MU+ Podcasts IAug 09, 2022

26.05 - MU Plus Podcast - The Hidden Directorate

MU+ Extended

The order of the Green Dragon, the People of the Secret, the Nine Unknowns, the Hidden Directorate and the Mahatmas; this secretive group is known by many names however its origins and purpose remain elusive to the uninitiated. Many legends and sacred texts describe a secretive group that comes from “the east” and benevolently influences human affairs to counter the dangers of materialism. Yet who could this group be and do they still influence humanity today? We discuss rumoured encounters with these beings and consider their influence on modern spiritualism.

We also hear of some wild deep hypnosis sessions which result in the subject encountering his own daemon.

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Aaron Wright

Aaron Wright is one half of the Mysterious Universe team who brings expertise in the sciences. Ben and he formed 8th Kind Pty Ltd in 2008 to take MU to the next level.

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