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Jack the Ripper Ghost Hunt with Spirit Photos

One of the greatest cold cases in history is the unsolved murders of the serial killer known as Jack the Ripper, who terrorized the Whitechapel and Spitalfields districts of London for three months in late 1888. The locations where his victims were found are well documented and well investigated by the police, the curious and the ghost hunters. Recently, paranormal investigators Dean and Veronica Buckley paid a visit to two of these locations and came away with some eerie experiences and unusual photographs.

Christ Church in Spitalfields where the prostitutes congregated in 1888 next to the Ten Bells pub in London’s East End. (Dean Buckley)

“As we were walking through the area, the atmosphere had a heavy feeling to it.”

In an email, Dean Buckley says he and Veronica began in the Whitechapel area where Catherine Eddowes was murdered. The second victim of Jack the Ripper was last seen alive by three witnesses at 1:35 a.m on September 30th, 1888, as she was walking towards Aldgate (a gate in the former defensive wall around London) in a narrow walkway called Church Passage. She was with a man at the entrance to Church Passage, which went from Duke Street into Mitre Square.

“As we got to our second location in the evening in the area where Catherine Eddowes was found murdered, I felt I was being tugged at the location and felt the spirit around. I felt 3 spirit energies there -- a lady presence in front of us, the feeling of being watched from the right hand side of the Craft Beer Co. public house, and a feeling of being watched from the Kearley and Tonge warehouse which was on its north side.”

Dean and Veronica were certainly in the right spot for spirits. Catherine Eddowes's mutilated body was found in the south-west corner of Mitre Square by a policeman, who called for assistance from the night watchman at the Kearley and Tonge warehouse which bordered Mitre Square. Dean says he felt a few male energies and at least eight female energies in and around this area. Veronica, a spiritual medium, also felt the presence of both male and female spirits.

Where they found the body of Catherine Eddowes -- Mitre Square (Dean Buckley)

“On my walk around I felt being tugged a few times at Mitre square and outside the Ten Bells pub as well  even those it was busy.

“I felt a lot of sadness around with the energies coming from the location at Mitre Square and I’m not sure what had happened feeling with the female energies from the location.

“I sensed a man’s energies around, no emotion with him, and a very controlling personality. I felt I was being watch from multi directions around me by a male presence.”

Could these be spirits from that fateful night in 1888 -- Catherine Eddowes, the witnesses or even the murderer himself? The Buckleys next moved to the place where Mary Jane Kelly became the final victim on November 9th, 1888. Kelly was murdered in her own room -- 13 Miller's Court on Dorset Street. Witnesses reported hearing a faint cry of "Murder!" at about 3:30 am. Her mutilated body was found in the morning by a man sent to collect her overdue rent. Dean says he felt uneasy and “tugged again” at this location and experienced a sudden pain in his right eye. Veronica reported a feeling of “sadness” but also something that indicated Kelly’s “outgoing upfront personality.”

Dean Buckley is experienced in both night and spirit photography and provided some interesting photos and his explanations from both murder locations. This one is of what he thinks appears to be a hooded man outside the Ten Bells pub.

Figure of a hooded man outside the Ten Bells pub (Dean Buckley)

This one Dean says is a spirit face of a woman taken in London’s East End.

Spirit face of a woman in East End, London (Dean Buckley)

My thanks as always to Dean and Veronica Buckley for providing an excellent account of their paranormal experiences in the area of the infamous Jack the Ripper murders and especially to Dean for unusual photographs.

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