Aug 31, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Two Seashore Sasquatch Sightings in England -- a British Bigfoot Beach Blanket Bingo?

Ask your typical ‘person on the street’ where a Bigfoot might live and the most common answer will probably be in the state of Washington. If you ask that person for a reason why, they most likely will point out the state is heavily covered with trees for hiding. If the questioning then leads to thoughts on where Sasquatch might go when not in the forest, a good answer would be around a river where it could drink, bathe and just hang out with other Bigfoot. And if one queried about the size of the average Bigfoot, 7 to 12 feet tall would match most reports recorded by the various Bigfoot sightings databases. However, ask those same questions in Great Britain and answers will probably include Norfolk, which is flat with few trees; Holkham Beach, which is far from a great place to hide; and 15 feet tall, which is hard to imagine, even for the most diehard Bigfoot believers. Yet that’s exactly what one witness reported recently in the first of two Bigfoot sightings in the UK, where reports are actually on the rise. Is Britain experiencing a Beach Bigfoot Bingo?

“I was with a group of friends paddle boarding and had gone for a wee in the dunes when I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. I saw this thing about 15ft tall – certainly more than double my height – and built like Arnie.”

Or is Arnie built like Bigfoot?

The first sighting, as reported by The Daily Star, comes from North Norfolk on the east coast of England, which is known for its sand dunes and beaches. That’s where an anonymous man claims to have been paddle boarding out on the North Sea when he spotted a Sasquatch of immense dimensions and physique on the beach shore. While most Bigfoot witnesses mention height and body mass, few compare the Sasquatch to one of the most famous bodybuilders in history – Arnold Schwarzenegger. And at 15 feet tall? That sounds more like the Incredible Hulk, once played by another famous bodybuilder, Lou Ferringo. Unfortunately, the witness did not have a cell phone to record what happened next.

“It glanced round at me and I just stood frozen to the spot, and then it bounded off across the dunes into the pine forest.”

He said none of his friends saw the Sasquatch, and the “pine forest” he refers to may be trees in the Broads – a manmade park with some pine trees common in Norfolk which were formed by flooding peatlands and have a number of small rivers, which would be more appropriate Bigfoot water attractions. However, the Broads are pretty popular and a 15-foot creature would certainly have been seen before … prompting the witness’s friends to question his sighting.

“She had never been so insistent about something and took me straight to these footprints. When I saw them I couldn’t believe it – they must be five times the size of a human footprint.”

If there’s one thing beaches are good for, it’s showing footprints – which could be why Bigfoot avoids them in Washington State, which has plenty of beautiful ones on the Pacific coast. However, Clemmie Long told The Daily Star she found two huge footprints while walking her dog on Holkham Beach in Norfolk, which is east of the Broads where the 15-foot Sasquatch may have been seen. Long brought her cell phone and took a photo, doing the right thing and including her dog in the picture for perspective on the size of the footprints. (See the photo here.) Unfortunately, that is the extent of her report – no path of footprints, no other witnesses, no thoughts on where it might be hiding in this populated area. While the footprints look large, they also look a bit too artificial. The Daily Star managed to find a local resident, Graham Yardley, who said he’s heard stories since his youth of a Bigfoot living among the small number of pine trees behind the beach and feeding on livestock – in an area so dependent on sheep for food and wool, one would think there would be more reports of a creature sampling the flocks. 

"I headed off as fast as my legs could carry us, I was away as fast as I could, it was just so, so real. I didn't know what it was but it fits the description of a Sasquatch."

The IBTimes talked to Neil Robson, a resident of Northumberland, who claimed to have a recent Bigfoot encounter at Bolam Lake Country Park, a more typical Sasquatch setting at an inland lake area north of Norwich, but still close enough to the coastline for an 11-foot-tall, five-foot-wide hairy creature with "two bright green eyes" to visit on a brisk walk. Green eyes? That’s not a typical Bigfoot characteristic – they’re generally reported to have red glowing eyes – but that didn’t deter a team of researchers from the “Finding Bigfoot” show from conducting investigations and concluding that the UK could, and most likely does, host one or more populations of Bigfoot.

"I stopped because I could hear the vocals and branches snapping and sure enough, someone ran across. The figure was just completely one color. [It walked] very fluently, a little bit of arm swing, I could see two legs so it was definitely a figure."

Neil Young (not THAT one) told the researchers of a sighting in Newcastle where he found a dead sheep with no legs, a broken neck and its "innards taken out." Lee Brickley, an England-based Bigfoot researcher, says he’s footprints measuring 16 inches in length in the paranormal hotspot Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, and says there have been a dozen sightings in that area since 2019. However, most are closer to the mountains and forests – more typical Bigfoot territory. Why are people suddenly seeing beach Bigfoot?

Is the British Bigfoot a beach lover?

Could the British Beach Bigfoot be a variation that evolved to live in a different environment than its forest, river and mountain-loving cousins in the U.S and Asia? Could it be a more dignified, sun-loving version of the Swamp Ape of the southern U.S.? And, if the witness is credible, how did it get to be 15 feet tall? Mutton and lamb chops? And what about those green glowing eyes?

If the believers and witnesses are right, it may be time for a British Bigfoot Beach Blanket Bingo – be sure to bring sunscreen and your cell phone!

Paul Seaburn

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