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Alleged Mummified Four-Fingered Alien On Display in Mexico

In 2017, reports came out of Nazca, Peru, on the alleged discovery in a cave of what appeared to be a number of three-fingered, large-skulled, egg-bearing mummies. Rumors of their origin ranged from extraterrestrial to a well-planned hoax, while the Peruvian government, museum officials and mummy preservation experts fought about what to do with them – eventually subjecting them to X-rays and careful probes that were respectful of the possibility that these may have once been human remains. As of August 2021, the analysis was that the mummies were once living beings, but no evidence was found to say with certainty if they were human, alien, animals, reptiles or something else. That five year effort with no conclusion should remind us not to get excited about the news coming out of Taxco, Mexico, of an "alien mummy" and some artifacts related to it. Is this the holy grail of mummified aliens, an elaborate hoax to promote Taxco tourism, a desecrated human corpse, a misidentified animal corpse … or something else?

Could this have happened in Mexico?

According to, Pablo Enrique García Sánchez is a well-known local researcher with a postgraduate degree from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and the Golden Microphone award from the Chamber of Deputies for his archaeological research and presentations on the Mezcalienigena culture. It didn’t take much convincing for the media to pay attention to his Sánchez’s recent announcement that he had discovered a strange mummy with associated artifacts in a Taxco silver mine. However, they were not expecting what Sánchez revealed.

“A mummy and a skull supposedly from extraterrestrials were found in Taxco, Guerrero, by the military doctor and researcher of ancient cultures, Pablo Enrique García Sánchez.”

While multiple media sources (Google translated) and a Facebook post on the announcement imply that Sánchez stated that the small mummy he was holding (photos here) was an extraterrestrial, there don’t seem to be any direct quotes of his analysis. The media sources all point out the obvious characteristics that would make one think this small mummy – it is difficult to judge the size because the leges are folded up – is an extraterrestrial. The outline of the skeleton shows a humanoid rib cage and arms and legs in the proper humanoid positions and shapes. However, that’s where the resemblance seems to end. The head is elongated, but more in the shape of a cone implanted on the skull rather than those of cultures which practiced skull binding to create the familiar elongated shape. While the facial features are mostly indistinct, the eye sockets appear to be oversized for the head. The arms and legs are also out of proportion with the body – both are longer than they should be. Then we come to the fingers – like the Peruvian three-fingered mummies, they are much longer than normal and more out of proportion with the body than even the long arms and legs. Unlike the Peruvian mummies, there are four fingers instead of three and it doesn’t appear than a fifth finger or thumb was removed or broken off accidentally.

“The researcher, who is part of the Nahui Ollin cultural association, assured that he discovered archaeological remains in a Taxco mine, which could belong to an unknown culture that inhabited the country.”

Nahui Ollin is an Aztec/Mexica metqaphysical concept concerning the fifth age of history – the current one – and has been used as an educational framework in social justice and ethnic studies to guide students through a process of "reflection, action, reconciliation, and transformation," and is said to be useful in supporting a harmonious balance of the mind, body, spirit, and community. That makes sense since Sánchez is said to be both a military doctor and a researcher of ancient cultures.

“García Sánchez identified the mummy as "Citlaltemini" (Brother of the stars).”

“Brother of the stars” sounds like an ancient description of what modern people would call an extraterrestrial, and Plano Infomativo reports that Sánchez “assured that he discovered the archaeological remains in a Taxco mine, which could belong to an unknown culture that inhabited the country.” Could the “unknown culture” be from another planet?

“The remains, he reported, were discovered in the tunnels of the hills of the Mexican municipality of Taxco, otherwise known for its silver mines, and a whole series of handicrafts with engraved details that Sanchez also associated with "aliens" were presented.” offers one of the few comments on the other artifacts alleged to have been found with the mummy, and netnoticias has a video (in Spanish) of Sánchez talking about a large fanged mask that may be a representation of the actual head of the “Brother of the stars.” On it, the elongated skull looks more like a knob and the teeth appear to be fangs, but the alien-like eyes sockets are clearly visible. Sánchez also had a table filled with what appear to be necklaces, small statues, plaques and weapons. One statue has an alien head balanced on its hands with legs folding behind and over the head in an acrobatic or contortionist position. Unfortunately, no written list of the artifacts with descriptions or analyses appeared to be available.

So, what did Pablo Enrique García Sánchez unveil to the public that he claimed was recovered from a Taxco silver mine?

“They even claimed that the skull is from a modified domestic pig.”

Most of the media sources focused on the mummy and the large mask or skull. (Take another look at them.) Like the three-fingered mummies of Peru, many pointed out that the mummy looked like it could have been from an animal or assembled from parts of multiple animals to make it look humanoid. Again, it appears no X-rays were taken of the Taxco mummy nor was it probed to obtain a biopsy of an internal mummified remains. The same is true of the mask or skull which appears to have a couple of human-like teeth behind the fangs and carvings on the jaws – both leading one to surmise it is a human-made artifact. To be fair, the rest of the artifacts should be considered separately, since they look like actual Mesoamerican artifacts similar in shape and composition to those found all over Mexico and Central America. (View them here.

It's easy to be fooled -- this is the skull of a cat.

At this point, more research is obviously needed. Like the Peruvian three-fingered mummies, this one and the skull/mask could be treated with dignity while being analyzed to determine their origin. It is hoped the mine can be searched for more mummies and artifacts while being protected from looters and curiosity-seekers. If it is truly a “Brother of the stars” alien, it would change everything.

If it’s a hoax, it would not be alone.

Paul Seaburn

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