Sep 17, 2022 I Brent Swancer

Bizarre Encounters with Shapeshifting Reptilian Humanoids

A very weird and dark corner of the world of conspiracy theories revolves around the idea that there are reptilian humanoids amongst us. Largely powered by the work of conspiracy theorist David Icke, the idea is that there are shapeshifting lizard men who can take human form and are actively trying to infiltrate and subvert human society to their own demented ends. As absurd as it sounds, many high profile celebrities and politicians have been called out by these conspiraticsts as being alien shapeshifting lizard men, but it does not stop there. Sometimes there are those reports that have come in from normal people living normal lives, who have also claimed to have come across these shape chaning denizens of the surreal. Here is where we get into some cases of shapeshifting lizard people that are every bit as bizarre as they are unsettling and even downright frightening. 

One very weird case was covered in the book Strange Intruders, by David Weatherly, and supposedly happened in the 2000s. It concerns a witness only known as “John,” described as a retired computer engineer living a normal life in a peaceful suburb outside of Dayton, Ohio. The suburb was apparently full of working class people in modest, mostly unremarkable homes, one of those cookie-cutter housing developments where everyone has a very similar house and yard to the point where it is hard to differentiate them. Not much ever happened there, people mostly just went through their content, mostly boring lives, so there was nothing that could have prepared John for the strangeness that was about to engulf his life. 

Five doors down from John’s house was a home that had been unoccupied for some time, although no one was quite sure why. The rumor was that the previous owners had totaled the interior of the place after being foreclosed on, ripping up the floors and walls and smashing up furniture. This was why despite the remarkably low asking price no one was willing to move in, because although it looked normal on the outside it was supposed to be a disaster area within. The house had stood there empty amongst the suburbia around it for as long as John had lived there, and then one day a family of five just suddenly moved in. There had been no construction work or renovation work done as far as anyone could see, they were just suddenly moving in one day so it was assumed they were going to fix it up themselves. 

Having this family move in out of nowhere like that into a house that no one had wanted fired up the rumor mill, and since the family seemed to keep to themselves there were some odd tales popping up. One of these was related to John by his neighbor, known for being an unrelenting and unrepentant gossip hound. The neighbor told him that he had gone to the new family to offer a business card for his plumbing business and had been met at the door by a dour looking man who stood in such a way that he could not get a good look into the house. He nevertheless was able to get a slight peek and was surprised that there was no furniture to be seen, just some dirty mattresses on the floor. The owner of the house had had a decidedly creepy demeanor, merely staring at the card in the neighbor’s hand as if it were a giant spider before saying that they did not need any plumbing work done and closing the door.

The family was often seen riding around in their rather worn-out, beaten up decrepit car that was barely roadworthy, and it was said that the vehicle was filled to the brim with trash, and their clothes were also raggedy and threadbare, sparking rumors that they were down on their luck and speculation as to how they could even afford that house. The family was barely ever seen, and when they were greeted by people in the neighborhood they did not respond. John had his own strange run-in with the father of the family at the supermarket, where he saw him walking the aisles with a cart piled high with nothing but meat. John, trying to be neighborly, humorously remarked that the man must be having a barbecue, after which the man turned to him and actually hissed, making a sound “like the air being forced out of his teeth” before storming off to the checkout counter. 

Other miscellaneous weirdness followed the new family on the street as well. One neighbor claimed that the mother of the family had been seen chasing a cat in her yard, while another told of having seen the woman’s hair come off like a wig, revealing a head “bald and scaled like a snake's” briefly before she was able to quickly replace the wig. Indeed, John’s own neighbor and his wife had become absolutely obsessed with the new neighbors, with the wife going on about how she believed they were reptilian creatures in disguise. At first John thought this was absurd, until one day when he was out walking his dog and came across the man, seemingly catching him by surprise as he tried to quickly go from his trash-filled car to his house. Not only did John’s dog go berserk, but he also noticed that the man seemed to be wearing a toupee, and that there was skin beneath it “almost resembling scales.” 

John became fairly obsessed with the family himself, watching their house at all hours and researching about shape shifting reptilians on the Internet, which mostly took him to kooky conspiracy sites but he knew what he had seen. In the meantime, a neighborhood boy went to the residence to ask them if they needed their grass cut, and although the father refused, the boy was able to see that the whole family was sitting at a table eating raw meat, and that their skin looked scaly, and he also noticed that the man’s irises briefly became slits like those of a snake before reverting to normal. The boy quickly made his way home. 

The eccentric family supposedly lived in the house for a year and a half before suddenly piling into their filthy banged up car and driving off without warning, never to be seen again. When the house was examined, it was allegedly found to be a total wreck, with garbage strewn about, fecal matter on the floor, discarded rotting meat scattered about drawing flies, and old mattresses with unidentifiable stains on them. It was allegedly completely disgusting, gag-inducing stuff, John would say of the family and their departure:

The neighborhood was not the same while those people lived there - everyone seemed uneasy and a lot of people had seen things that they couldn't explain. If they were human, they certainly weren't normal people. I still have a hard time bringing myself to accept that they were 'reptiles' but I can't deny how weird it all was. I’m just glad they went away. whatever they were

Just as bizarre is another case from Lon Strickler’s book Phantoms & Monsters: Mysterious Encounters. It supposedly occurred at an unspecified college in Oregon, which a witness by the name of “Mason” was attending. He apparently had been having a tough time with a classmate who was described as “duplicitous and manipulative” and a “hostile individual,” and who Mason routinely avoided as much as possible. Mason finally stood up to this unpleasant classmate one day, calling him a “cold-blooded bastard.” The classmate then apparently flew into a rage and promised that Mason would pay for what he had said. From here he would learn that “cold-blooded” was more on the nose than he could have ever possibly imagined. 

After the encounter with the classmate, Mason began experiencing a series of unexplainable incidents. One day when he was studying in his dorm room he noticed a “nebulous shadowy figure” materialize in the corner, after which it then evaporated to leave him sitting there wondering what he had just seen. He would after this sometimes notice this figure lurking about, but although this was definitely strange, things would soon graduate to the terrifyingly bizarre. One night he says he was in bed and woke at around 2 a.m. to find clawed, scaly hands wrapped around his throat and a “grotesque reptilian creature” looming over him, and as it tightened its cold grip it “screeched and wailed.” Mason claims he fought back, bucking and kicking and trying to pry those horrible taloned hands off of him. He was finally able to push the monster off of him and that was when he noticed that it was the classmate he had confronted, only he was now part reptilian. The creature supposedly then attacked him again, but Mason was able to get a pocket knife from his desk and slash it across the chest and arm, which caused it to shriek in pain and “vanish like a ghost.” 

The next morning, a sleepless Mason was walking through the campus when he saw the classmate and noticed that he had a bandage on his arm exactly where he had cut the lizard creature, although of the chest he could not see. This classmate then approached him and warned that things were not over between them before storming off. Fearing for his safety and possibly his life, he then went to the school administrator and filed a complaint, but they told him that it was best that he just avoid that individual, causing Mason to realize that they likely knew what he was and were afraid of him. He would experience night after night of waking up in a cold sweat and seeing a dark, fleeting figure in his room, and it got so terrifying that he ended up moving off campus. Even then, he would often see that classmate following him or staring balefully at him. Strickler concludes the case by saying:

He knows that he wasn't the only person to be affected in such a way by this evil person, but it was also pretty clear that nobody was brave enough to talk about it. Two students later suddenly died in the same dorm quarters in which Mason had been attacked - and no proper information was released about these deaths other than that they were apparently 'because of medical reasons'. Mason ends his account by warning the readers that these shapeshifters are a 'scourge' that will continue to hector humanity. He has apparently since learnt of some better ways in which to protect against the entities, and advises everyone reading his account to stay safe.

What was going on here? From Strickler’s website Phantoms and Monsters there is another really weird report, this one from an unnamed Californian woman who claims that she was actually dating a reptilian shapeshifting humanoid. She says that she began dating this individual in 2014 and that he quickly made it apparent that he was in fact an alien reptilian, frightening her so much that she refers to him as an “it” rather than a “he.” She says he would grow in size and reach a height of 8 feet tall in his true reptilian form, and she says of “it’s" bizarre shapeshifting incidents:

The physical characteristics of this person, true hazel eyes, reddish brownish hair, extra slim with rib cages showing, abnormally large tongue, scars and birthmarks on random places of the body. More specifically a birthmark that appears to be a scar from some type of alien needle or injection device. 3 triangular dots with a brown circle around it. Sometimes while shapeshifting, slits would appear in his eyes. Each shapeshift would only last approximately 1-5 seconds and immediately I'd rub my eyes and look away thinking that I'm autistic or something but I'm truly not. That was just his way of tormenting me.

Apparently he would just randomly do this, and although she was scared she stayed with him for some reason she never really explains. In addition to her boyfriend’s shapeshifting, she claims she had other strange experiences while dating him as well, of which she says:

Besides him randomly shapeshifting other weird things happened. As I was laying on his bed in his room all of a sudden the entire room transformed into a space craft and I witnessed him pilot it. I fell asleep shortly after and woke up in a panic. I should also note that when I first started dating him he firmly denied believing in UFOs and said the typical responses that "normal" or perhaps uneducated person would say. Deny, deny, deny. Then towards the end of the relationship his views completely changed when I brought the subject up. As if he had forgotten what he had told me months prior. Very weird and strange things have happened to me including bizarre dreams of medical experimentation, aliens breaking into my room, and interacting with hybrid alien offspring.

The woman claims she finally broke up with him when he began trying to persuade the religious woman that God did not exist and that humans do not have souls. The final straw was when they were in bed one night and she went to answer a knock at the door and found herself to be paralyzed by some power he had. She then started wondering if he was not an alien, but rather a demon, and if the two are the same thing. She ends her account by saying that she believes he was taking advantage of her for her “reproductive cells,” which she thinks he took while she was sleeping for “cloning or God knows what.” This case is surreal and bizarre to the point that it is absurd, yet she seems to really believe it. Surely she must be delusional, but is she really? Who knows?

Finally, we have a strange little account from Redditor “Threewolves369,” who claims that he used to be a truck driver who has seen a lot of weird things on the road but nothing quite as weird as an experience he had on the east side of Houston, Texas, where at the time he was with his brother waiting for a load out. One day they were in a McDonald’s having a meal when they noticed an odd man sitting nearby, hunched over his burger and eating real slow, and he would turn out to be odder than they would have ever expected. The witness says of what happened:

There was this man sitting at another booth across from us. He was eating his burger really slow. He was wearing a black suit, white shirt and sunglasses. He was watching a fly buzz around his booth. I promise you that I seen through the corner of my eye, a long thin tongue shoot out and snag the fly right out of the air, and into his mouth. Without talking another bite of his burger he started chewing faster than ever. He had a huge smile on his face. He got up and left right after that. He threw his fries way without eating any, the burger with only a few bites taken out and his entire drink in the trash. He had that huge satisfied smile all the way to his car. I still talk with my brother about that from time to time. If my brother wasn't there he would have definitely thought I was crazy.

Such reptilian reports are interesting in that they are not targeting well-known people, but giving us a glimpse of this phenomenon at a normal, mundane level, as it pertains to the everyday nobody. Does this make it all any more plausible? No, not really. But it definately adds a strange new spin to the overall conspiracy that shapeshifting reptilians are amongst us. It is most likely all science fiction nonsense, but these people really seem to believe this stuff and what they have seen. Whether there is anything to it all of not I leave for you to decide. 

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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