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Nostradamus Has Bad News for King Charles III

Now that Queen Elizabeth II has moved to her royal palace in the afterlife, we can finally look forward to no more predictions of her death. For years the psychics were wrong – it has only been in the last few, as the queen entered her 90s, lost her husband Prince Philip, suffered some health setbacks and showed signs of slowing down that the prognosticators could feel confident that predicting a 2022 demise would be an accurate one … with some psychics bragging about their fairly recent (lucky?) forecasts that picked the exact date. One who has had a lot to say about British royalty for centuries is Michel de Nostredame – Nostradamus – whose 1555 book “Les Prophéties” of 942 poetic quatrains contains more than 6,000 collected prophecies that somehow are able to be translated and interpreted into predictions of thousands of events since then – usually after the fact. Needless to say, Nostradamus had a few predictions himself concerning Queen Elizabeth II and Great Britain during her reign. A new interpretation that has been quickly updated after her death confirms many of them and, as expected, now has a few about the new King Charles III. If he’s a believer, the new king may want to pay attention to what the old psychic has to say about his upcoming time on the throne.

This sounds interesting!

"The sudden death of the first character, he will be changed and they will put another in his kingdom."

To start 2022, the annual list of predictions by Nostradamus for the upcoming year included a prediction of the “sudden death” of someone who would be followed by a male. That was interpreted by many to be a forecast of the death of Elizabeth II and the move into her seat by her son, Charles. It would be correct … except at 96 and having had a series of illnesses, her death wasn’t exactly sudden. Some interpretations have this person being North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un or US President Joe Biden, so both of them need to still be on their toes.

“Great powers (will change and a) Kingdom growing no more”.

Those words in Century 8 Quatrain 97 of “Les Prophéties” have often been interpreted to refer to the demise of the British monarchy, especially with the word “Kingdom,” but they are vague enough that they could apply to many other “great powers.” That is why many followers of the predictions of Nostradamus use British author and Nostradamus scholar Mario Reading’s book, “Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the Future,” for their own correlations of current events to Nostradamus’ quatrains. Reading makes it easier because he claimed in 2005 to have figured out the psychic’s quatrain numbering system and how to index them to the dates the relate to.

“The preamble is that Queen Elizabeth II will die, circa 2022, at the age of around ninety-six, five years short of her mother’s term of life.”

For example, Reading says that the preamble to quatrain 10/22 correctly predicted the death of the queen in 2022; it is correct that Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother lived to 101, passing in 2002. However, the next phrases in the quatrain are the ones Reading believes spelled problems for her son, the new King Charles III.

“Because they disapproved of his divorce, A man who later they considered unworthy; The People will force out the King of the islands.”

The “King of the Islands” can easily be interpreted to mean Charles III, who takes the throne at a time when the British Empire is a shadow of what it once was, and his only real sphere of influence is the British Isles. Then there is his divorce from Diana, Princess of Wales, which was (and still is) disproved by many of the British … even more so when she died in a tragic car crash in 1997. Those events, plus a long dislike for Charles, especially in comparison to his beloved mother, by the British led many to deem him “unworthy” to succeed her – once Prince William matured, and especially after he married Kate Middleton, many said they would support the queen skipping over Charles and appointing William king. That obviously did not happen – Charles is now officially King Charles III, and William is the Prince of Wales and first in line to succeed his father.

Mario Reading interprets the “force out” to mean that the British citizens will continue to dislike the 74-year-old Charles, who is “weary at the persistent attacks on both himself and second wife.” That feeling of exhaustion due to his age, public pressure and lack of a real kingdom to reign over will force Charles III to abdicate the throne, according to Reading. That would make William the next king – however, the next line of the quatrain casts doubts on that ever happening:

“A Man will replace who never expected to be king.”

According to the Daily Star, a second revision of Reading’s book shows he interprets this to mean that Prince William, at the time of the abdication, would be unwilling or unable or perhaps even unavailable to take over as king. Too busy raising his kids? That seems unlikely and Reading doesn’t speculate on the cause. What he does ponder is whether the one “who never expected to be king” is Prince Harry, now sixth in line to the throne. However, William’s son Prince George is only nine – far too young to take over the heavy lifting required of the King of England. That might be the reason King Charles III would skip over George and his young siblings, the next two in line, and choose Harry to be king – possible King Henry IX.

Will it happen? Will it hold?

If you are a true follower of the Royal Family and royal gossip, you know that there is one more possibility -- Simon Dorante-Day. For years, this 56-year-old Australian has claimed he is the secret love child of Charle and Camilla. Since he was born 16 years before William, that would make him next in line – if his claim is true. Dorante-Day has filed a DNA paternity case that he believes will prove his bloodline. The chances of that happening are slim … but Dorante-Day is aware of the prediction of Nostradamus and thinks the psychic is referring to him.

“I believe I am the son of Charles and Camilla and I’m looking forward to my day in court to prove this. Maybe Nostradamus has the same understanding that I do, that all this will come out one day.”

While we’re waiting, maybe someone should check on what Baba Vanga had to say.

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