Jun 07, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Georgia Bigfoot Howls, Ghost Heart, Queen's UFO and More Mysterious News Briefly

A new study tested the "Too Perfect Theory" which states that a magic trick that seems to have no apparent flaws over the course of its conjuring is less impressive to the audience and easier to figure out – the study found the opposite to be true when a test audience preferred a perfect card trick over a flawed one. Why is the card always the three of diamonds?

A silver Roman phallic amulet or “penis pendant” found in England 18 months ago by metal detectorist Wendy Thompson while searching a farm in Higham has been declared a national treasure because it’s the first of its kind found and dates back to between 43 CE and 410 CE – the pendant is 1.2 inches long and shows details of the “foreskin, shaft, and pubes.” If 1.2 inches qualifies as a national treasure, British porn must be pretty boring.

The singer Kesha is finally getting a show to scratch her paranormal itches – “Conjuring Kesha” is a six-episode series on Discovery+ where Kesha explores the supernatural and paranormal with some of her celebrity friends – she’ll look for demonic activity at Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary with comedian Whitney Cummings, and hunt for Bigfoot with The Bachelorette‘s Jojo Fletcher. Are Bigfoot’s photos of celebrities blurry?

Photographs developed by a British veterinarian show how colorblind dogs see popular UK tourist hotspots including the Peak District National Park, Brighton Pier and Durdle Door – the photos show the landscape as a combination of blues and yellows that are blurry due to their lack of depth perception and better night vision than in daytime. Fortunately, their excellent senses of smell and hearing allow them to find treats no matter which tourist spot you hide them in.

Heart researchers at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston unveiled the scaffolding of a pig's heart infused with human stem cells that they described as a viable, beating human heart the body will not reject because it's made from that person's own tissues – they called it a ‘ghost  heart’ because it was white before being infused with blood cells. Definition of irony – a ghost heart will one day keep a person from becoming a ghost.

An archeologist claims an ancient road recently uncovered in north Pembrokeshire is evidence that the Roman army travelled farther west across Britain than previously thought, visiting the beautiful Preseli Hills and wild moorlands of Wales where some of the stones of Stonehenge were quarried, and possibly taking silver from a nearby mine. As always, the Roman army thought ‘mine’ meant theirs.

A long TikTok video is making the rounds with the poster claiming it was from a camera left running in woods in Georgia to spot deer which instead recorded mysterious howls and growling sounds that have comments ranging from Bigfoot to “some rednecks partying.” If it’s partyers, it’s nice to hear them singing something besides “Freebird.”

The Tropiquarium in Servion, Switzerland announced the hatching of what it believes to be the first ever albino giant Galapagos tortoise – the currently tiny tortoise has the white shell and pink eyes that signify it has no pigment, making it a true albino. We saw Albino Tortoise open for the Turtles.

Videos of the Royal Family standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team (RAF) (the Red Arrows) flypast formation of nine planes trailing red, white and blue smoke appear to show a tenth flying object – a UFO in a path cutting across the colored streaks at a speed many thought was too fast to be a drone or balloon. While no one is certain what the object was, the hologram queen in the carriage would still have waved at it.

In an Instagram post, NASA showed photos of American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station putting their national differences aside and having a pizza party with small self-made tortilla pies topped with marinara sauce, pepperoni, and unmelted jalapeño cheese. Did they make personal pizzas because neither side trusted the other to cut even slices?

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