Aug 25, 2022 I Nick Redfern

Why Do People Believe That Cattle Mutilations Are the Work of Aliens?

Why, indeed, do people believe that cattle mutilations are the work of aliens? Let me tell you a fascinating and sinister story. A story that has zero to do with ETs and UFOs, but that has everything to do with the U.S. government carefully and quietly surveilling the cattle herd of the nation. And for decades. For years, ufologists have said the issue of UFO-driven cattle mutilations began in 1967. I say: total bullshit. Way back to the 1940s, the U.S. intelligence community was very worried about foreign, dangerous nations who wanted to cripple the U.S. food supply. Fears of attacks by bacteriological warfare  - and by our cattle-herds - have been on the minds of way more than a few people since the Age of Terror began with 9/11. It’s worth noting, though, there is nothing new about the deadly technology and the fears surrounding it. Bacteriological Warfare in the United States is a decades-old, still-partly-classified FBI document. Portions of the document are now in the public domain, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. The more than 700 pages that are available tell an intriguing and creepy story. A comprehensive study of the very earliest entries in the file reveals that of great significance to the FBI was a paper titled The Bacteriological War. It written by a medical man, O. Hartmann, and it was published in 1938, in Volume 42 of the Norse Journal of Military Medicine.

An English translation of the article, in the hands of the FBI, states in part that “…in a war of the future every manner of attack will probably be seized upon and the further development of bacteriology could furnish better possibilities than those of that time. The attack will apparently be directed chiefly against the civil population, insofar as one’s own troops cannot be protected against contagion by immunization – during use at the front.” The FBI, no doubt, read with alarm as Hartmann speculated that: “Virus infections are possible. As means of attack, the airplane will apparently be used and the infection result from the throwing down or strewing of cultures which will be probably mixed with indifferent substances of heavier specific gravity or from infected flies which are kept immovable at 10 degrees centigrade. Attack is to be expected soonest against thickly populated cities.” 

(Nick Redfern) Files and files and files

Of even greater alarm to the FBI, was a nine-page paper titled Is a War of Bacteria Possible? It revealed some disturbing facts. Written by Dr. Martin Gumpert, it makes for highly relevant reading. Asking the question: “Is such a war of bacteria actually thinkable and feasible?” Gumpert stated: “There were times during which pestilence and cholera devastated the world. These epidemics ravaged more momentously and more cruelly, than wars with large casualty lists. Old people, women, children fell victims to them indiscriminately. By tremendous efforts and at great pains humanity has conquered these enemies. We owe it to measures of hygiene and the findings of medical research that the most dangerous epidemics today hardly constitute a threat to the civilized parts of the world.” The doctor continued: “Only a diseased brain could evolve the thought of misusing the progress of science and its heroic discoveries: not to prevent epidemics but to engender their outbreak. Undoubtedly everyone has heard or read of the ‘war of bacteria’ now and then, the fewest among us we have been able to form any definite conception of it. Only a small minority divines that the ‘war of bacteria’ is the most horrible, the most criminal weapon that the urge to destroy on the part of man has ever conceived.”

The paper added that “this threat is to be taken seriously;” “that it can be carried out and that forces are now at work to convert it into actuality;” and continued thus: “The idea of the war of bacteria is traceable to a circumstance almost, totally unknown, namely that the fate of a war is decided far more by the amount of disease, than by the number of wounded…Gradually it becomes clear to us, what demands bacteria must fulfill, in order to function properly in warfare: it must be possible to breed them in huge masses, the bacteria cultures must possess a high and durable virulence, it must be possible to transfer them readily and unnoticed and they must breed diseases, against which there is no protection and for which there are practically no remedial possibilities.” Dr. Gumpert concluded: “Since no madness is impossible in these wretched times, when the fate of millions is subject to the fancies and notions of a few, it is imperative that steps be taken to safeguard mankind from this extreme madness. Civilization must be spared the disgrace, that the great deeds of her progress have led to nothing more, than back to the road of the most sinister and inhuman barbarism.”

And from the files of the FBI, we learn much more about Dr. Martin Gumpert. According to FBI records on the man: “Dr. Martin Gumpert, reported to be the former head of the Berlin City Dispensary, is credited with certain statements in a book on sabotage published by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In this, it is reported that Hitler was experimenting with the use of disease-producing organisms such as tularaemia, which, it was contemplated, would be refrigerated and thrown from airplanes on civilian populations in the prosecution of the war. “He has apparently quoted extracts from an official German Army journal published in September, 1939, which discussed the possibilities of unleashing disease-laden germs upon the civilian populations in France and Great Britain. The irreconcilable statement that tularaemia, for which there is no possibility of treatment or vaccination, could be spread by dropping refrigerated flies and lice by airplane is also reported to be Dr. Gumpert’s. He is further credited with stating that Hitler’s secret weapon may be ‘horrible bacteria warfare that Hitler might not hesitate to unleash when he finds himself at bay.’” Fortunately, that crazed, deranged lunatic named Adolf Hitler did not succeed in his terrible plans, as history has shown.

Mentioning to many of the leading-lights in the field of so-called “Cattle Mutilations,” the idea that the admittedly weird phenomenon might have far more to do with the work of a clandestine group in government or the military than it does with black-eyed aliens from some far away galaxy, is likely to result in a response of an overwhelmingly negative and defensive nature. Belief (particularly of the Fox Mulder-like “I want to believe” variety) is a very powerful tool when it comes to concluding this or that is linked to the UFO puzzle. And that goes for cattle-mutes, too. But – say the full-on believers in the theory that E.T. like to chow down on a nice tasty steak now and again – if not the aliens, then who else could be responsible? For the most part, they scoff at the idea of predators, cults and the government (the latter being “them” in paranoia-land) as the culprits. The fact of the matter, however, is that – for decades, no less – various official bodies have taken a clandestine and concerned interest in animal deaths and injuries all across the United States. But not for reasons relative to the actions of menacing, meat-loving extraterrestrials. Nope, the reasons are much different and, in many ways, far more disturbing. We’re talking about shadowy, dangerous figures from overseas trying to sabotage our food-chain via deliberate, terrorist-style actions and officialdom’s secret and sometimes panicky attempts to stop it. Think I’m wrong? Think the government could not keep – and still isn’t keeping – a careful and secret watch on the U.S. cattle population for reasons of a national security nature? If you do, it’s time to think again. Read on…

(Nick Redfern) No UFOs, but plenty of silent, Black Helicopters late at night at mutilation sites

J.R. Ruggle, the FBI Special-Agent-in-Charge at the Savannah, Georgia office of the Bureau in the early-to-mid 1940s, wrote thus to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover on February 3, 1943: “This office has received a copy of a communication from John T. Bissell, Colonel, General Staff, Assistant Executive Officer, Military Intelligence Service,Washington,D.C., dated December 29, 1942, to directors of intelligence in all Service commands…” Colonel Bissel’s communication read: “It has been brought to the attention of this division the possibility in the immediate future of an attempt on the part of the enemy to plant bombs containing germs or to endeavor to create an epidemic, such as hoof and mouth disease, among cattle and other livestock [italics mine]. It is requested that should any information concerning the above come to the attention of the Directors of Intelligence of the Service Commands or the A.C. of S. [Assistant Chief of Staff], G-2 [Army Intelligence], Western Defense Command, that the same be transmitted by the most expeditious means to the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2 War Department.” Evidently, such matters were of keen concern to U.S. Intelligence. And that concern did not go away any time soon. In 1944, the FBI prepared a document that dealt with the scenario of a widespread attack on the U.S. cattle herd via unconventional, bacteriological warfare. The document states:

“A review of the book entitled Sabotage’ by Michael Sayers and Albert E. Kahn, which was published in September of 1942, discloses the following data: The complete record of sabotage carried out by Chernov, supposedly of the German Intelligence service in Russia during 1930 to 1936 is too long to put into the book according to the authors, but includes – killing off pedigree breed-stock and raising cattle mortality by artificially infecting cattle with various kinds of bacteria [italics mine] – effecting a shortage of serum to counteract epidemics of anthrax so that, in one instance, 25,000 horses perished as a result of Chernov’s sabotage – infecting tens of thousands of pigs with erysipelas and with certain plagues by having virulent bacteria placed in medicinal sera. “In another point, the authors have asked the question: ‘Could such wholesale sabotage of agriculture as took place in the Soviet Union take place in the United States of America?’ They then answer the question that, regardless of how fantastic it might sound, such diabolical sabotage was actually practiced by German saboteurs in 1915 in the United States of America.”

The FBI elaborated further: “Anton Dilger, a German-American medical graduate from John Hopkins University, was in Germany when the First World War broke out. He offered his services to the Kaiser, and was promptly detailed by Colonel Nicolai to do secret service work in the United States. Dilger returned to America with a supply of cultures of glanders and anthrax germs. Financed by von Papen, he set up a laboratory in Chevy Chase, near Washington, and started breeding germs on a large scale for infecting mules, horses, and cattle awaiting shipment to the allies. “This man then organized a band of some twelve assistants to travel around the country, carrying Dilger’s germs in small glass phials stopped with corks through which a needle extended. This roving band jabbed their deadly needles into the livestock.“They also spread germs by placing them in fodder and drink. Thousands of soldiers, as well as horses and cattle, died as a result of Dilger’s germs. At last Dilger revolted against his mission of silent death. He was murdered by German spies a few months before the end of the war. Could it happen here? It did happen here!”

The FBI’s declassified records from 1945 reveal that the issue of cattle being potentially affected by bacteriological warfare was a major one. A memo to Hoover dated July 6, 1945 states: “You may be interested in the following information which was reported by the SAC [Special-Agent-in-Charge] of the Norfolk Field Division following a Weekly Intelligence Conference on June 28, 1945.” The document refers to the work of a man (whose identity is concealed to this day within the pages of the declassified documents) employed by the then-Army Air Force at Langley Field, Virginia, and who had “been assigned to handling investigations concerning the landing of Japanese balloons in the states of North and South Dakota and Nebraska.” In a summary report, the SAC at Norfolk informed Hoover: “I was interested to learn that recently several Japanese balloons were found in that territory which were determined to have been carrying bacteria. The bacteria consisting of Anthrax, are placed in the hydrogen. I was told that such bacteria mainly affects cattle. When the bacteria lands on wheat or other types or farm land where food is being raised for the cattle, the bacteria remain in the food when it is eaten by the cattle, and upon human consumption of the milk or meat, the bacteria can be passed on.”

 Particularly notable is a July 11, 1949 document that refers to the FBI’s desire to acquire “…world-wide information on animal diseases and animal population.” And, one year later, the FBI was still collecting such data. On October 19, 1950, the FBI prepared a document titled Abnormal Loss of Hogs in Nebraska and Illinois that dealt with an unusually high number of hog deaths in the aforementioned states – as a result of cholera. The files, however, make it clear that, in official, FBI quarters, the nature of the animals’ deaths had been viewed with deep suspicion. It was concluded that the deaths were due to a “variant virus” or “atypical virus” that stemmed from “local conditions and the physical conditions of the hogs.” The important factor, however, is that this document was found within a file specifically focused upon bacteriological warfare. In other words, the FBI was still looking closely at any and all animal deaths that might not have wholly conventional explanations.

Of great significance is the fact that one of the cases that the FBI examined – and that is described in a heavily-redacted memo of May 29, 1950 – dealt with the finding of plague-infected rats at the highly sensitive Sandia Base, New Mexico, and which was viewed in some quarters as being the result of nothing less than a deliberate attempt to clandestinely introduce a widespread plague on Sandia by hostile, unknown sources. As an example, a document prepared by the FBI’s Special-Agent-in-Charge at its Albuquerque, New Mexico on June 22, 1950, titled Bacteriological Warfare – Espionage-Sabotage (Bubonic Plague), refers to rumors then flying around the official world that an outbreak of bubonic plague in New Mexico’s rat population may have been the result of deliberate, bacteriological warfare-related activities by – once again – hostile, unknown forces.

The FBI noted with respect to its interview with a plague expert, who is identified only as a “Miss Greenfield” that: “…[She] is acquainted with the presence of the plague among wild rodents in New Mexico and in the United States for several years. It has now reached an area from the West Coast to a line running north and south at approximately the border of New Mexico.” The FBI continued: “From August 1949 there were four cases among humans in New Mexico. Briefly, these four cases, one of which was fatal, were reported in New Mexico. Each case indicated that the victim had shortly before the illness, handled wild rodents which he had killed. The one case in New Mexico which was fatal was not diagnosed as the plague until after death.” Notably, the FBI subsequently received from the Public Health Service two charts displaying the outbreaks of plague in both New Mexico and the continental United States during that period. And as the FBI noted with respect to the Public Health Service: “…they have found positive evidence of the plague among wild rodents in the states lying west of a line directly north of the east boundary of the state of New Mexico.”

The FBI’s Special-Agent-in-Charge at Albuquerque concluded his report thus: “Miss Greenfield has been requested to advise this office concerning any pertinent developments of the plague in New Mexico or in the United States that may come to her attention. In the event such developments are received, the Bureau will be immediately advised.” And, in essence, those are the significant, declassified portions of the file. Taking into consideration the fact that we now know senior elements of the U.S. government were taking a deep – albeit secret – interest and concern in cases of unusual disease and death in the U.S. animal population in the 1940s and 1950s, is it really out of the question to suggest they might have done exactly the same thing in the 1960s and right up to the present day? No, it's not out of the question, at all. Add all of this together and what we have is the myth of a "cattle mutilation by aliens" phenomenon. And, our government wants us to believe the cattle mutilation mystery is UFO-themed, because the real truth - overseas agents trying to destroy our food-chain - is even worse and more terrifying.

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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