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A Selection of Some Very Bizarre Alien Abduction Cases

The UFO phenomenon has been with us for a while, and it can really run the gamut from the odd to the totally bizarre. Cases of UFO and alien encounters cover a vast spectrum of weirdness, and some of the weirdest are those that involve alien abductions, in which people are whisked away by otherworldly forces to face strange, often terrifying circumnstances. Some of these abductions can be even weirder than others, and here we will look at a selection of some perhaps lesser known and particularly bizarre accounts of brushes with entities from beyond our world and even our understanding. 

Our first few cases here revolve around UFOs that come not from the skies, but from the ocean depths, what are often called “Unidentified Submersible Objects,” or USOs. One very remarkable case of an abduction carried out by an USO is that of a woman named Betty Andreasson Luca back in 1950. A housewife, mother and grandmother, she would claim that this experience had been uncovered through hypnosis, and that the strange incident had happened when she was just a child. She says that she was in her home on a perfectly normal evening when she was whisked away by a “wheel-like vehicle,” and once aboard she claims that it went speeding towards a body of water at dangerously high speeds. She braced for what seemed to be imminent, catastrophic impact as the craft hurtled towards the water’s surface with no sign of slowing down, but instead of the expected crash it smoothly submerged and continued on without issue or even so much as a shudder.

After some time of traveling underwater at great speeds, the sea blurring by outside, the craft then allegedly entered a submerged tunnel system, which had ice and icicles along its walls and was brightly lit through means she could not ascertain. She says the ship eventually reached an enormous underwater dome and base or facility of some kind, where she was shocked to see a collection of people in some sort of suspended animation within glass containers, frozen there like insects stuck in amber. She described hundreds and hundreds of these people, wearing clothing from different periods throughout history and placed in sets that approximated that time period, which made her think of this strange place as a “Museum of Time.” There were people of all ages encased like this, rows upon rows of them, along with animals as well, and it was a chilling sight. She was then sped off back to her home, and would forget the whole incident for decades until she had it uncovered by hypnosis in 1980 after experiencing vivid nightmares of the ordeal.

We also have the tale of Orlando Jorge Ferraudi, who in 1965 was out fishing on the northern coast of Argentina when he had an experience he would never forget. He claims that he suddenly felt as if he were being watched, and when he turned around he saw a very tall humanoid entity, standing 7 feet tall, with pale skin, light colored eyes, and wearing some sort of shiny, yellowish one-piece outfit. The being seemed to know that Farraudi was scared, and tried to ease him through telepathic messages. Farraudi would say:

It was a very dark night. This being was telling me mentally ‘Take it easy. Don’t be afraid. You mustn’t be scared.’ Then he turned around, taking my arm, and placed some kind of powder box on top of the wall. When opened, this box gave off a phosphorescent luminosity which enabled me to see more details. The entity’s garb was of a yellow-mustard color, had no wrinkles, zippers, or buttons, and it had a hood at the back of the head. He was repeating ‘Don’t be afraid, you will come with me, we will take a long trip..

The being then fiddled with his box for a moment and a large craft like “an inverted saucer” approached from the water, coming closer until it was hovering right in front of them. A door then opened and a ramp distended to them, upon which the tall entity gestured towards the opening. He found himself almost in a trance as he obediently entered the craft to find a young human woman about 18 years of age within, who also told him not to be afraid and that the alien was their friend. She told him that her name was Elena, and that she too had been whisked away aboard this ship not long before. The being then had them change clothes into a type of jumpsuit, and they were told that they would be going underwater to travel across the ocean to Africa.

Farraudi claims that along the way they stopped off at an immense underwater dome, which housed some sort of base, which he was told was for the purpose of “reconditioning the ships,” and he was also told that there were various experiments carried out here. According to the alien, Earth was a sort of zoo, and that most life on Earth had come from them doing genetic experiments. They were fed some sort of tasteless red, yellow, brown and green eggs, after which they were placed on some sort of stretchers and both fell into a profoundly deep sleep. When they woke up, they were told that the “results of the test” were good. They were informed that their pineal glands had been “reactivated,” and that this would enable them to receive mental messages from the aliens. They were then given loads of information on the alien home planet and how the ship worked, as well as various philosophical musings, and then Farraudi woke up back on the beach where he had started, at first without any memory of what had happened.

The 1970s bring us a few really strange alien abduction encounters. From the book Extraordinary Encounters, by Jerome Clarke, there is the case of a “Tori M,” who had quite the odd experience while camping out with her husband along the Owyhee River in eastern Oregon in the year of 1975. They had been on a 3-day camping trip in August of that year along the river to do some archeological digging, but things would not go exactly to plan. At one point as they were trying to drive home a storm materialized out of nowhere to wash away roads and inundate them with rain, but even so the trip home took much longer than it should have, and by their estimates they had 2 hours of missing time that was unaccounted for. Even weirder was that no one else seemed to recall such a storm having ever happened at all. After this, her husband Darryl allegedly fell into an inexplicable depression that would cost him his job as a mechanic, and they believed that something truly strange had gone on on that camping trip. They contacted hypnotherapist and UFO researcher Terry A. Hartman, and they were convinced to undergo hypnotic regression to bring out their lost memories, which would dredge up quite the strange tale, indeed.

During the sessions, they talked about how on the drive home they had stopped along a creek to take a rest, and it was at this time that Daryl had noticed a strange plane in the sky that looked like a “B-52 bomber” but which was totally silent. Whether this had any connection to anything that would unfold at all is unclear, but right after this they had noticed a strange object that looked like a shiny orb resting on the ground across the valley from them. They started the car up and started driving, but they found themselves in some sort of daze or trance, stopping the car and getting out to walk towards that shiny object in the distance without really understanding why they were doing so. They reached the object and noticed that an octagonal hole had opened in the side of it, which Daryl would claim he had felt compelled to enter to find himself in a place of dark walls filled with lights. After this their memories were hazy, but it would continue to get more bizarre.

Not long after this, Toni’s memories would jump ahead to her finding a small entity with a “skull-like face and a small mouth” standing there in front of her, which communicated to her to tell her that its name was “Ahab.” She then found herself in the same room of dark walls and lights that her husband had described, and she would be led to a room with white walls, in which her husband was lying on a metallic table on his side, his arms and legs strapped down and a “bizarre instrument” hanging over him. Nearby was a window that showed space and the planet Earth. A doorway had then opened in the wall, through which two entities walked, with dark grey skin and body-fitting uniforms of the same color, with hairless heads, no visible ears and only slits in place of eyes, noses and mouths, and wrinkly skin “like a dried apple.” The creatures were making a sound “like buzzing bees,” and approached her to tell her through telepathy that they meant no harm. They then used some sort of laser from the instrument above her husband to scan him, after which one of them yanked his arm hard enough to cause him to groan in pain. The couple was then returned to their truck and would never see the entities again. What was going on here? 

In 1976 we have another case, this time from the area of Stanford, Kentucky. In January of that year, three women by the names of Mona Stafford, Louise Smith, and Elaine Thomas were driving home together after having dinner for Stafford’s 36th birthday party. As they drove along, they noticed a large “bright red object” in the sky, which seemed to be descending to a point ahead of them. They at first had the impression that it was an airplane on fire, but then the object, estimated as being as big as two houses, came to hover over the road in front of them before moving off into the night. The witnesses kept on driving, and then a blue light appeared behind them, which quickly approached to tail them closely as “a haze like air, sort of a fog” filled the vehicle. The car then lost control, the driver no longer able to guide it, the systems malfunctioning and the vehicle seeming to drive itself, and all three women felt a burning sensation in their eyes. As they tried to figure out what was going on they suddenly found themselves many miles up the road with a sense of missing time, an hour and twenty minutes to be exact.

The three witnesses would make it back home, after which they noticed that there was a sort of burn mark around their necks, as well as watches that seemed to be spinning rapidly of their own accord. In the coming days they would have problems with red, irritated eyes, in particular Stafford, who seemed to have it the worst of all. They also all seemed to have an insatiable thirst and experienced inexplicable weight loss, as well as unexplained scars on their bodies, and it was clear that this wasn’t normal. Smith’s parakeet also promptly mysteriously died upon seeing her for reasons unknown. They contacted ufologist Jerry Black, who came to investigate, and extensive hypnotic regression of the women would performed by UFO researcher R. Leo Sprinkle. 

Under hypnosis, Stafford would relate how they had been greeted on the road by some strange entities with oversized heads and eyes after seeing that burning red light. All three of them had then been taken onto some type of craft and put through a series of physical examinations, which ran the range from the mundane to the tortuous, often bound and put into humiliating positions. They had noose-like devices put around their necks and were often confined into chair-like machines, with various probes examining them and some sort of fluid being applied to them. Their examiners were shadowy figures whose forms never seemed to coalesce into something they could readily describe, although the creatures were about 4 feet high, and all of them recalled a “bright purple eye that radiated lightning-like rays.” After this they could remember nothing, and we are left to wonder what happened to these women out there along that lonely road. 

From 1977 we have the case of a Lee Parish, of Prospect, Kentucky, who in January of that year was out with his friend, Kathy Johnson, when they saw a strange object hovering over the road ahead, which was the same color as the setting sun and was almost blinding in its brightness. Shortly after seeing this object the car radio failed, and he kept on driving until he was practically beneath it. It then sped off silently, and then he realized that he had several hours of missing time that he could not account for. He would undergo hypnotic regression and remember being nearly blinded by the object ahead of him. He says that he felt “something in his eyes,” after which he had woken within a white room about 20 feet in diameter, with a ceiling about 20 feet high, and which had walls that were lit up from within. In front of him were three objects that he “felt or sensed were sentient beings, although they were definitely not human: a “black one,” a “red one,” and a “white one.” The black one apparently was described as:

It stood as high as the ceiling and was roughly the shape of an army silhouette target, jug-shaped, with a relatively small “head.” It had a flat bottom and one “arm,” a handless, one-jointed appendage. The arm was rough-skinned the rest of the entity rough in patches, smooth in patches. The head was featureless. It moved slowly to Lee and touched him on the left side and back, hurting him quite a bit and terrifying him. The sensation of the black one touching him was somehow cold and burning at the same time, and he felt as though he were vibrating.

The red one was rectangular in shape, and had one probe-like arm, but it was this one that seemed to be afraid, almost unwilling to touch Lee. All through this, the entire ship seemed to be cold and “rocking like a boat on water.” The white one was described as 6 feet tall, solid and blocky and sitting in the middle of the room, glowing and with no discernible features. The red one touched Lee and then backed off, going behind the white one, and then the white one made a sound like “a person brushing their teeth.” The black one then backed up and Lee was feeling very cold at this moment. The overall impression was that these entities were machines of some sort, and they telepathically informed him that they were checking his chemical makeup and checking his physical status. He was then somehow transported back into his vehicle, and it started back up again. It is unclear what these otherworldly entities wanted or what they did that he does not remember. 

More recently we have a case from the site Phantoms and Monsters, concerning a family of three in Vihti, Finland, who had quite the surreal encounter, indeed. The witness was watching TV one evening with his wife and daughter in 2018 when his computer turned off and everything in the house became eerily silent. When the man went to the window, he saw a black, car-sized object with red and blue lights flickering along it, and then “black, man-sized things” with blurry faces came into the house. The witness moved to protect his family, but the beings apparently used a “magnetic beam” to paralyze him and render him unable to move. They then put a “metallic cage-lie apparatus” around his head and then they beat the family dogs to within an inch of its life. He then lost consciousness, and when he awoke he was being led along by the blurry faced entities and being commanded to masturbate, which he was unable to do. The man tried to tell his wife and daughter to run, but was unable to shout out. He was told repeatedly to masturbate, and when he could not a device was placed into his anus and he passed out. The man woke again, upon which he realized that the creatures now looked human and proceeded to beat him relentlessly, breaking his nose and stabbing him in the leg with some sort of device. The aliens then told him that they had taken his sperm by force and that it would be taken for laboratory tests. They then used a “stone-like” object to repair the damage to the house and left him there in a state of terror. He says of what happened:

We were watching TV. TV and computer go black but lights stayed on. Outside and inside went totally silent. I went to kitchen window to look, there was a black car-sized totally black object that was flashing red to blue lights. Suddenly my wife was at front door with two black man-sized things. They had black overalls and faces were blurry. I yelled to them to leave and to my wife to run upstairs to get our daughter to safety, but she didn't move. Black man-like abductors came inside to our entry room and I tried to run but they launched some magnetic beam and my legs stopped moving totally and I fell down. They came besides me and put some metal cage around my head and it started to flash white brite light an then I had huge pain in my head. They beat our dogs and didn't heal them, they controlled my wife, she was dull, even as I was crying in pain she said to shut up as I had no reason to cry. Her eyes had black/red rings around and she moved strangely. 

After I woke they made me walk upstairs to my bed. The one with me commanded me to masturbate, but I couldn't. He walked me to my daughter's room. There was the other abductor standing and my wife and daughter naked at bed. Both lying in bridge-like posture and their eyes were round and had black-read rings and talked dull to me. I cried to them to run away but my wife talked again like I was crazy and to do what I was told to. I cried I can't masturbate, so they took me back to our own bedroom and they stuffed some apparatus to my anus. I passed out again. When I woke they had human-like faces and started to beat me. They stuffed a knife to my right leg and my nose was broken. Then other alien took me to toilet and I saw from mirror my poor reflection as I was naked and bleeding all over. They said they need/took my sperm and they would cultivate/replicate my offspring for lab-test objects. I felt terrified. After that they used some stone-like object and fixed all the damages. It took couple of months to remember this all. My family doesn't remember anything about this.”

What in the world was going on here? What was going on in any of these cases? The alien abduction phenomenon can certainly go down some rabbit holes, and it is sometimes really hard to figure out what we are dealing with here. Are these actual encounters with entities from outer space? Are they perhaps interdimensional in nature, or is it something else? Whatever the case may be, the area of alien abductions never gets any less odd, and such cases serve to remind us that there is perhaps more to the UFO phenomena than anyone can guess.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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