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Photographers Capture Smiling Sasquatch in Georgia and Another Chupacabra in Texas

You have undoubtedly heard the expression: “Pics or it didn't happen” or some variation involving other forms of recording an unusual event. If you are one of those people who says this, it is time to put your belief to the test because the recent cryptid news world has a bumper crop of photos for you – including a ‘smiling Sasquatch’ and another Chupacabra in Texas, where a photo of another a few weeks ago has still not been solved. Throw in a few more Bigfoot pictures from Michigan and other places and you have a full day of deciding if your  “Pics or it didn’t happen” philosophy is valid or needs an adjustment.

How did they get Sasquatch to smile?

“Unfortunately, the camera at the Amarillo Zoo was not able to provide a clear image of the UAO. We’re making it our mission at Wyze to make sure when and if it comes back, we all get the answers we need. That’s why we are sending 80 of our cameras. The Wyze Cam v3 has color night vision so we get a clear shot of when the UAO when and if it comes back.”

Let’s start with the Texas Chupacabra epidemic since the first one captured the attention of the national media and made Lone Star State residents edgy. After a strange, bipedal creature with a wolf-like head, long arms and strangely bent legs lurking outside a fence surrounding the Amarillo Zoo was captured on a motion-activated security camera on May 21, animal experts and amateur cryptozoologists have been at a loss to identify it. (If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the photo here.) The local police asked for help and Wyze, a Seattle-based company specializing in smart home products and wireless cameras, donated 80 Wyze Cam v3 security cameras to the Amarillo Zoo to place all around its perimeter.

“We just couldn’t tell what it was. And then it kept hanging around in our yard and my neighbor’s yard and just kind of hanging out. Then I was out working in the yard mowing the grass, and it was coming out of the woods and sitting there watching me, which is not normal coyote behavior.”

As evidence that Texas is on Chupacabra and Wolfman alert, Grapevine residents Kim and Steve Cooley contacted their local media outlets after photographing a creature the likes of which they’ve never seen before in their large yard abutting a wild area with a creek running into nearby Grapevine Lake. (See the photos here.) It didn’t look like the usual deer, bobcat or coyote, but that long nose, skinny body, strange ears and droopy tail reminded them of the Texas-style Chupacabra that allegedly looks nothing like the Puerto Rican goat sucking spiny-backed bipedal beast. The Cooley’s said this creature hung around their yard for five days before disappearing. The media coverage and their social media posts of the pictures proved it happened, but most commenters thought they also proved it was a mangy dog or coyote.

“Unfortunately, our coyote population suffers terribly from mange infections and this is a common sight across Texas and the U.S.”

Wildlife rehabilitator Katherine Bryson of A Wildlife Pro DFW told the Star-Telegram she would peg the creature as a canine (possibly a xoloitzcuintle (Mexican hairless dog)) with a severe case of mange (scabies) caused by mite infestation. It’s highly contagious, which explains why some areas have a high concentration of sightings that may actually be multiple creatures, and it can cause behavioral changes ranging from biting to lethargy. In Texas, a picture is worth a thousand comments.

Moving on to some Bigfoot photographs …

“I go back there every day. This is a large area of woods and I took 49 photos the day that I stumbled into it. I honestly have no idea exactly where I was when I snapped this photo, unfortunately.”

The Bigfoot Believers Facebook page carried an interesting photograph from Jay Willson, who on his own Facebook page shares a large number of photographs he took near his office in Stone Mountain, Georgia, which he says are “not naturally occurring” and appear to show the kinds of structures a Bigfoot is said to build. (See them here.) However, the photo everyone is most interested in has been dubbed “Smiling Sasquatch” because it shows what looks like a large hairy creature peeking from behind a tree and displaying its teeth in a non-threatening manner. (See it for yourself here.) According to Willson, he didn’t see the Bigfoot when he took the photo – in fact, he didn’t see it in the photos he posted on social media. Luckily, someone who viewed it saw a small anomaly on one picture, blew it up into a big anomaly and pointed out something that could be a smiling Sasquatch or a number of non-Bigfoot, shadow-induced eye-fooling things. Bigfoot fans will note that it is very uncommon to see a photo of an alleged Sasquatch baring its teeth in either a friendly or menacing way, so Willson’s photo is an unusual addition to Bigfoot lore.

Maybe asking Bigfoot to smile isn't such a good idea

“Shelby Township police received an unusual call Friday night from a resident reporting she had captured an image on her home surveillance camera that resembled bigfoot.”

Finally, we come to the report with a photo of a Bigfoot sighting in Macomb County in eastern Michigan bordering Lake St. Clair and north of Detroit. Local media picked up the story after the police report was posted on the Macomb County Scanner Facebook page with a photo (see it here) described as “Big foot doing late strolls through Shelby Township only in Pure Michigan.” The blurry photo has a big blue circle drawn around the alleged Bigfoot as it appears to walk along a fence and into a wooded area. According to the report, Shelby Township police officers responding to the call searched the area but did not find a sasquatch or any evidence a hairy cryptid had passed through the yard. While it’s easy to be skeptical – it could be one of those popular wooden cutouts – the police did not offer an explanation. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization notes that Michigan is a Bigfoot hotspot but their database shows no previous sightings in Macomb County.

“Pics or it didn't happen.”

OK, people … there are your pics. Did any of these Chupacabra, Wolfman or Bigfoot sightings happen? Of course they did – we have the photos! Are any of them Chupacabra, Wolfman or Bigfoot? Send a photo of your disbelieving face … or it didn’t happen.    

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