondisclosure [agreements]. They took our battle dress uniforms from us, we had to get shots.”

“We were told never to talk about it again,” the man added, which he said that for many years he obeyed.

When Raymond asked the man if he felt regret for having shot the creatures, the man explained that he and his company had been completely taken off guard by the circumstances, and that they had never heard of Sasquatch at the time.

“Back then we didn’t know what they were,” the man told Raymond. “Everyone called them the creatures afterwards, but we didn’t know what these things were. This big male just charged us, and it was just instinct to defend ourselves.”

“And there’s a lot of stories out there like that,” Raymond adds, who says he has received countless reports of Sasquatch sightings from around the Fort Knox area.

“Some might be real, some may not,” he says.

For Raymond though, based on his own personal discussions with Park Rangers, Sherriff Deputies, and civilians who have claimed to have similar experiences, it seems clear about whether the creatures in question really exist. Raymond also believes he knows the truth about whether U.S. federal government agencies are aware of the issue.

“I think the government knows,” Raymond maintains.

Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, podcaster, and researcher whose interests cover a variety of subjects. His areas of focus include history, science, philosophy, current events, cultural studies, technology, unexplained phenomena, and ways the future of humankind may be influenced by science and innovation in the coming decades. In addition to writing, Micah hosts the Middle Theory and Gralien Report podcasts.

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