Jun 29, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Expert Claims Hundreds of UFOs Swarmed US Navy Ships in 2019

Since 2015 when he started the investigative film series titled, "Extraordinary Beliefs presented by Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell," no name has been more associated with military videos and photographs of unidentified aerial phenomena than documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell. His releases of film and photographs have been verified by the US Department of Defense, and his interviews with pilots and crew members have provided the details needed to defend the idea that these UAPs were not ordinary aircrafts – their performance was so extraordinary that they are either a massive security risk to the U.S. from another country … or a display of superiority by an intelligent extraterrestrial species. Either way, it’s always wise to listen and watch when Jeremy Corbell makes an appearance, so let’s see what he had to say in his latest exclusive interview with The Daily Mail.

“I don't care if these were ''drones'' or true UFOs, pyramids, triangles or even seagulls with lights strapped onto their wings. I want the fundamental question to be answered. Do we know the controllers of these units?”

By “units,” Corbell is referring to swarms of “at least 100” UFOs demonstrating speeds and maneuvers far beyond the capabilities of any known military drones. Corbell’s credibility has given him tremendous access to the pilots of the Navy planes that encountered these UFOs in 2004 and later – he even got Lieutenant Chad Underwood to explain how he came up with the descriptive nickname “Tic Tac” for the UPS … it sounded better than a Tylenol tablet.

A swarm of drones? Really?

“We don't know yet what exactly these craft were. But whatever they are, their abilities and presence alone represents a serious national security issue and shouldn't be dismissed out of hand.”

Corbell himself has never dismissed these UFOs – he’s obtained and released videos of perhaps the most fantastic ones … the so-called “Transmedium vehicles” encountered in 2019 that showed no loss of velocity nor maneuverability as they dove in and out of the ocean. At the time he released them in 2019, he hinted at their possible non-Earth origin:

“As you would have an embassy in a foreign land, it is possible that there's a congregation or a station or a location underwater, where UFOs could be transiting from once they're here, wherever they come from. That is a possibility that UFOs are transiting from a localized place underneath the water.”

Despite their impossible performances and sheer numbers of crafts surrounding ships and hounding jets on multiple occasions off the coast of southern California, Deputy Director for Naval Intelligence Scott Bray said at the Pentagon hearing before Congress that he was “reasonably confident” the UAPs were drones. In support of that assessment, the US Navy recently released briefing slides indicating it felt they were “'Quadcopter style UAS [unmanned aerial systems]' and likely came from the nearby Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier MV Bass Strait. According to The Daily Mail, this is when Jeremy Corbell decided to issue a strong response based on his own interviews with pilots and crew members, along with his assessments of the videos, photographs and ship documents.

“The US Navy photographed & filmed “spherical” shaped UFOs & advanced transmedium vehicles; here is some of that footage. Filmed in the Combat Information Center of the USS Omaha / July 15th 2019 / warning area off San Diego @ 11pm PST. No wreckage found. No craft were recovered.” (From a tweet by @JeremyCorbell – video can be seen here)

The Daily Mail confirmed that the Navy's documents released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) showed the UFOs and transmedium vehicles hovered at altitudes of up to 21,000 feet, were tracked flying for more than four hours over long distances, and showed no affects when targeted by the Navy’s anti-drone technology. Not only that, the Hong Kong  carrier MV Bass Strait was docked in Long Beach, California, about 100 miles away – too far to have been the origin of the 100-drone swarm. In his interview, Corbell reiterated his opinion on the ’drone’ theory:

“Reports I've obtained, interviews I've conducted and testimony I've documented on camera affirm that these were not positively identified as conventional drones. Some evidence suggests these units displayed unique flight properties and there were estimated to have been at least 100 of them conducting a coordinated series of maneuvers directed at our warships.”

Over 100 drones made coordinated moves towards US Navy battleships … isn’t that an act of war requiring a suitable response? Corbell has said that the reports show anti-drone weapons had no affect on these UAPs. Why didn’t the military take other action? Or did it and not record the action? That seems implausible. The Daily Mail contacted an unnamed staff member at a US defense contractor who said the drones hovering over ships in the 2019 incidents were “much more advanced” than any known quadcopter drones, which can reach altitudes of up to 30,000 feet but only for short durations due to battery limitations – the same limitations that convince the staffer that a swarm of nine UAPs over the USS Omaha in July 2019 moving at speeds of 138 knots (more than 158 miles an hour) against winds of 31 knots were definitely not conventional or even advanced quadcopters. Finally, if all that flying, climbing and diving wasn’t enough of drain, the bright lights on the drones tax the batteries as well.

It can't be drones, can it?

Finally, Corbell again brings up the UAP that traveled underwater, ultimately disappearing. No drone can do that. While he has hinted these UAPs could be from an intelligent extraterrestrial species, he ends his interview by appealing to government security concerns.

“Because if we don't, America and many other nations who have experienced the same kind of encounters around the world consistently and recently, are susceptible to attack by an unknown technologically advanced entity that can operate their craft in our restricted airspace with absolute impunity.”

Corbell calls the failure to identify these unidentified flying and underwater phenomena as “a multi-nation failure of intelligence on the scope and scale that dwarfs our mistakes made surrounding the events of 9/11.”

Kudos to Jeremy Corbell for seeing in these videos, photos and reports of hundreds of drones swarming US Navy ships what other don’t … or refuse to believe – a clear and present danger.

Paul Seaburn

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