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Man Claims He Was Selected to Introduce Extraterrestrials to Humans

In many alien invasion movies, the first scene is the extraterrestrials arriving on Earth. The initial  plot twist occurs as humans try to figure out the best way to greet them – assuming the aliens haven’t already attacked first. In the original “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” released in 1951, the ship was met by the U.S. Army and a soldier shot Klaatu before he could deliver his message of peace and good will. By 2016 when “Arrival,” another excellent alien invasion movie, was released, humans took a different approach – a linguist and a physicist meet the ETs and attempt to learn their language so they can communicate peacefully. (If you haven’t seen the film, we won’t spoil it for you.) With all of the real UFOs being reported lately, there are probably great and not-so-great minds pondering how real humans will greet aliens. Fortunately, a man in England has revealed he’s already been selected and will be the point of contact for their ‘arrival’. Will the Earth stand still? Will the army?

“It will always be a mystery why they chose me. I believe that it has something to do with the fact that where I grew up was so isolated there would be no witnesses to the abduction, but they have never told me why.”

Michael Alans, a 45-year-old forklift truck driver from Bolton in northwest England, says he is the designated greeter for when the aliens arrive. Obviously, he’s already been informed of his selection, although it doesn’t appear that the ETs selected him right away. He told The Daily Star recently that his first contact was as a young child when he felt something touching him while he was asleep and woke up to find a grey alien in his room.

This is not the way you want to meet your first alien.

“As a young lad I could not grasp what I had experienced, I originally thought the things that had come to me in my room and called me to the garden must have been wildlife that I had not seen before.”

OK, that sounds like a scene right out of “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” when Elliot meets E.T. outside in the yard and by default becomes the person who introduces the alien to his brother, sister and friends. In fact, Michael Alans has his own E.T. connection.

“In the early 80s I had a small action figure of E.T. When I was about 7 or 8, I placed that figure on my bedroom windowsill facing outward into my garden. I realised years later, after undergoing hypnotic regression, that I had deliberately put E.T there for my nocturnal visitors. I also found out that it had the desired effect and they had found the figure amusing.”

Alans claims his entire family was under consideration by this group of grey aliens long before he became the chosen one – he says his mother used to tell him stories of ghosts and bright lights. Later, when he claims he was abducted, he himself saw a bright light and that leads him to believe his mother was also taken to a ship before him. There was a family connection to aliens in the 2002 film “Signs,” but the messages were written in crop circles. Alans also thinks his aliens have been communicating with his pet cat, Megan, as well.

“Another time, I half-woke in the middle of the night. I was only partially awake and somehow still dreaming, in the dream, I could see our cat, Megan. She was telling me that there was someone in the garden and that they wanted to speak to me. I vaguely remember climbing out of bed and walking downstairs to see what she was talking about. I told Meg that there was no one there, but then she told me to look under the cherry tree at the bottom of the garden. I did as she told me and as I watched, two grey aliens materialized before my eyes.”

Take me to your cat.

While Alans has no photographs of the aliens who have chosen him to be their contact with humanity, he apparently has a good memory and an artistic talent for drawing – a page of illustrations (see them here) show a variety of typical grey alien heads. While they all seem to have the standard almond-shaped eyes, they’re split between the regular large round head and the peach-shaped with the crease down the middle. The Star interview also shows a green praying mantis-type insectoid and a brown alien with a creased head and an odd brown outer garment that resembles a monk’s robe. In fact, this robed E.T. looks very similar to the aliens from “Mars Attacks” – except it doesn’t have the protruding round eyeballs from the movie.

“But I eventually realized that I had been chosen and there was a very clear campaign by the visitors to get to me.”

“A clear campaign” is another common plot twist in alien movies – “Contact” starts with a signal from another planet picked up by a SETI scientist who was inspired to enter the field by her father … another family connection. Alans refers to the ETs as both aliens and visitors, but doesn’t let us know which they’d prefer when they finally decide to let him set up the first meet-and-greet. However, let’s hope there are no sudden movements by the aliens like he had in one encounter, or the end result could be more like “The Day The Earth Stood Still.”

“On one occasion, I woke up in the early hours, completely paralysed. I could see the blue light under my bedroom door and shadows in the hall. The last thing that I remember was seeing three grey aliens and the lead grey thrust his hand up into my face.”

Keep your hands to yourselves, aliens! Perhaps the best part of Michael Alans’ story about being the chosen one to bring aliens and humans together is the comment about the rest of his family – he has a spouse and two children.

“The dad, who has been banned by his wife from talking about aliens in his house …”

Now THAT sounds more like a real person trying to convince his wife he needs a bigger man cave because his friends the aliens will be coming over one of these days. The rest of Alans’ story sounds more like bits and pieces of alien invasion movies than the usual close encounter recap. Alans says he’s working on a book about his experiences and abduction, so we’ll just have to wait for that.

Unless the aliens show up first and demand a meeting.

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