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Do Dangerous Creatures Live Deep Below the Surface of our World? They Just Might...

Are there strange and sinister creatures living deep below the surface of our world and inside our mountains? We shouldn't dismiss such a possibility. We'll begin with someone who spent a lot of time addressing this very issue: the late writer-researcher Mac Tonnies. Tonnies was not just known and respected for his work in the field of Martian anomalies: he also had a deep interest in the field of what he personally termed the Cryptoterrestrials. It’s a term he coined in the early 2000s, when his research into this particular arena began. For Tonnies the Cryptoterrestrials fell into two, clearly delineated groups. In essence, it goes like this: for Tonnies at least some UFO encounters and incidents – and particularly so alien abductions – were not the work of extraterrestrials. Rather, they were the work of an extremely ancient race of humanoids that developed alongside us, but who chose to stay away from us, aside from when they needed certain things from us; those “certain things” being our DNA, cells, eggs, sperm and so on – due to the fact that their civilization, today, is degrading and decaying and requires new blood. So, they use us to beef up their race – at least, to the extent that they are able to do so.

In his 1997 book Remote Viewers, Jim Schnabel told the story of the U.S. Intelligence community’s involvement in the controversial issue of psychic spying that largely began in the early-to-mid 1970s. Commenting on the skills of a talented remote-viewer in relation to matters of a UFO nature, one Pat Price, Schnabel noted Price was of the opinion that “…Alaska’s Mount Hayes, the jewel of a glacial range northeast of Anchorage, housed one of the aliens’ largest bases.” According to Pat Price, the aliens that lived deep inside Mount Hayes were very human looking, differing only in their heart, lungs, blood, and eyes. Ominously, he added that the aliens use “thought transfer for motor control of us.” Price added: “The site has also been responsible for strange activity and malfunction of U.S. and Soviet space objects.”

(Nick Redfern) Monsters and aliens in mountains?

Now, onto the matter of Cryptozoology: Perhaps the most terrifying of all monsters are those that we know exist. And, when they are right under our feet – as in literally – they become even more fear-inducing. Take, for example, the alligators of New York. We’re talking about those immense, bone-crunching beasts that lurk deep within the myriad, winding sewers and subways beneath the Big Apple. Most people assume that the stories of New York’s people-eating alligators are nothing more than the stuff of myth and urban legend. The stark truth is they could not be further from the truth. Proof that alligators have been on the loose in the city for decades was provided way back in February 1935 by none other than the New York Times.

The story was spelled out in an article titled “Alligator Found in Uptown Sewer: Youths Shoveling Snow See the Animal Churning in Icy Water.” As the newspaper noted, the gang of boys, led by Salvatore Condoluci, actually managed to capture the approximately seven-foot-long animal and beat and stabbed it to death, after it was seen lurking in the sewers on 123rd Street, close to the Harlem River. For more than three decades, Teddy May was the Commissioner of Sewers in New York. He has gone on record as stating that he heard tales of alligators roaming the sewers of the city as far back as the 1930s – the same timeframe in which the New York Times reported on the violent encounter at 123rd Street. May conceded that he took little interest in the reports, since he felt it was all a case of folklore and legend, and certainly not reality.

Stories of strange creatures – many of a definitively cryptozoological nature – lurking in the London Underground have circulated for years, and chiefly in fictional, on-screen format. Such examples include (A) the 1967 production of Quatermass and the Pit, in which bizarre, mutated and diminutive ape men – who were the subject of advanced genetic experiments, undertaken millions of years earlier, by visiting Martians - appear in the London Underground of the 1960s in the form of spectral, manifested, inherited memories; (B) "The Web of Fear" – a Dr. Who adventure that surfaced in the following year, 1968, that sees the doctor and his comrades doing battle with robotic yetis on the Underground; (C) An American Werewolf in London – a 1981 film in which the beast of the title feasts on a doomed, late night rail traveller; and (D) Reign of Fire, a 2002 production starring Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey, that revolves around literal fire-breathing dragons burst forth from the old tunnels of the Underground and decimate Britain, and, eventually, the rest of the planet, too.

Some of the older tales of creature-like entities prowling the tunnels under London were incorporated into a less well known, fictionalised film. Its name was Death Line. Made in 1972, it starred horror film stalwarts Christopher Lee and Donald Pleasance, and related the saga of a collapse, in the latter part of the 19th Century, at a then new station being built at Russell Square – which happens to be a real station on the Underground. Unfortunately, when the disaster occurs, a significant number of workers – both men and women – are killed. Or, rather, they are presumed killed. And, when the company funding the project goes bankrupt, all efforts to try and dig out the bodies and give them a decent burial are quickly, quietly, and conveniently forgotten. There is a reason why I mention these fictional stories: for years there have been tales of subterranean humanoids lurking deep below London. True or not, the stories are fascinating. Now, onto Bigfoot and similar beasts.

In the latter part of the 19th century a British adventurer and explorer named Hugh Nevill was told of a race of creatures that were part-human and part-ape but which were, by the time Nevill heard the story, dead and gone – somewhere in the vicinity of five human generations earlier. They resided in the southeast corner of Sri Lanka and, before their assumed extinction, were constantly at war with another race of hairy humanoids known as the Nittaewo. Both types of creature were fairly small; around four to five feet in height. They also shared a liking for living in deep, natural caves and caverns, and had a love of fresh, raw meat. They were not totally savage, however, as is evidenced by their apparent use of primitive stone tools. It was not their constant warring with each other that wiped out the Nittaewo and their unnamed furry foes, however: it was man. Reportedly, the last of the Nittaewos were killed in a violent confrontation at a cave in the Kattaragama Hills.

One of the most thought-provoking theories for Bigfoot’s overwhelming elusiveness suggests that the creatures spend a great deal of time living in natural caves and caverns, as well as abandoned, old mines. We’re talking about the deep and dark world of Bigfoot. In the early 1900s, a number of stories surfaced in the Oregon press that, upon careful reflection, just might offer a degree of support for this particularly intriguing theory that Bigfoot is very much a creature of the underground. The reports are made all the more significant because they reference in excess of a decade of sightings of large, hair creature, all in a specific vicinity where underground digging was known to be widespread. In 1900, the Curry County, Oregon newspaper reported on an amazing story: “The Sixes mining district in Curry County has for the past 30 years glorified in the exclusive possession of a kangaroo man.’ Recently while Wm. Page and Johnnie McCulloch, who are mining there, went out hunting McCulloch saw the strange animal-man come down a stream to drink. In calling Page’s attention to the strange being it became frightened, and with cat-like agility, which has always been a leading characteristic, with a few bounds was out of sight.”

(Nick Redfern) Bigfoot: A creature of the underworld?

"Dreaded Wild Men Strike Fear Into Indian Children" was the eye-catching title of an article that jumped out of the pages of the March 3, 1934, edition of the Lethbridge Herald newspaper, which covered the Lethbridge area of Alberta, Canada. The story was a fascinating one, given that it focused on the often reported possibility that the Bigfoot creatures are able to remain out of harm’s way and detection by living in underground realms, such as ancient caverns and incredibly deep cave-systems. The article began by stating that Native American children in the vicinity of Harrison Mills, British Columbia, had been warned to stay close to “their mothers’ apron strings, for the fearsome ‘Sasquatch’ had returned to spread terror through peace-loving Chehalis tribes.” It was noted that although reports of the much feared creatures were all the rage in the area some three decades earlier, this was the first time, since around 1914, that they had been seen “on the prowl” in the area. It appeared that the first, most recent encounter came from a man named Frank Dan. The Lethbridge Herald captivated its readers with the details of the uncanny event: “Investigating the persistent barking of his dog at night, Dan came face to face with a hairy giant who, according to Dan, was tall and muscular, prowling in the nude. He was covered in black hair from head to foot except for a small space around the eyes. Dan ran breathlessly into his house and secured the door. Peeking through the window, he saw the giant stride leisurely into the nearby bush and disappear.” The writer of the article noted something very interesting: “The Indians say the Sasquatch dwell in caves and subterranean caverns on the borders of lakes in the mountain vastnesses [sic]. Many strange tales are told of the appearances of the elusive people.”

And, finally, there is the notorious "Dulce Base" that is said to be below the surface of New Mexico. Dulce is a pleasant and inviting town that is situated in New Mexico’s Rio Arriba County. It’s a small town of less than 3,000 people and which is around thirteen square miles in size. It was founded in the latter part of the 19th century and, today, is the home of the Jicarilla Apache Nation. There is nothing particularly unusual or out of the ordinary about Dulce – at least, not at first glance. Look a little bit closer, though, and you’ll find yourself in a world filled with dark secrets and terrifying tales of the cosmic and conspiratorial kind. And, “by closer,” I mean below your feet. Way below your feet; maybe even miles down. Since the late 1970s, rumors have swirled to the effect that deep within the massive Archuleta Mesa, which dominates the town, there is a secret and futuristic facility that has been out of bounds to the U.S. Government since 1979. Today, it’s said that the installation is under the complete control of hostile and deadly extraterrestrials – the so-called “Greys” of UFO lore, those dwarfish, black-eyed, large-headed entities that are practically part of popular culture. 

 So the story goes, it was in 1979 that a violent confrontation between military personnel and the aliens broke out – and we were the losers. The base, which was once a hub of human / alien interaction, is now theirs – and theirs alone. Witnesses talk of people going missing, and of vast, cavern-like rooms in which people are devoured by voraciously hungry aliens. Are the tales true? How did the rumors begin? The questions are still being asked. Are there mysterious, and perhaps deadly, creatures below the surface of our planet? Don't dismiss such a thing.

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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