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UFO Photos Revealed from Tamaulipas -- Mexico's Roswell

If you want your UFO or alien encounter to become famous, you best bet is to start calling it “(Your country)’s” Roswell to take advantage of the history, fame and cachet of the most famous and possibly oldest UFO sighting in the U.S. – the alleged incident in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 involving U.S. Army Air Forces officers from Roswell Army Air Field retrieving what some to this day believe was debris and possibly aliens from a crashed spacecraft. Britain’s Roswell is the Rendlesham Forest incident in 1980, Russia’s Roswell is the Kapustin Yar rocket launch site and military aircraft testing base. May refer to Varginha, Brazil, as the “Roswell of South America” because of reports of an alleged UFO crash and live aliens being seen there in 1996. Mexico also has a Mexican Roswell and that’s where we go today after ‘flying saucer’ UFO photos were posted on the Internet that were said to have been taken over Tamaulipas – a state which has had a number of past UFO sightings and which many believe is the location of an underwater extraterrestrial base said to have a force shield that has mysteriously protected the area from many severe hurricanes that devasted surrounding areas. Are the UFO checking out the force field to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season?

Does it seem like all of the latest UFO reports are transmedium? (This is a recreation - not the UFOs in the story)

“This photo was taken today 8/17/22 in the rural area of ​​Tamaulipas by a person who calls himself Juanito Juan, during the afternoon of this day and when he wanted to take some photos of the storm clouds, he noticed this object and took this sequence, incredible images


The photos, if they are real (you can see the three photos for yourself here), show what appears to be a saucer-shaped object in the sky over some small houses – the altitude appears to very low and the proximity of the UFO very near to the photographer. There is sunlight reflecting off of the front the object and it appears to tilt forward as it ascends – if the photos are posted in chronological order, which the poster does not say. The photos were originally posted on Twitter (magnified versions here) by Jaime Maussan, the Mexican journalist well known for his UFO and paranormal investigations. That appears to be the extent of information on the photos of August 17 and the photographer … thus leaving the prognosis of its validity up to the social media commenters. Those who lean towards the “It looks real” side of the UFO meter point out that, if the photo is indeed from Tamaulipas, it is hovering over the Roswell of Mexico. How did Tamaulipas get that reputation?

“Since the terrible catastrophe caused by Hurricane Hilda in 1955, Tampico seems to be immune to natural disasters. A popular belief says that about 800 meters deep at Miramar Beach, located in Ciudad Madero, an extraterrestrial base was established that protects the coast.”

According to, residents of Tampico, the coastal city of ​​Tamaulipas that should take the brunt of a hurricane like Hurricane Hilda and other Category 5 gulf storms (it was also hit ard by hurricanes in 1947, 1951 and 1966), celebrate their mysterious immunity with an event named for those they believe have saved them – Martian Day. It wasn’t always that way – a BBC article interviewed residents who say right lights have been seen in the sky over coastal Tamaulipas for centuries, but were blamed on witches or evil beings. The idea of a Martian base began in the early 1970s when a man from Mexico City working in Tampico claimed he was contacted by extraterrestrials who revealed to him they were protecting their underwater bases and Tampico was merely sharing in that protection by way of its close proximity to them. As this story spread, the reports of UFOs increased and changed to large disks rather than bright lights. There were so many sightings that a local group was formed to collect and track them – the Tampico UFO Scientific Research Association.

““I have many friends who have told me about ships leaving the sea. Even other fishermen have told me that when they go out at night or at dawn, they see very large, very powerful lights that follow them on their routes”

If anyone would be in a good position to see UFOs flying in and out of an underwater base, it would be fishing boat crews, and the Tampico UFO Scientific Research Association has plenty of reports like that one, but there are other sightings. A strange red light pillar was seen over Tamaulipas in July 2022 (could be a weather or light phenomena) and a red cigar-shaped UFO was photographed by a jogger in 2019. And there was another strange sighting in 2019 over a refinery.

"Photographs of an alleged unidentified flying object (UFO) flying over the facilities of the “ Francisco I. Madero ” Refinery in Pemex , in Ciudad Madero , Tamaulipas , have begun to circulate through social networks. These facts were reported by public transport operators, in addition to the same workers of the parastatal, who recognize that this type of sightings is not something new.”

Many UFO sighting in Central and South America occur over or near nuclear plants, refineries and mines, leading some to speculate these are aliens either protecting us humans from destroying ourselves with radiation or pollution, or they’re refueling and repairing their ships. That would give UFOs two reasons to visit Tamaulipas, but Juan Carlos Ramón López Díaz, president of the Association of Scientific UFO Research of Tamaulipas (AICOT), thinks it’s the base. Why? In 2020, Díaz revealed that he visited the base, which he calls Amupac, via astral projection just as a major hurricane was building up in the Gulf of Mexico and was assured everyone would be safe as usual. Again, Díaz is not the only local to believe in the power of the alien base – he claims the collective belief in the power of Amupac also helps. For thos who wonder why the holiday is called “Martian” Day, it seems the designation is more of a  convenience rather that being based on any proof that there is intelligent life on Mars protecting us. It also looks good on flyers and brochures for local businesses who benefit from the tourism dollars the Martian Days bring in.

Come for our UFOs  - the enjoy our food and beaches!

If it’s merely a tourism ploy, the recent flying disk photos on Twitter will certainly help. If it’s a hoax, that will help too since it’s a realistic one. If it’s really a UFO from the local offshore underwater alien bases, it could be further proof and incentive for researchers to spend more times exploring the Gulf waters off the coast of Tamaulipas. If it’s the aliens getting ready for hurricane season, maybe it’s time to talk to them about what kind of incentive/bribe they need to protect the rest of us.

Take another look. What do YOU think it is?

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