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Black Helicopters of the Mysterious Kind: UFOs and Top Secret Phenomena

It's a well-known fact that UFOs are inextricably tied to the so-called notorious "Black Helicopters." However, the extent of that connection is amazing - as you will see now. In other words, the Black Helicopters are here, there and everywhere. February 16, 1982 and shape-shifting black helicopters: The town of Dulce, New Mexico has become infamous in UFO circles, chiefly because it is said to be the home of an underground base – which is manned by hostile, dangerous aliens who engage in nightmarish genetic experiments on human abductees. So the story continues, the US Government knows all too well what goes on under Dulce, but lacks the sufficient power or ability to destroy the alien hordes. That there has been an undeniable mass of so-called cattle-mutilations in the area is an issue which cannot be denied – indeed, the FBI has declassified a sizeable number of reports of such mutilations from the area. This brings us to the story of Bruno. On the day in question, he saw a squadron of black helicopters hovering over Archuleta Mesa – below which, the story goes, is the extraterrestrial installation. As Bruno watched, the helicopters inexplicably morphed into bright balls of light – leading him to conclude that the ETs of Dulce can camouflage their craft to resemble our aircraft, thus ensuring that, for the most part, they are never seen for what they really are.

(Nick Redfern) A black helicopter right over my own home

The FBI’s now-declassified files on cattle-mutilations in 1970s USA make for fascinating reading and demonstrate the Bureau had a deep awareness of the presence of the enigmatic helicopters in affairs of the mute kind. On August 30, 1975, Floyd K. Haskell, Senator for the State of Colorado, mailed an impassioned letter to Theodore P. Rosack, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI at Denver, Colorado, imploring the FBI to make a full investigation into the cattle mutilations, in an attempt to resolve the matter once and for all. Haskell said: “For several months my office has been receiving reports of cattle mutilations throughout Colorado and other western states. At least 130 cases in Colorado alone have been reported to local officials and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI); the CBI has verified that the incidents have occurred for the last two years in nine states. The ranchers and rural residents of Colorado are concerned and frightened by these incidents. The bizarre mutilations are frightening in themselves: in virtually all the cases, the left ear, rectum and sex organ of each animal has been cut away and the blood drained from the carcass, but with no traces of blood left on the ground and no footprints.” The grisly mystery was never resolved – nor was the presence of those mysterious helicopters.

In 1975, there occurred across much of the northern portion of the United States numerous encounters with what were – at first, at least – perceived as unidentified helicopters, but that were later interpreted as UFOs. The helicopter theory was a reasonable one, since military personnel described seeing craft that could hover and fly backwards, just like a helicopter. Files show, however, that the helicopter theory was an assumption, rather than fact. One particular document, of October 28, 1975, serves to demonstrate the weirdness that went on during that particular night. Titled Unidentified Helicopter Sighted at Low Level Over Loring Air Force Base, it provided the following:

“On 28 Oct 75, Lewis…advised that the a/c [aircraft] was first observed by Clifton W. Blakeslee, Sgt. [deleted] and William J. Long, SSgt., both assigned to the 42 SPS, who were on duty at the storage area. The initial sighting took place at approximately 1345. The a/c was observed approximately 1,000 meters north of LAFB. The a/c was subsequently observed by Lewis and others intermittently for the next hour and a half. Subsequent to the sighting by Long and Blakeslee, the a/c did not come nearer to the northern perimeter of LAFB than approximately 3 miles. Lewis observed a flashing white strobe light and red navigation lights on the a/c. The operator of the a/c either turned the lights off periodically or the a/c flew below a point from which the lights could be observed. The a/c disappeared from view and did not reappear. A search of the vicinity of the northern perimeter of LAFB by 42 SPS personnel met with negative results.” Now, onto a fascinating saga. One that will likely never go away. And it shouldn't.

December 29, 1980, UFO terror: When, shortly before 9:00 p.m., Vickie Landrum, her grandson, Colby, and Betty Cash exited the restaurant where they had just eaten a fine Texan dinner, they couldn’t imagine what was just around the corner. As they headed towards the town of Huffman, they were terrified by the sudden sight of an unknown object in the sky. Worse, it was descending on a flight-path guaranteed to ensure it landed on the road they were on. As they got closer, they could see the aerial thing appeared to be in flames and shaped not unlike a diamond. It reached a perilously low level of around twenty-five feet, something which ensured a screeching of brakes and the car brought to a shuddering standstill. The interior temperature of the car suddenly reached intolerable levels. The three jumped out of the vehicle and could only stare in awe and fear. Then, out of the blue, around two dozen, double-rotor helicopters were on the scene, clearly intent on caroling the UFO. Or, perhaps they were escorting it. Cash was sure they were Boeing CH-47 Chinooks. They watched as both the UFO and the helicopters left the area and were finally lost from sight.

(Nick Redfern) And another black helicopter over my home. Note the total lack of identifying markings.

Within days, all three fell sick: nausea and vomiting were at the forefront. Betty Cash was the one affected most of all – which may be explainable by the fact that she was the one member of the group who got closest to the object. Her hair started to fall out, her skin was covered with pustules and blisters, and the nausea got worse. Despite attempts to force the US Government to come clean on what went down, there was nothing but denial after denial from the authorities. The case is a puzzling one, with some UFO researchers believing the three encountered a real UFO, while others suspect they were unfortunate enough to cross paths with a top secret, nuclear-powered, prototype aircraft that was in deep trouble. Now, we come to the wildest helicopter-driven case of all. And, I'm not exaggerating.

For many Flying Saucer seekers now in their sixties, seventies and eighties – and who grew up with the case - the Villas Boas incident still remains a classic of its time. It’s a story that is not to be, ahem, fucked with. The fact is, though, that when we address the case carefully, we do see a body of solid data that suggests the alien encounter was actually nothing of the sort. Let’s take a look at the “UFO” that Villas Boas was taken aboard in his drugged-out state. Nedelcovic claimed it was really a military helicopter. There are very good reasons as to why we should go with Nedelcovic’s claims. If you take a careful look at what Villas Boas had to say about the craft he found himself on-board, you’ll see what I mean. Villas Boas said the craft was shaped “like a large elongated egg.” He described it further, stating that “on the upper part of the machine there was something which was revolving at great speed and also giving off a powerful reddish light.”

 When the vehicle left the scene, said Villas Boas, it moved “slowly into the air until it had reached a height of some 30 to 50 meters…The whirring noise of the air being displaced became much more intense and the revolving dish began to turn at a fearful speed…At that moment, the machine suddenly changed direction, with an abrupt movement, making a louder noise, a sort of beat.” Contrary to what has been said, Villas Boas was never taken on-board a Flying Saucer-shaped craft. Villas Boas’ own words demonstrate that. On top of that same machine was something that was “revolving at great speed.” Rotor-blades? What else? Nothing, that’s what. Then, there was the noise coming from the craft: “a sort of beat.” You certainly don’t have to be an aviation expert to realize that Villas Boas, even in his druggy state, had seen – and had been taken on – a helicopter, as Nedelcovic had claimed all along. But, what of that remarkably alluring alien who demanded a wild time in the sack?

Rich Reynolds reported: “The story from Nedelcovic was that after Villas Boas had been subjected to various drugs, the part with the woman was literally acted out. So, there may have been a real woman. But in Villas Boas’ case, it could have been manipulation-induced. It gave me visions of the CIA employing people of an Asian-kind of demeanor and look. It’s in the realm of possibility that someone was concocting a scenario in that way.” The big question, in relation to Rich’s wise words, is this: who was the girl that took Villas Boas for the “ride” of a lifetime? As for the answer, Rich was almost certainly right-on-target when he connected the girl to the CIA. On August 31, 1977, the Pennsylvania-based Scranton Times ran an article titled: “CIA Used Prostitutes To Administer Drugs.” One section of the article notes that the CIA “opened houses of prostitution in San Francisco and New York City with the purpose supposedly being to secretly observe how unsuspecting male customers would react to doses of LSD and other drugs that were being administered to them without their knowledge.”

The story doesn’t end there. The Scranton Times continued: “As detailed at a hearing by a Senate subcommittee on the CIA’s drug and mind-bending experiments of the 1950s, a CIA agent would observe from behind a two-way mirror as prostitutes would slip their customers various chemical compounds that the agency was testing. This sounds like kinky sex from a pornography movie studio rather than a serious spying operation. Yet, we are told that it happened.” A hot hooker and LSD: put those two components together and it’s no wonder that Villas Boas thought he had hit the extraterrestrial jackpot. One last thing on the Villas Boas situation: Nedolcovic revealed to Rich Reynolds that the team who ran the experiment “were participating in new forms of psychological testing that would eventually be used in military contexts.” Most definitely food for thought. My last words: beware of the Black Helicopters. And avoid them, too.

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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