May 19, 2022 I Paul Stonehill

Soviet Spetsnaz Marine Special Forces Encountered Aliens and UFOs on the Caspian Sea

I am a researcher on the history of the armed forces of the Russian empire, the USSR, and now Russian Federation, and their encounters with UFOs and USOs. In the 1970s, an interesting encounter was witnessed by members of the marine Spetsnaz, the Soviet marine special forces. As in other cases, very few people in countries outside of Russia know of this. Very few people in Russia know about this case either. But, some do …

Captain 1st Rank Vitaly Pasheets was the author of “Podvodny Spetsnaz Rossii” or “Underwater Spetsnaz of Russia," a non-fiction book about the history of the Soviet special forces. Vitaly Pasheets was present at the start of the Soviet Navy’s special forces and his book describes the long path of its formation into an elite group of military reconnaissance divers who have operated in almost all the seas and oceans of the Earth.

Captain 1st Rank Vitaly Pasheets

The secret unit under the command of Vitaly Pasheets was located next to Baku Naval School, which for many years has been the center of education of the elite of the armies of Africa and the Middle East. Cadets from 32 countries of the Arab world, Cuba, and other Latin American countries, as well as the Warsaw Pact countries (Bulgaria and east Germany) were trained in this military unit and became officers — commanders and creators of special forces units in their homeland. Five Germans who were citizens of the USSR also served in his unit; they were from the German settlement of Kazakhstan. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, they all left for Germany.  The main contingent of trained special forces was recruited from among the best recruits from all over the Soviet Union. While Pasheets was known within the USSR, he and his unit and their encounters with UFOs, USOs and aliens were unknown to the outside world.

Before assuming command, Pasheets was one of the most authoritative specialists of the marine special forces in the USSR. He participated in the Victory Parade on Red Square in Moscow in 1945 and was awarded the Order of the Red Star and 19 combat medals and state awards. After graduating from the Leningrad Naval School, Pasheets served in the Baltic, where he created a training school for underwater special forces. In 1969, the General Staff of the Navy entrusted him with the creation of a unit for the training of special forces of the so-called friendly countries, which Pasheets insisted on locating in the Caspian Sea next to the Caspian Higher Military Naval Command college. Pasheets had attended the college along with future Soviet vice-admirals, ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Primakov, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Chernavin, ex-Ambassador of Russia to the United States Yuli Vorontsov and many future admirals -- the pride of the USSR Navy of the 1980s-1990s.

Pasheets knew the Caspian coast perfectly well and proved its advantage over the Black Sea. The shelves of the Russian, Azerbaijani and Turkmen sections were used for marine exercises, while the nearby mountains, the Kara-Kum desert, and other locations in the area were utilized for other exercises to create a universal special forces fighter. While objections were raised in 1970s, it’s clear that Russia was creating rapid reaction marine troops to fight hybrid wars in the same manner as paratroopers. In addition, the individual special forces brigades were under different commanders and had poor coordination.  Today, the global trend is for airborne paratroopers and marine special forces should be like communicating vessels.

Pasheets retired in January 1983. In 1992, after the collapse of the USSR, the Commander of the Caspian Flotilla invited Vitaly Georgievich Pasheets to the post of head of the operational intelligence department and was engaged in training national personnel in this field until his death in 2013.  His son was a Russian Navy officer, and his grandson is a submariner in the Russian navy. 

Before moving on, some clarifications. The "white TASS" means top secret and for official use. TASS was the press agency of the USSR. Some of the names, like Ajaja, Chernavin and Domislovsky can be found in Paul Stonehill and Philip Mantles’s book, “Russia’s USO Secrets (2016).” The 561st separate maritime reconnaissance station of the Special Intelligence of the Navy is the military unit 10617 on the Parusnoye settlement.  In June 1953, the GRU or main intelligence directorate of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces decided to form seven special purpose marine reconnaissance stations of light reconnaissance divers (combat swimmers) of Special Intelligence, designed to conduct operations of special importance.

Here is Captain Pasheets’ account of his own UFO and extraterrestrial encounters, as well as some others which occurred around the world that were reported to him by other commanders:

“During the entire period of the existence of the special force’s unit in the Caspian Sea, we, along with performing the main task of training special agent groups, —we did a lot of work to maintain our reconnaissance groups in constant combat readiness. The excellent climatic conditions of the Caspian Sea Theater allowed us to conduct combat training all year, and we used it 100%. The presence of a part of the supply ships, favorable conditions for recreation for divers, high-calorie food, supplemented with gifts of the Caspian Sea, plus autonomous additional power supply, issued during multi-day exits, they allowed us to break away from the base for long periods and workout elements of combat training in various areas of the Caspian Sea. Willy-nilly, we had to plan our combat training closer to sunset and devote most of our time to night training.

Of course, the temperature difference had its own plus for us. But nevertheless, despite all the difficulties, we had to swim during the day, and the reason for this was the following circumstance: in July 1976, I was unexpectedly called at night to the flotilla headquarters, where the task was to immediately begin examining the underwater part of the large island of Kara-Ada, located at the entrance to the port Bekdash, for the detection of an underwater base which could be used by ultra-small submarines , for example, those of Iran.  Next, it is necessary to check the area of the coast from the Big Island of Kara-Ada to the north to Cape Suae for the same purpose.

The order has been given; it is not subject to discussion. Even though it was on the tip of the tongue: where did they come from, these ultra-small submarines. There is one in Iran, an Italian 5 X-404, which they either bought or rented from Pakistan for a while (the remaining three Pakistani ultra-small submarines were in Karachi). Iran has been trying to transport it to the Caspian Sea for a long time, it does not work by rail, the tunnel does not allow it, it is possible to use highways, but you need to adjust the trailer to the height of the tunnel. However, everything is possible.

But less than a day had passed, and at that time we were preparing for a voyage, when a message came from the same Bekdash that in the area of the small Island of Kara-Ada, the head of the city's rescue station noticed an extraterrestrial  who, finding attention to himself, turned to flight, and with seven-foot steps. He got into a canoe-type boat, rowing hard, headed towards the Big Island of Kara-Ada . The rescuer rushed after him on his "Progress" boat with two outboard motors "Whirlwind” but didn't catch up. He told me these details himself at the meeting. In a word, events unfolded with kaleidoscopic speed, and we had to hurry in order to solve these enigmas.

I hope the reader has not yet had the idea that the author of the notes in his declining years has fallen into fantasy ? No, as I say in my heart — this is the truth, and nothing but the truth!  In a word, our preparations were brief, and by the end of the day we left for our destination with two boats (a communication cutter and a diving marine boat)

But the events followed us during the crossing in the sea, and what news! Somewhere around 23.00, when we were approaching Zhiloy Island, I was called to the bridge by the commander of the communication cutter vessel, midshipman Ivan Petrovich Solovey , there were also officers , midshipmen , petty officers and sailors.

The commander drew my attention to a bright dot that was approaching us from the depths of the universe, and everyone on the bridge felt some kind of depressed state as it approached. After a moment, it abruptly changed direction and disappeared.  The helmsman noticed that the magnetic compass was agitating all this time, the compass card was clearly restless, but with the disappearance of the point it calmed down, later we checked the compass corrections, they did not differ from the tabular ones.

The gyrocompass behaved normally. Frankly, I myself felt some discomfort watching the dot, but with its disappearance everything fell into place, and we arrived safely in Begdash. The reconnaissance divers who were on the bridge at that ill-fated moment told me that they periodically observe this, standing on watch, at outdoor posts in the part in the north of the sky, but they do not attach importance, although they experience a depressing feeling. In Bekdash, when I met with the Chief of Staff of the Red Banner Caspian Military Flotilla , Rear Admiral Viktor Mikhailovich Buinov, I casually told him about the UFO I had seen in the sea , he grinned and asked if I had had too much to drink before the trip .

In short, I didn't share what had happened with anyone else.

But these were the years when the events related to the appearance of UFOs, about the alleged meetings of the population of various countries and continents with extraterrestrials and other anomalous phenomena were very actively covered in the wide press (media). Looking ahead a little, I want to tell you, that somewhere at the end of August 1976, the commander of the flotilla, Vice Admiral Leonid Danilovich Ryabtsev, suddenly gathered all the commanders, deputies for the political unit, chiefs of staff of formations and units in a conference hall, where he introduced us to the representative of the USSR Academy of Sciences, reserve officer V .  Ajaja, who had arrived from Moscow.

Ajaja’s message was sensational for all of us!

He began it by reading out a message from the white TASS, in which it was reported that the Prime Minister of Iran, addressing to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, A. N. Kosygin, he asked to explain an unforeseen incident that occurred at the bottom of a military airfield near Tehran , when fighter pilots returning from flights found a device similar to a saucer, and near it three huge people, allegedly dressed in high-altitude suits. They hurriedly climbed up the ladder into the saucer, and a moment later the saucer took off without a sound with great speed up . The alarmed jet fighters tried unsuccessfully to approach the saucer and, realizing that this was impossible due to the speed difference, launched air-to-air missiles. However, to the amazement of the pilots, the missiles turned off when approaching the target and continued to fly in a straight line. Then the saucer, having had fun with the fighters, disappeared at an incredible speed. Further, V. Ajaja gave several more examples of the appearance of UFOs. In particular, in the report of the head of intelligence of the Pacific Fleet, Rear Admiral V. A. Domyslovsky , who reported the discovery of a huge UFO " mothership " of and several small saucers that took off from under the water on board of the mothership and then dived again, etc.

Moreover, knowing me as the former chief of staff in Parusny, Ajaja (with whom we were familiar from the Frunze college) showed me a sheet on which the admiral's signature was placed and asked me to certify it. Of course, I recognized it, so he dispelled the doubts of those present, and then for two hours he amazed us with such messages, while presenting written confirmations. And here the chief of staff of the Red Banner Caspian Military Flotilla, Rear Admiral Viktor Mikhailovich Buinov, reported on our observations at the sea crossing in the area of the Zhiloy  island, and the commander added that the second secretary of the Caspian regional committee of the communist party of the soviet union had already told him something similar about the appearance of luminous dots in the northern part of the sky , but he then attributed it to the ardent female imagination. Ajaja asked for these observations, and they were recorded in the navigation and watch logs of the boats, to submit in official manner to the Main Headquarters of the Navy for the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

At first, all this was talked about in the entire flotilla and the Caspian Higher Military Naval Command college, but after some time passed, the head of the Main Hydrographic Department of the USSR Ministry of Defense, Admiral Rassokho, arrived in the Banner Caspian Military Flotilla and, speaking at the school, loudly declared that he would not listen to such nonsense from now on. had already begun to forget about all the conversations related to UFOs, when suddenly I received communications from the Intelligence Department of the General Staff of the Russian Navy and a demand to immediately send an extract from the navigation log of the communications cutter about the phenomena observed on that ill-fated night near the Caspian Island of Zhiloy... That's how they reacted to all the anomalous phenomena back then. But soon there was an instruction to have special logs on ships and boats for making such observations in them”. 


That’s what the captain described in his book. 

Let us complete the article with this statement Captain Pasheets made in “Podvodny Spetsnaz Rossii”. 

“The people of the ancient world, having named our planet Earth, did not imagine that it was three-quarters occupied by the Ocean , which from time immemorial attracts with its mystery and frightens with a formidable force, promising untold riches and promising great dangers. People have always succumbed to the hypnosis of the Ocean. It resides in the depths of our subconscious as one of the primary elements along with fire, air, lightning. We vaguely imagine that the moving mass of water, subject to the rhythm of the heavenly bodies, is the source of life and is closely connected with the origin of man and his fate. The centuries-old history of human society, its entire path to progress, is closely connected with the Ocean, with the development of its huge food, raw materials, fuel and energy resources. However, in the centuries -old history of our planet, there are many catastrophic wars that often unfolded in the vastness of the World Ocean. This is a direct threat to security from the ocean expanses. There is a clear paradox: the ocean is the blue mirror of the planet, the cradle of life on Earth, the only road connecting the peoples of various continents for centuries, and at the same time a threat to peaceful life?! The ocean from the cradle of life becomes the arena of the most brutal battles both on the surface and in the depths.

The predictions of the great Leonardo, who destroyed the drawings of his submarine, came true: "People are so evil and insidious that they would be ready to kill each other even on the seabed.""

Paul Stonehill

Paul Stonehill is an international author and researcher of UFOs and USOs (Unidentified Flying Objects, Unidentified Submersible Objects), as well as Soviet/Russian and Eurasian paranormal phenomena.   Paul is fluent in Russian, and knows Ukrainian.

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