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Men in Black, Women in Black and Their Sinister Cars: Keep Away From Them All!

If you've seen the Men in Black movies, you'll know they have super-cool cars. The fact is, though, the real Men in Black  and Women in Black have such notable cars, too. As you'll find out now. A very strange story was generously given to me by Linda Godfrey, Dog-Man/Beast of Bray Road expert. It was during a break at a conference on August 6, 2016 that Linda mentioned to me her odd story; a story that went as follows: "It was around 2003, a sunny and warm day, and I happened to be out on Hospital Road, which is just off Bray Road, and where a lot of sightings of Dogmen have taken place – on that particular juncture of the road. There were a couple of cameramen and two colleagues of mine that were with me, and we were all being filmed for a TV show. It was the turn of one of my colleagues to be filmed. The other one and I were just standing at the side of the road – waiting and seeing what was going on – when this very large, black sedan pulled up. And as the window came down there was an older woman in the car. Nobody that I knew."

Linda continued: "We looked at her as the window came down and she said, in an accent that sounded kind of like a Russian accent, but could have been eastern European; I’m not sure: Do you need any help? There was something about her mannerisms: it wasn’t as if she was tentative or worried about anything. She just stated this in a really almost commanding way. And my friend and I looked at each other and we just said: 'Thank you, no; we’re just filming.' And it was like she didn’t really understand what we she said, because she said again: “Do you need any help? Can I help you?” We said, 'No, thanks,' again. She still didn’t drive away; she looked over at the cameraman who was filming the activity and she seemed a little reluctant to leave. But, there wasn’t any great reason she could think of to justify staying. So, she finally turned and stepped on the gas kind of slowly. And that was it."

(Nick Redfern) A fascinating "black car" story from Linda Godfrey

Linda concluded: "But, it just struck me as so strange at the time. She was dressed in black, but it wasn’t a formal business suit or anything like that. The car was black and the interior was kind of dark. I would estimate she was probably in her sixties and she had a deep voice. Her hair was grayish and pulled back. There was a bit of exoticness to her. It was such an odd thing; it was out of the ordinary and stuck in my mind. She didn’t fit in with the local populace, put it that way." Now, let's have a look at some other "car-based" stories of the weird type. Now, onto another case: Dr. Josef Allen Hynek, a well-renowned UFO authority who died in 1986, was provided with the details of a fantastically-strange MIB encounter that occurred in a small Minnesota town in late 1975, and that falls firmly into just such a category. Ironically, no UFO was seen on this particular occasion, but the chief witness was harassed by the driver of a large, black Cadillac on a particular stretch of highway, and who nearly forced the man into an adjacent ditch. The irate man quickly righted his vehicle and headed off in hot-pursuit, only to see the black Cadillac lift into the air and, quite literally, disappear in the blink of any eye.

Long-time UFO authority, Jenny Randles, the author of The Truth Behind Men in Black, investigated an extremely similar case that occurred in Britain in August of 1981. In this particular incident, the witness, one Jim Wilson, had seen an unidentified – but not overly-fantastic – light in the sky, and was later blessed with a visit from a pair of suit-wearing characters flashing I.D. cards that demonstrated they came from the British Ministry of Defense. The two suggested to the man that he had merely viewed a Russian satellite – specifically Cosmos 408 – and that he should forget all about the experience. That would indeed have been the end of things, were it not for the fact that the witness found to his concern that, on a number of occasions and shortly after the visit occurred, his home seemed to be under some form of surveillance. By two men sitting in a black Jaguar car – which is the preferred mode of transport in most British Men in Black cases. The police were called, and, across the course of several nights, stealthy checks of the immediate vicinity were made.

(Nick Redfern) Just the kind of car the Men in Black drive

After seeing the car parked outside the man’s home on several occasions, and then managing to get a good look at his license plate – which the police were quickly able to confirm as being totally bogus – they carefully closed in, with the intention of speaking with the pair of MIB and finding out the nature of their game. Unfortunately, they never got the chance to do so. As two uniformed officers approached the vehicle and prepared to knock on one of the windows, the black Jaguar melted away into nothingness. There was, not surprisingly, a deep reluctance on the part of the officers to prepare any kind of written report alluding to such an event in the station log-book. Just like the Men in Black themselves, even their vehicles are seemingly able to perform disappearing acts of a near-ghost-like nature. Even John Keel had his very own encounter with these elusive cars. In his book, The Cosmic Question, Keel said: "On a number of occasions I actually saw the phantom Cadillacs as advertised, complete with sinister-looking passengers in black suits. On Long Island, following the directions given me in an anonymous phone call, I pursued one of these cars down a dead-end road where it seemingly vanished into thin air (there were no side roads or turn-offs).”

In Tim Beckley's book, The UFO Silencers, he stated: "1967, 18 September: One of several students at Highlands University, Colorado, who had seen a UFO the night before, received a phone call threatening his life if he talked. He told this to a fellow student, who a week later, in company with a campus police officer, saw a blood red object. Two days later he too received a phone call late at night telling him to forget what he had seen. The next day a man in the street told him about the sighting, “and even added information that confirmed some of my own research on Atlantis”, and told him to keep his mouth shut. A few days later a black car with tinted windows, with a license plate showing nothing but three X’s, nearly ran him over." Now, here's another case of the creepy car kind; this one from the long-defunct UFO Mysteries. The time: October 1967: 1967 October: Mrs. B. of Mamosa, San Luis Valley, Colorado, who had made a painting of a crescent UFO that she had seen, was visited by a man who told her: “I cannot read, but mention any book in any library and I will be able to tell you its contents.” He went on to say that humans waste too much time and energy on food “when it could all be so easily taken from the atmosphere.”  He insisted on buying her painting, so she set a high price, to which he replied that he had no money.  He departed in a car which had an Arizona registration; months later police said they could not trace the plates. 

“Pauline,” who I interviewed in 2013, had a very strange encounter with a Man in Black back in October 1973, when she was living in Pasadena, California. It’s notable, and probably relevant, for me to reveal that a major UFO wave was going on at that time, and all across the United States. While hiking in the California hills one Sunday morning, Pauline encountered a classic, silver-colored flying saucer-style UFO which, at first, at least, was high in the sky. Suddenly, it dropped to around fifty or sixty above her, hanging there in an odd, wobbling fashion. Amazed, Pauline could only stare as the silent craft bobbed around – like a boat on churning waters – and then shot away at high speed. Pauline raced home and excitedly told her family of what had just taken place. They, apparently, weren’t the only ones who knew what had occurred on the fateful morning in 1973. Three days later, and after sunset, Pauline had a visitor. Not a welcome one, I should stress. It was a Man in Black, a skinny – almost emaciated – old man, dressed in a shabby black suit, looking pale and ill, and wearing an old, 1950s-style fedora hat.

(Nick Redfern) Look Out!

Pauline said that she felt her mind was briefly enslaved, as the MIB near-hypnotically asked her to invite him into her home. In a slight daze, and to her eternal cost, she did exactly that. She retreated to the couch, stumbling slightly and feeling ice-cold. The old man followed her, and stood in the living-room, looming over her, as he warned her – in no uncertain terms – never to discuss her close encounter again. Ever. The MIB then turned around and headed to the door. At that exact same moment, Pauline felt her mental faculties return to normal and she raced after him, just as he exited the door and closed it behind him. Pauline threw the door open wide, only to find the old Man in Black gone. In his place, however, was something else: it was a large, black dog with bright red eyes. It snapped and snarled in Pauline’s direction and in what was clearly a deeply malevolent, dangerous fashion.

She stared in horror as the glowing-eyed monster prowled around the yard, clearly intent on adding to the malevolent atmosphere that was already firmly in place. Suddenly, and as if out of nowhere, a large, black Cadillac – that looked decades-old in design – appeared and screeched to a halt outside of Pauline’s home. It should be noted, here, that the MIB almost always drive such cars of that particular type, age and color. Pauline watched, shocked and scared, as the back door on the driver’s-side opened and the fiendish black hound bounded across the front yard and leapt into the back of the Cadillac, which shot away at high speed! Today, Pauline – now a grandmother and someone who is fairly comfortable about sharing her bizarre experience – is of a firm opinion that the aged MIB and the red-eyed beast were one and the same. Beware of those black cars!

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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