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Bill Clinton Sent Officials to See if There Were Aliens at Area 51

Politics has no place in the paranormal, so let’s set our differences aside while we discuss the interesting news that former US President Bill Clinton revealed on a late night talk show – Clinton gave details on how he ordered an investigation of Area 51 by federal personnel to search for evidence of extraterrestrials and alien spacecraft. With this revelation and what he’s done in the past, a case can be made that Bill Clinton and members of his administration did more to advance the government’s investigation of UFOs and eventual disclosure (at least partially but with videos) than any other US president.

“I said we got to find out how we’re going to deal with this because that’s where we do a lot of our invisibility research in terms of technology, like how we fly airplanes that aren’t picked up by radar and all that.”

Former President Bill Clinton was a guest on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' to promote “The American Presidency With Bill Clinton” on the History Channel, but band leader Reggie Watts made sure Clinton gave the audience and viewers what they REALLY wanted when he asked what Clinton thought about the existence of extraterrestrial life and UFOs now that the Pentagon, through the recent congressional hearings, has confirmed that there are unidentified aerial phenomena that military experts cannot explain. Clinton has been asked questions like this before, both while in office and during post-presidency, and he has generally been evasive, often answering with one of those “I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you” types of statements. This time, he gave a more informative response. (Watch it here.)

Bill CLinton

“(We) made every attempt to find out everything about Roswell. (We even) sent people to Area 51 to make sure there were no aliens.”

The other party in that “we” Clinton referred to is his former Chief of Staff John Podesta – a longtime proponent of full disclosure of the government’s real X-files. Frustratingly, Podesta, who was also Hillary Clinton’s 2020 election campaign manager, never gave any indications that he actually ordered any investigations or demanded the files be released of even just snuck into a secret warehouse when no one was looking. Bill Clinton has now revealed that he himself ordered an investigation of Area 51 which John Podesta was a part of. However, the person who conducted that in-person investigation was not John Podesta but then National Security Advisor Sandy Berger. The late Berger may have been a more obvious choice to investigate Area 51 for a sitting president and a UFO-curious Podesta that it first seems – Berger was later investigated for and ultimately convicted of the unauthorized removal of classified documents in 2003 from a National Archives reading room, receiving a fine and a two-year probation. Did Berger also steal some documents or make clandestine photos of what he saw at Area 51, Mr. Clinton? 

“But there’s no aliens that I know [of].”

Hmm. Is that a straight answer or a different form of “I can’t tell you”? While he said that Berger’s investigation found no evidence of extraterrestrials at Area 51, Clinton’s and Podesta’s interests in the subject continued after he left office. In the Corden interview, the former president recounted a visit he and his wife, the former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, made to the WM Keck Observatory in Hawaii where they saw (and possibly peered through) the Keck 1 and Keck 2 telescopes, two of the largest in the world. During that visit, he played the Reggie Watts role and asked one of the astronomers there the uncomfortable question about the existence of alien life.

“He said we have huge arguments. He said, ‘there are those of us who think it’s 85% likely and those of us who think it’s 95% likely.’ And these are people who spend their lives doing this.”

Clinton said the astronomers at the Keck Observatory told him it's "very unlikely" that there is no life somewhere else in the universe. What’s more important to note is that Hillary Clinton was there. Candidate Hillary Clinton participated in perhaps the most UFO intense campaign in U.S., if not world, history in 2016. Every candidate was questioned about disclosing secret UFO files should they be elected president. Senator Bernie Sanders promised disclosure, Senator Amy Klobuchar said she was curious and felt extraterrestrials exist, Tulsi Gabbard said she didn’t give it much thought, now Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg said he believed we’re not alone. And Hillary Clinton? She promised that she and her campaign manager, the always curious John Podesta, would finally come through with some answers. As we all know, Clinton lost the election and Podesta lost what was possibly his last opportunity to release the X-files.

“There’s a lot of stuff we don’t know.”

That’s true, Mr. Clinton. One thing we don’t know is whether Mrs. Clinton or any of those candidates would have actually investigated and subsequently released any or all UFO and/or extraterrestrial information to the public. While former President Trump never promised to release them and rarely showed an interest in the subjects, he was in office when the videos and testimonies were released showing the Tic Tac UFO encounters with the USS Nimitz, along with the exposure that Senator Harry Reid helped fund the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program to study unidentified flying objects during the administration of former President George W. Bush – yet another president who has released nothing on the subjects.

The late Harry Reid

“There are lots of mysteries out there which is why I think we should take care of this planet. I think we should hang onto it if we can. But I also think it should keep us humble.”

Former President Clinton ended his interview by redirecting the discussion about looking for extraterrestrials with a plea to look at terrestrials and what they (that’s us) are doing to preserve the only known planet with life forms on it – Earth. He’s right, of course, but it’s also disappointing that so many of these people in positions where they could order, demand, cajole, or secretly steal the files that could prove or disprove that UFOs are the spacecrafts of extraterrestrials, or that signs of life have already been found, or that messages have been received and confirmed from intelligent civilizations.

Any further questions, Reggie Watts?

Paul Seaburn

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