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How Anti-Gravity Built the Pyramids: My New Book on Levitation in Ancient Times

Imagine, if you will, the following scenario before you: it’s several millennia ago, and deep in the heart of what is now called the Middle East. There are desert sands in every single direction. The temperature is soaring, and it’s only getting hotter. And the air is as dry as it could be. Suddenly, the sky above you begins to grow dark; ominously, to be sure. Huge shadows appear just about here, there and everywhere. Those same shadows slowly begin to envelope just about all and everyone in sight. They even blot out the light of the Sun, itself. You know only all too well from where those massive shadows are coming. The skies. You have seen this happen time and time again, but on each and every occasion you simply cannot fail to be completely awed – hypnotized almost, perhaps - by the incredible view that is above your head. You look up and you squint; it’s all you can do. In all directions, countless huge stones, many of them in excess of 1,000 tons in weight, are slowly moving along above the landscape. That’s right: above. Like an unstoppable army of determined, giant ants, devoted to their Queen, the armada of stones follow the paths of those who are controlling those giant-sized stones. You continue to stare as the stones finally reach their location. Then, bit by bit, and with shockingly, incredible preciseness, the stones are lowered one-by-one, all into place. Each massive block has been carefully molded into perfect shape and is now becoming part of a temple of absolute gigantic proportions. The process takes only a few days before things are repeated again and again.

(Nick Redfern) My new book: revealing the secrets of Anti-Gravity in ancient times.

Neither you, nor any other of your people, have any real, sure ideas as to who the movers of the stone are. And, all of the time, and while the work is going ahead, deep, humming sound penetrates your body, causing it to slightly vibrate. This is Acoustic Levitation. Here’s a perfect, concise description of Acoustic Levitation from Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman, who have, themselves, sought to solve the mystery of ancient Antigravity. The Jones-Flaxman team present the phenomenon as “two opposing sound frequencies with interfering sound waves, thus creating a resonant zone that allows the levitation to occur. Theoretically, to move a levitating object, simply change or alter the two sound waves and tweak accordingly.”

Now, let's have a deeper look at this mysterious ability to raise massive stones ito the skies. Ufologist Bruce Cathie said of the massive creations at Egypt: “The Arabs have an interesting legend that when the Pyramid was built, the great stones were brought long distances from the quarries. They were laid on pieces of papyrus inscribed with suitable symbols.” But, that was not all. There was a very strange aspect to all of this, as Cathie explained. He said of the huge, Egyptian stones that they were “struck by a rod, whereupon they would move through the air the distance of one bow shot…there is only one answer to the riddle of such construction methods: Antigravity. Only by this means could the large blocks be moved over great distances and placed so accurately.” 

There is another aspect to all this. It’s tied directly with the legendary Key of Solomon. A succinct explanation is required of this legendary tome: “The Key of Solomon the King: Clavicula Salomonis" is the classic grimoire, or book of magic, incorrectly attributed to the ancient King Solomon who reigned over Israel during the 9th century B.C. The work likely dates back to the 14th or 15th century Italian Renaissance and is a typical work of Renaissance magic. Detailed within this volume are many examples of ritualistic magic typical to the ancient world.”  In his 1961 book, A Treasury of Witchcraft, Harry E. Wedeck has a section on the phenomenon of Antigravity. Under the heading of “Levitation: Magic Flight,” there’s a very interesting quote that reads as follows from the Key of Solomon: “Take the oak rod, turn in the direction in which you want to fly, and write the name of your destination on the ground.” That sounds very similar to those earlier legends of rods and papyrus, does it not? Wedeck also highlighted a fascinating story from early times: “In the third century B.C. Prince Mahendra, Buddhist, accompanied by disciples, went on a mission to Ceylon. He accomplished the journey by levitation. Rising into the air and alighting in Ceylon on the Missa Mountain, where Buddhist temples were later established.” Wedeck made it clear in his classic book that he was sure that levitation was not just a myth. It was the genuine, priceless item.

(Nick Redfern) Hanging out at mysterious Stonehenge.

Charles E. Sellier – an author and the creator of a number of television miniseries and documentaries, including 1976’s  In Search of Noah’s Ark - said something highly valid about Easter Island: “…Many of these Moai were carefully fitted with red granite ‘topknots’ or head coverings that are separately carved from an entirely different kind of rock and appear to have been put in place after the statue was erected – an unbelievable achievement when you consider these topknots weight from five to eleven tons by themselves. The fact is that what the ancient Easter Islanders did would be difficult to accomplish even with modern power equipment.” 

Inhabited as early as 9000 BCE, Baalbek grew into an important pilgrimage site in the ancient world for the worship of the sky-god Baal and his consort Astarte, the Queen of Heaven in Phoenician religion (the name 'Baalbek' means Lord Baal of the Beqaa Valley). The center of the city was a grand temple dedicated to Astarte and Baal and the ruins of this early temple remain today beneath the later Roman Temple of Jupiter Baal. Baalbek is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.” Baalbek just happens to be home to an ancient quarry housing the so-called “Stone of the Pregnant Woman.” It’s a totally massive stone block that weighs in at an incredible 1,000.12 tons. A second, huge block – exceeding the weight of the more famous “Stone of the Pregnant Woman” by roughly 240 tons – was found in the 1990s. Then, in 2014, a third huge, awesome stone was found. Its weight is estimated to be no less than 1,650 tons – making it the largest and the heaviest stone ever fashioned in recorded human history. No wonder people flock to it. No wonder people come back shocked and awed. And, no doubt, with questions about how such blocks could have been created. 

The late Zechariah Sitchin, who was a devotee of the theory that our world was visited by extraterrestrials thousands of years ago, said of Baalbek: “The enigmas surrounding the site and the colossal stone blocks do not include one puzzle - where were those stone blocks quarried; because at a stone quarry about two miles away from the site, one of those 1,100-ton blocks is still there – its quarrying unfinished…The quarry is in a valley, a couple of miles from the site of the ‘ruins.’ This means that in antiquity, someone had the capability and technology needed for quarrying, cutting and shaping colossal stone blocks in the quarry – then lifting the stone blocks up and carrying them to the construction site, and there not just let go and drop the stone block, but place them precisely in the designated course.” 

Bringing up the matter of near-magical, large stones in the heart of the United Kingdom, is almost bound to provoke images in the minds of so many people of legendary Stonehenge. But, hang on just a moment. The amazing construction is far from being alone in the U.K. Indeed, there are way more than just a few such creations dotted all across the countryside. As you will soon see, in so many of the cases under the microscope, there’s a fascinating theme that is ever-present in the country. Namely, it’s that of ancient, large stones that, centuries ago…moved. Here, there and everywhere. That sounds bizarre, I know. And, seemingly, according to the old tales and legends, they did so…of their very own volition. And let their weights and their sizes be damned. We’ll begin with the most appropriately-titled “Dancing Stones” of Stackpole, Pembrokeshire, Wales. They are a legendary trio of stones that are spread roughly a mile from each other – and that, very eerily, are apparently incapable of standing still. Or, in the old tales, that is how things were for many centuries.

(Nick Redfern) At the stones of Avebury, England.

As the ancient legend goes, once a year the three stones meet up at on the old, Welsh hills and fields. Slowly, and by nothing but an atmospheric, bright moonlight, they eerily begin to move. Slowly, but by bit. Then, that movement begins to become more and more animated. And, finally, the three then start to engage in what can only be described as a full-blown dance – and right up until dawn breaks and weirdness is gone. What is particularly intriguing about this story is that, as it’s revealed, the stones would dance to the sound of music. In this tale, the noise is provided – in the form of a flute – by none other than the Devil himself. So, yet again, we have an ancient story – circulated over the decades, and certainly changed over time - of stones that were magically moved by the mysterious medium of sound. And, there’s the presence of a non-human entity: in this particular case, it is said to be in the form of the Devil. Perhaps, though, it was really one of those enigmatic, but amazing, Levitators of old. Ponder on that.

Janet and Colin Bord - both of them authors and experts on the ancient history of the United Kingdom - have made careful studies of these legends of walking stones that can be found across much of the United Kingdom. The husband and wife team say, for example, something very strange that’s tied to stones that are known to move: “On Midsummer Eve, the stones of St. Lythans [situated in southeast Wales] chambered cairn bear St. Nicholas (South Glamorgan) whirl around three times and curtsey. The stones of the Grey Wethers stone circle on Sittaford Tor, Dartmoor (Devon), go for a short walk at sunrise, while the Longstone, above Chagford (Devon), turns round slowly at sunrise in order to warm each side in turn.” Another fascinating story from the Bord’s voluminous archives goes as follows: “The Wergin Stone, Sutton, near Hereford was moved 240 paces from its former position some time in 1652, no-one knew how, and it needed nine yoke of oxen to take it back.” 

As we’ve seen, levitation and Antigravity have played significant roles in the creation of – and the movement of – absolutely massive stones that can be seen all across the world. Certainly, one of the most important things about the story you have just read is that it’s not localized. And, it never has been. A careful study of the history of the phenomenon of acoustic levitation shows that it’s a global mystery; a mystery that can be pierced – if, that is, we know exactly where to look. It’s important to note that stories of stones – floating, or perhaps, even flying - through the skies, can be found all across the planet. Those stories are attributed to mysterious people who, so far as we know, had no connections to each other – and yet, based on all of that incredible architecture, connections are exactly what there seemed to have been. The most fascinating, and baffling, aspect of all this is that while stories of stones careering through the skies abound, we lack the one, key thing that would nail all of the stories to the wall: technology. And that's just the start of the incredibly weird phenomenon of anti-gravity, levitation, and the raising of massive stones in times no more. And, you'll find much more in my just-published book, How Antigravity Built the Pyramids.

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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