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The Mysteries of Our Moon: "Something" Could Be On There or Under the Surface...

I figured that having just published an article on the mysteries of the planet Mars, I would now write one that focuses on our Moon. And, there are more than a few mysteries out there, to be sure! Our strange Moon story goes back to the 1970s, but it is still a fascinating story. According to the family of a Raymond Wallis, he was someone who, way back in 1975, took on the alias of a “Mr. Axelrod,” when a team of remote-viewers at Area 51 were focusing their attention not on the Russians or even the Chinese, but on the Moon itself. Something strange had caught the attention of those working on the program. Answers needed to be found. Reportedly, and incredibly, several of the remote-viewers had significant success in psychically uncovering evidence that there were several underground, alien bases on the Moon. So the story goes, the team hit a brick-wall because, in a rather sinister fashion, the aliens somehow knew when they were being watched. So, the team decided to do something that they rarely ever did. They decided to go outside of the box – or in their case a secure series of rooms at Area 51’s S-4 – and approach one of the leading figures in the field of remote-viewing, a man named Ingo Swann. Before we get directly to  Swann, let's have a look at the phenomenon of Remote-Viewing.

(NASA) The surface of the Moon

Extra-sensory perception (ESP), clairvoyance, precognition, and astral-projection have all been utilized by the CIA, the KGB, and British Intelligence on more than a few occasions. As astonishing as it may sound, the world of psychic 007’s is all too real. It’s a subject that has been researched, with varying degrees of success, for decades. Remote Viewing is also a phenomenon that allows for travel into different realms of time. The earliest indication of serious interest on the part of the U.S. Government in the field of psychic phenomena can be found in a formerly classified CIA document written in 1977 by Dr. Kenneth A. Kress - then an engineer with the CIA’s Office of Technical Services - and titled Parapsychology in Intelligence. According to Kress: “Anecdotal reports of extrasensory perception capabilities have reached U.S. national security agencies at least since World War II, when Hitler was said to rely on astrologers and seers. Suggestions for military applications of ESP continued to be received after World War II.

In 1952, the Department of Defense was lectured on the possible usefulness of extrasensory perception in psychological warfare. “In 1961, the CIA’s Office of Technical Services became interested in the claims of ESP. Technical project officers soon contacted Stephen I. Abrams, the Director of the Parapsychological Laboratory, Oxford University, England. Under the auspices of Project ULTRA, Abrams prepared a review article which claimed ESP was demonstrated but not understood or controllable.” Kress added with these words: “The report was read with interest but produced no further action for another decade.” Indeed, it was in the early part of the 1970s that the research really took off. In April 1972, Dr. Russell Targ, a laser physicist with a personal interest in parapsychology and the power of the human mind, met with CIA personnel from the Office of Strategic Intelligence, specifically to discuss paranormal phenomena. Now, let us get back to our main character in this story, Ingo Swann.

(Nick Redfern) A Moon-Area 51 connection?

A secret, Area 51-based group interested in the mysteries of the Moon? It sounds wild. The possibility that the Moon could be home to a race of extraterrestrials that live deep below its surface? It sounds incredible, right? It is, however, amazing fact: Swann himself publicly confirmed the sensational story, which probably did not please the team at Area 51. Swann, who died in 2013, was considered to be one of the U.S. Government’s leading Remote-Viewers, those near-unique individuals whose psychic powers and extra-sensory perception (ESP) were harnessed, from the 1970s onwards, to spy on the former Soviet Union. Swann proved to be a highly-skilled remote-viewer, one whose talents were employed on a number of espionage-themed operations focusing on overseas targets that might have proven hostile to the United States. As a result, Swann came into contact with a variety of shadowy figures within the realm of government secrecy, and the world of intelligence-gathering, including a truly Machiavellian character known, very mysteriously, only by the name of Mr. Axelrod – seemingly a leading figure in this hidden, mysterious group.

It was in February 1975 that Swann was contacted out of the blue by what he personally described as a certain highly-placed figure in Washington, D.C., who guardedly advised Swann that he, Swann, would soon be receiving a telephone call from the aforementioned Mr. Axelrod. Swann’s source quietly advised him that while he could not offer much at that time by way of a meaningful explanation, Swann should be keenly aware that the call would concern a matter of great urgency and importance. A somewhat concerned Swann waited…and waited…and waited. You get the picture. Finally, roughly around four weeks later, a call arrived, and Swann was asked to make a cloak-and-dagger rendezvous, only mere hours later, at the National Museum of Natural History within the Smithsonian. Despite the somewhat fraught, last-minute nature of the conversation, Swann unhesitatingly agreed, and quickly – albeit with a degree of concern and trepidation – made his careful way to the meeting-place, where he was greeted by a man who Swann said "looked like a Marine." Although all the basic formalities were exchanged, Swann was hardly clear on what was afoot: he was driven by car to a second location, where nothing less than a helicopter was waiting to take him to a destination unknown. Such was the security and secrecy surrounding the journey Swann was blindfolded for the approximately thirty-minute flight. In other words, the experience was rapidly becoming one of near-007-like proportions.

On landing, Swann was then taken to an elevator that descended for an incredibly significant period of time – perhaps into the bowels of some secret, underground installation, Swann thought, and probably with a high degree of logical justification. With the blindfold finally removed, Swann gathered his bearings, and was then introduced to the enigmatic Mr. Axelrod (in reality, Raymond Wallis), who admitted this was not his real name, but suggested to Swann it was an identity that served the particular purposes of the meeting. Axelrod wasted no time, at all, and got straight to the absolute point, asking Swann a great deal of curious questions about the nature of remote-viewing. Axelrod also made it clear that he wished to make use of Swann’s skills – on what was clearly a secret operation – for a significant sum of money. It truly was one of those offers that one cannot refuse. And Swann, most assuredly, did not refuse it.  Axelrod asked Swann, pointedly, what he knew about our Moon. Now, finally, the purpose of the strange meeting was becoming much clearer. Someone within officialdom was secretly looking to have the Moon remote-viewed – which is precisely what Swann went ahead and did.

By Swann’s own admission, he was utterly floored by what he found: during an initial targeting, his mind focused in on sensational imagery of what looked to be a huge tower, similar in size to the Secretariat Building at the United Nations, but one that soared upwards from the Moon’s surface. This was no human-made structure, Swann was told: it was the work of nothing less than mysterious extraterrestrials. In follow-up remote-viewing sessions, Swann was able to perceive on the surface of the Moon a wealth of domed structures, advanced machinery, additional tall towers, large cross-like structures, curious tubular constructions across the landscape, and even evidence of what looked like extensive mining operations. Someone, or something, had secretly constructed nothing less than a Moon-base.

 Intriguingly, Swann was also able to focus his mind on what appeared to be a group of people – that appeared very human – housed in some sort of enclosure on the Moon, that were busily burrowing into the side of a cliff. The only oddity: they were all utterly naked. Rather ominously, and very quickly, at that point Axelrod terminated the experiment, amid dark and disturbing allusions to the possibility that the Moon-based entities were possibly acutely aware they were being spied upon via the means of astral-travel. It was even implied that Swann’s very actions might now place him in grave danger, if the beings decided to turn the tables and pay him a visit of a deadly, cosmic kind – which, very fortunately for Swann, they did not. Notably, Axelrod also inquired of Swann if he knew of a man named George Leonard. Swann replied that, no, he was not familiar with the name. It transpired that during that very same time frame that the shadowy Axelrod was employing Swann to seek out the mysteries of the Moon, Leonard, an author, was hard at work, toiling on a manuscript titled Somebody Else is on the Moon. In 1977, Leonard’s manuscript appeared in book form, and, to a significant degree, focused its attention upon the very matter about which Axelrod was so deeply troubled: namely, unusual, intelligently-designed structures, or installations, on the Moon.

Before we go any further in this strange saga, let's have a look at the Moon itself. As NASA says: "The brightest and largest object in our night sky, the Moon makes Earth a more livable planet by moderating our home planet's wobble on its axis, leading to a relatively stable climate. It also causes tides, creating a rhythm that has guided humans for thousands of years. The Moon was likely formed after a Mars-sized body collided with Earth. Earth's Moon is the fifth largest of the 200+ moons orbiting planets in our solar system. Earth's only natural satellite is simply called 'the Moon' because people didn't know other moons existed until Galileo Galilei discovered four moons orbiting Jupiter in 1610." Now, let us get back to the key parts of the story.

 On one particular occasion Axelrod casually asked Swann if he had heard of a man named George Leonard. At the time, Swann had not heard of Leonard. He soon would, though. Axelrod told Swann, on a particular date in 1975 that Swann could not recall when he went public with the story, that Leonard was working on a book that was, said Axelrod, “of interest to us.” Not only that: the book would focus, in part, of some of the things that had concerned Axelrod and his team in 1975. The implication was that someone “on the inside” was secretly and constantly monitoring Leonard’s research and writing. Swann was amazed when, in 1976, he was provided – by Axelrod - with a then-newly-surfaced copy of Leonard’s book, Somebody Else is on the Moon, which was published by David McKay. Notably, the back-cover of the book details for the reader some of the highlights of the story: “Immense mechanical rigs, some over a mile;” “Strange geometric ground markings and symbols;” “constructions several times higher than anything built on Earth;” and “Somebody is doing something on our Moon – and doing it right now, on a stunningly massive scale!” To Swann, this sounded very much like what Axelrod knew back in 1975. And it most certainly mirrored what Swan had found for Axelrod.

The odd, near-Deep-Throat-like meetings between Swann and Axelrod / Wallis – on the nature of what was afoot on the Moon – continued until 1977, after which time they came to an abrupt end, with Swann, unsurprisingly, left scratching his head about the distinctly odd sequence of events. Had Swann really psychically accessed a fantastically-advanced base on the Moon that had been constructed by space-faring extraterrestrials? Or, does the fact that Swann recalled those working on the facility looked like everyday members of the Human Race – albeit naked ones! – mean that this was a secret installation of very terrestrial origins, one that Axelrod was trying to learn more about, due to being left out of a particular, highly classified governmental loop? Could there be sinister extraterrestrials below the surface of our Moon? Just maybe, there really could.

NOTE: The photo of the Moon used in this article was taken by employees of NASA. Because NASA is an arm of the U.S. Government, the picture is considered public domain.

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