Aug 23, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

An Update on the Argentine Woman Reportedly Abducted and Impregnated by Aliens

While the UFO news these days is filled with reports of sightings by military pilots and investigations of those sightings by the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA, an alleged alien abduction in Argentina in late 2021 has captured the attention of many beyond the Argentine public because of its unusual circumstances, possible alien impregnation, the inability of police and investigators to solve the case, and the disappearance of cell phones, including one that would have accompanied the abductee to the space ship and back. The abduction of Irma Rick is indeed a puzzler … and the recent announcement by local police that the investigation has ended and the case is closed doesn’t seem to have ended or closed anything. What did Irma Rick’s cell phone show? Did ET phone home? Did Irma?


The Argentine media source La Arena has been on top of this story since November 16, 2021, when a then unnamed woman was reported missing in Jacinto Arauz in the La Pampa Province in east central Argentia by her husband, who revealed he was receiving calls from her cell phone but all he heard was a mysterious buzzing sound. The 55-year-old woman had health and mobility issues and was expected to be found nearby. However, the search by police and firefighters took its first strange twist when trained tracking dogs following her trail suddenly lost it about 500 feet (150 meters) from their house.

“The woman who disappeared for several hours from a field south of Jacinto Arauz called "El Estribo" and was found near the Guatraché Road Post, is already resting in the town. The renowned Pampas ufologist, Oscar "Quique" Mario, confirmed that he will carry out the investigation of the case, about which he interviewed relatives and close friends.”

The search ended when police in Guatraché, another town in La Pampa Province 40 miles (65 km) away from Jacinto Arauz, found the woman on the side of a road. While her clothes showed no sign of a struggle or that she had walked for 40 miles, the woman could not speak and was forced to communicate in writing, according to the police and emergency room personnel. Her story stayed the same – she heard a strange buzzing noise outside her home, saw a bright white light, and woke up in Guatraché. That buzzing sound, heard by both the woman, who was finally identified as Irma Rick, and her husband on the phone calls, caught the eye of UFO investigator Oscar Mario, who says he’s been following reports of UFOs – especially triangular aerial objects, aliens with red eyes, livestock mutilations and other strange occurrences in the La Palma area. The cattle mutilations happened just a few months before in July 2021 and mysterious hums were heard before the livestock was found. La Arena eventually talked to another man who had seen a UFO in August 2021 in Jacinto Arauz.

“She said that she woke up sitting on the road, that she had her cell phone in her hand, she looks for a signal and sends a photo of the place where she was because she knew the zone of Meridian Quinto de Guatraché. That allowed them to find her,"

Oscar Mario and other investigators were interested in Irma Rick’s cell phone because it was most likely in her possession the entire time she was missing and could have been on a UFO if she was abducted. However, another South American UFO investigator, Luis Burgos, reported in December 2021 that government officials had taken over the case and confiscated the cell phones of Irma Rick and her husband … with the promise that the phones and their report would be released in February or March 2022.

“I am pregnant by an alien. I don't have a belly yet, I feel discomfort, things that happen to me. I have to consult the prosecutor because she does not want me to talk much yet.”

Neither the phones nor the report were released in March, but that wasn’t the big news – Irma Rick announced she was pregnant and an alien was the father. She told the local media she would probably need financial help – but strangely not any medical aid. At the same time, another UFO investigator, Carlos Ferguson, revealed that the same Irma Rick reported a UFO encounter in the same area back in 2002.

“Irma Rick, the woman who said she was abducted by aliens, starred in a new public episode about her situation and told a media outlet in Bahía Blanca that she could be pregnant as a result of that event. The studies yielded negative results.”

Shortly after the alien pregnancy announcement, La Arena reported that Rick’s pregnancy test came back negative – no hybrid alien baby was on the way. Unfortunately, no cell phones or investigative report from the police or the Argentine government seemed to be on the way either. That changed this week.

“Finally, Irma Rick and her partner recovered the cell phones after having been examined without finding elements that could lead to an investigation.”

According to the latest report in La Arena (Google translation), the case and the cell phones were first given to the Court of the Third Circumscription, with headquarters in General Acha and in charge of Virginia Antón, who ordered a series of skills (tests) and the results showed there was “no participation of third parties” – in other words, there was no evidence that Irma Rick had been kidnapped or abducted. The case was then sent prosecutor Juan Bautista Méndez, who concluded that "this investigation ended without being able to determine the causes for the disappearance of this woman in the field and her subsequent appearance in another remote place." And the cell phones?

“(The phones) did not yield information of interest, according to the report of the Telecommunications Analysis Division of the provincial police. It is a most strange cause."

Could she have been abducted by aliens in a UFO and impregnated?

I'm getting too old for this.

“The causes could not be determined and the authorship or participation of another person in this disappearance was not established. The issues mentioned by this lady and linked to a possible abduction by aliens were not investigated beyond newspaper publications."

 In other words, they still don’t know how Irma Rick managed to travel 40 miles in a few hours after hearing a buzzing sound and seeing a bright light. Since there is no evidence a crime was committed, their job – and the investigation -- is over.

Is it? Shouldn’t there at least be an investigation into whether Irma Rick has concocted an elaborate hoax that has wasted the time of police and government officials? And, if it is not a hoax, shouldn’t the case still be open with the Argentine government and military?

One thing is for certain – UFO investigators in La Palma will continue to keep their eyes on this case. The public should probably do the same.

Paul Seaburn

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