Aug 19, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Baba Vanga Hits on Two 2022 Predictions But a Young (and Alive) Competitor Does Better

December and January are the most popular months for psychics – in December, the media looks back on their predictions to see which ones came true and which were flops, while January is the time to let the world know what they see happening and whether we should buy lottery tickets or tickets for a trip to Mars. The year 2022, already different from other years for so many reasons, is taking a new tack on psychics as well. The very popular Baba Vanga, who passed away in 1996 but not before passing on predictions for thousands of years to come, made some interesting predictions – two of which have already come true. In most years, Vanga’s forecasts are matched up against the also dead Nostradamus, but 2022 brings us a young – only 22 – upstart psychic who made 28 predictions for this year and, just eight months into it, has already been correct on 10 of them. And for those who complain that Vanga and the Nos Man are often vague in their writings, the up-and-comer names names, makes controversial picks, and sticks to current news and pop culture. Let the 2022 Psychic Championship begin!

A memorial to Baba Vanga

“Intense bouts of floods (in Bangladesh, India, Thailand and Australia).”

Yes, that sounds like one of Baba Vanga’s predictions that seems too easy – it ALWAYS floods in India and Bangladesh – but the inclusion of Australia made this one worth paying closer attention to and, sure enough, Australia has suffered from heavy rainfall and storms that have caused massive floods in many parts of the country. Remember, this prediction was made before 1996, so “climate change,” “global warming,” Antarctic ice shelfs melting, increases in hurricanes and other flood causes were not as well known or much a part of the public conversation as they are today. If you think it’s just the weather, meteorologists point out that La Nina climate pattern is causing tropical cyclones and flooding in Australia. Score one for Baba Vanga.

“Water shortages in several countries and major cities.”

OK, that also sounds like a vague generality that could apply to any year, given the number of major cities the world has. However, it is contrary to the previous prediction of major flooding, so having them in the same year could be considered psychic-worthy. Summer is not over yet but drought conditions have been declared in parts of the U.S. and the United Kingdom, while Portugal and Italy are curtailing water usage due to shortages. Score another point for Baba Vanga.

While she didn’t predict monkeypox, she did warn of a new virus from Siberia that would cause a pandemic and millions of deaths. She also say a plague of locusts in India and aliens arriving on asteroids – those haven’t happened yet but we still have four months left in 2022.

That’s two out of six right so far for psychic Baba Vanga. For 19-year-old psychic Hannah Carroll, of Foxborough, Massachusetts, this is a “Hold my energy drink and watch this” moment. Carroll is part of the new generation of psychics – she performs readings on TikTok for a fee and claims they earn her about $2000 a month – far more than Baba Vanga pulled in … understandable since she lived in Bulgaria and didn’t have social media. Carroll claims she can predict major life events using a person’s photographs, which is perfect for the many celebrity forecasts she has made for 2022 – some of which have come true. For example, she correctly predicted that Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra – no strangers to having their photos on social media – would have a baby. Along the same lines, there are no siblings more famous and social media covered these days than the Kardashians, and Carroll correctly predicted that Khloe K and Tristan Thompson are having another baby, while Kourtney K and Travis Scott announce they’re trying to get pregnant, and – the big one – the breakup of Kim K and Pete Davidson … who saw THAT coming?

OK, everyone did. If you think Baba Vanga’s predictions are too general, then you probably think that Hannah Carroll’s prognostications are too ‘duh’ easy. Getting pregnant and breaking up are what the Kardashians do – sometimes at the same time. Sadly, she predicts that Kylie Jenner’s baby will be born with a medical condition. Getting away from the Kardashians, she sees the next season being the last for Grey's Anatomy (they’ve been predicting this for years), One Direction will reunite and tour (ditto), Disney will have a gay princess (aren’t a lot of them gay already?), rapper 6ix9ine will die (he is definitely living dangerously), and there will be new albums from Harry Styles and Beyonce (minor surprises, especially for Bey). All of Hannah Carroll's predictions for 2022 can be seen here.

However, the biggest prediction for 2022 made by Hannah Carroll – the one that everyone has picked up on – is that Queen Elizabeth II will die this year. Yes, we were shocked too … not. The queen is 96, she’s been absent from a number of major events this year, including some pertaining to her impressive 70th anniversary Platinum Jubilee. Never one to miss a chance to wave, it’s obvious Elizabeth II would not miss such events unless she was truly ill or too frail … or to afraid to look ill or frail. In any case, while many would be upset, few would be surprised if this is the queen’s last trip around the sun in her royal carriage.

So, is psychic Hannah Carroll the next coming of Baba Vanga? More likely, she’s the next host of a pop news and culture show on cable television, or the next sensation on TikTok. Either way, it is easy to predict Carroll will be happy and making more money. However, until she hits on some big ones – like 9/11 or the election of the first black president of the U.S. – Hannah Carroll may be called a “psychic” with air quotes. Based on the number of correct predictions for 2022, the match goes to Carroll, but when it comes to quality, the crown stays on the head of the psychic who made correctly those predictions about Obama and 9/11 and many more – Baba Vanga, the “Nostradamus of the Balkans.”

Paul Seaburn

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