Jul 12, 2022 I Nick Redfern

The Roswell "UFO" Affair: Why We Shouldn't Be Celebrating the Incident Every Year

As many of you will know, a week ago numerous people were celebrating the 75th "anniversary" of the Roswell event of July 1947. But, if they really dug deep into the story, they would find there's nothing - at all - to celebrate. Rather, the exact opposite: we should be showing how and why Roswell was a terrible military experiment gone massively wrong. Of course, most people don't want to hear that. Too bad. The reason: because the stories concerning Roswell are exciting. They give Ufologists hope that there really was a UFO crash, that alien bodies really were scopped off the New Mexico floor, and that one day we might get to see the remains of extraterrestrial corpses. But, it's just not going to happen. Why not? Because, Roswell wasn't an alien crash. It was an outrageous test of early high-altitude technology using human guinea-pigs. I've written two Roswell-themed books on the "secret experiment" angle of the story - Body Snatchers in the Desert and The Roswell UFO Conspiracy - and there's no doubt in my mind that if the truth of Roswell surfaces, anyone and everyone in the UFO field will be crushed. Their belief systems - of aliens - will be gone. With that said, let me show you why I am sure extraterrestrials never malfunctioned in the skies over New Mexico. But, people did.

The Roswell story is clearly way more complex than many researchers have assumed – and it was infinitely complex from the very beginning. It starts with rancher William Ware "Mac" Brazel, who worked the Foster Ranch in Lincoln County, New Mexico. Now, consider the following: Mack Brazel’s very own words demonstrated that he had found balloons on the ranch on no less than two previous occasions. Not toy balloons, I should stress, but military weather balloons. Brazel told the press he was sure the latest, and most notorious, find of all was not a weather balloon. But, with the military running the show, he was forced to stay tight-lipped on what he really knew about the craft and the bodies. Brazel was right about it not being a weather balloon. It was altogether a different kind of balloon – or, rather, an entire array of them. A good, solid case can be made that the whole area was teeming with things of a military nature in the 1940s; things that fell out of the sky back then on more than a few occasions, many of them of a balloon-based nature.

(Nick Redfern)

The story continues: July 21, 1969 was a day on which history was made. That was the date on which Neil Armstrong became the very first member of the human race to set foot on our nearest neighbor, the Moon. History was also made in a very different way on that day, too. It may have been different, but it was no less important. For the person telling the story, it may have been even more important. July 21 was the day on which a notable revelation concerning Roswell surfaced. Not in the United States, as one might expect or assume, but right in the heart of the U.K. The source of the story was Melvin E. Brown, a man who was stationed at the Roswell Army Air Field at the time of the mysterious crash in early July 1947. Several months later, however, Brown was given a brand new assignment. In England. It was while Brown was stationed in the United Kingdom that he met the woman who was destined to become his wife: Ada. The pair made a life for themselves in England and had three daughters. At the time of the Roswell affair, however, Brown was a sergeant in the military. Not only that, Brown – who passed away in 1986 – was a key figure in the Roswell story.

Whether by accident or design, Brown chose July 21 as the day to reveal what he knew about a certain, amazing event that had occurred, back then, more than two decades earlier. One of Brown’s daughters – Beverly – said, years later: “In 1969, he told my sister and me that he was ordered to go out into the desert. He said that all available men were grabbed to go out to where a crashed saucer had come down…and there were several bodies.” One of those who had the opportunity to interview Beverly in person was English UFO sleuth, Timothy Good, the author of the acclaimed Above Top Secret. She told him: “They had to form a ring around whatever it was they had to cover, and everything was put on trucks. They were told not to look and to take no notice, and were sworn to secrecy.” The story then got even more amazing, as Beverley revealed: “I can remember my dad saying he couldn’t understand why they wanted refrigerated trucks. And him and another guy had to sit on the back of a truck to take this stuff to a hangar. They were packed in ice. And he lifted up the tarpaulin and looked in, and saw three – or possibly two – dead bodies.”

Tom Carey and Don Schmitt record that Beverly described the dead crew as having “big heads with slanted eyes.” In her interview with Tim Good, however, Beverly made a very intriguing and revealing statement. She said that the bodies her father saw back in ‘47 “…looked Asian,” but had larger than normal heads and lacked any hair. “They looked a yellowy color.” There is also this from Beverly to Tim: “…they could have passed for Chinese [italics mine].” It is one thing to say that the bodies looked somewhat Asian; however, specifically stating that the bodies which Melvin Brown saw “could have passed for Chinese” strongly suggests they were extremely human-looking. There is a very good reason for that: they were human. Remember too that the “Chinese” comment was made to Beverly Bean by her father – a first-hand witness to the bodies. And, as a first-hander he should have known what it was that he saw. Near death in 1986, Brown told his family, “It was not a damn weather balloon.” Now, to a well-respected UFO investigator, Keith Basterfield.

(Nick Redfern) Out at the Roswell crash site.

Keith had a source who was able to expand the real story of Roswell. He wrote of how the incident went disatrous: "They had previously used monkeys and other animals such as pigs on board. Prisoners could volunteer for dangerous missions in return for early release but were not used in these experiments. Two to three live people were needed. The government got people with hydrocephalus-water on the brain- from a facility. This condition produces people with big heads, tiny bodies, jaundiced colour-one even had no eyes. They put these people in the craft-either the balloon ruptured early or blew off course and came down. Retrorockets went off and set fire to it. It landed and a farmer/rancher saw it and reported it."

Now, to the next part of the story and a facility called Fort Stanton. Fort Stanton became America’s first federal tuberculosis hospital and first German internment camp during World War II. The Fort also served as a home to Japanese interned during the war. Although Fort Stanton continued to take good care of tuberculosis patients during the Second World War, at the height of the hostilities with the Nazis, Italians, and Japanese military, it became a detention center for what were then termed “enemy aliens.” The list included more than thirty Germans – from a liner, the S.S. Columbus, which had been rendered useless by the British military, near New York City, in 1939 - and a dozen and a half Japanese. The official website of Fort Stanton notes that the facility, in the early part of the war, served as a “refuge for a group of Japanese-American families threatened by mobs in their hometowns.” Another thing about Fort Stanton, it stands in Lincoln County, New Mexico - in fact, the very same county where Mac Brazel found the mysterious wreckage on the Foster Ranch.

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It's time now to take a look at the Roswell research of the late Kathy Kasten, who concluded in the early 1990s that Roswell a secret experiment using human guinea-pigs. In Kathy’s files, in 2013, I found something interesting written in a notepad – and which she had later turned into Word document. It read: “My research has uncovered the fact that the American Government was testing many different types of aircraft at the time of the Roswell crash; some of it for the purpose of forming the basis for a future space program, and perhaps even one that involved American-Japanese ex-internees from a New Mexico detention camp.” 

In her notes on her various excursions to Fort Stanton, Kathy wrote, in May 1992, something that shows where her thoughts were at, long before most people in Ufology dared to address the human angle of Roswell: “The reason I found myself walking the fields of Fort Stanton Mesa came about because I was bothered by the possibility that the so-called Roswell Incident had been the result of covert testing. There were all kinds of experiments taking place just after World War II. America was determined to become a world power. My reasoning / intuitive inkling for anything involving the Fort Stanton Mesa area had to do with the fact that it was a large military reservation located very close to the Foster Ranch event. There is a great deal of reservation acreage that acts as a buffer zone. I wondered if research project managers had thought the same thing. Little did I know at the time that parts of the Fort Stanton military reservation had served as a camp for the incarceration of Japanese-Americans."

If, one day, Roswell is conclusively proven not to have been an extraterrestrial event – maybe, instead, some dark and murky domestic experiment of the kinds detailed in this book – then I firmly believe that the UFO community will collapse. Ufology is desperate to see Roswell confirmed as an extraterrestrial event. And, Ufology can barely consider Roswell as anything else. For so many, such a situation is utterly unthinkable. So, again, whenever Roswell pops up – and particularly so amid rumors that “something big” is coming – there is a dire and pressing need, and a desperate yearning, for something tangible. It hasn't happened. And, it won't happen. Why? Because, everyone - in the know - said that the human bodies used in the high-altitude top secret experiments were scooped up quickly. In other words, there are no files left. There are no bodies left. Everything is gone. Only memories and second- and third-hand tales. You want the truth of Roswell? Go looking for the human angle. And not the alien angle.

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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