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UFOs Follow Argentine Airliners and a Prominent Argentinian Has Alien Encounters

If one attempted to list the top paranormal hotspots in the Southern Hemisphere, at or near the top of the list would be Argentina. With its abundance of UFO sightings, alien encounters, cattle mutilations, werewolves, chupacabras and other strange cryptids, Argentina would probably be in the top ten of the world’s top paranormal hotspots. The La Pampa area has been in the news recently as a woman claimed to have been abducted and transported by a UFO, lost her memory of it, and claimed to have been impregnated by an alien. Now we have two separate UFO and alien encounter – two commercial airliners were chased by UFOs while a well-known Argentine celebrity reveals she has had an extraterrestrial encounter. Do ETs like to tango?

Anybody know if that is Buenos Aires down there?

“A few hours ago, my colleague and friend Federico Frick, one of the great police journalists in our country, confided in me a surprising scoop: a reserved source had alerted him to an event involving the crew of two planes that were flying through the sky our Patagonia last Friday. The two 737s came face to face with a mystery: for a few minutes, they saw unidentified flying objects (UFOs), appearing before them as if to greet them, in the immensity of the cold night and thousands of meters high.” (Google translation)

The exclusive source for the amazing UFO encounter reported by the crews of two commercial airlines on the night of Friday, September 9, 2022, is Marco Bustamante, reporting for La Opinion Austral (Spanish). Bustamante notes that he received the scoop from a reliable source, but he did his own extensive research, as we shall see. The planes were 737s flying over the town of Choele Choel in the province of Río Negro located at the northern edge of Patagonia in south-central Argentina. Bustamante first confirmed the sighting with a “Spotter” – a person whose hobby is tracking flights and listening to conversations between pilots and control towers. The spotter confirmed he had heard about the incident on September 9 between 11:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. and identified THREE planes that had reported the strange sighting – Flight ARG1932 (a Boeing 737-76N), Flight ARG 1928 (a Boeing 737-8SH) traveling to Bariloche, and Flight ARG 1679 (, a Boeing 737-887) flying in the opposite direction to Ezeiza.

“Did we see the Polanco UFO?”

"I was about to ask the same thing."

The spotter said he heard the pilots of two planes talk about two, possibly three UFOs, comparing them to another UFO incident they were both aware of in 1995. They put the position of the light or lights on the horizon, while "the moon is to the East, this is a little below the southern cross".  At the time, the planes were at 37,000 feet, flying at about 500 mph (800 kph). The pilots also noted that the three objects appeared and disappeared, and went up and down. What did they observe? As Bustamante notes, these were experienced airline pilots not prone to being deceived, and there were no Starlink satellites in the sky – they passed at 10:45.

What is attracting UFOs to Argentina? La Opinion Austral reports that Silvia Pérez Simondini saw a UFO eight years ago in Argentina over Caleta Olivia in the province of Santa Cruz and that prompted her to begin researching local sightings. Simondini believes that the San Jorge Gulf, shared by Comodoro Rivadavia and Caleta Olivia, harbors an extraterrestrial base. Another recent sighting in La Paz, Bolivia, consisted of a bright blinking light which witnesses believed was sending Morse code signals – local ufologists were said to be studying them to identify the code. Witnesses questioned said they were certain it was not a plane or a drone.

“I had several appearances with aliens. I was out walking my dog ​​and I met an alien. We communicate telepathically. He reappears in Nordelta, in a pandemic.” (Google translation)

That eyewitness account of one of her many extraterrestrial encounters and paranormal experiences comes from Argentine supermodel Elina Fernández Fantacci. She was born in Las Catita in Mendoza in 1990 and tells El Dia she began having paranormal visions at age five in Las Catita. Her first alien encounter appears to have been there when she was still young, but claims she has had lifelong telepathic conversations and a witnessed a few more “appearances” of the unnamed extraterrestrial. Elina says she moved to Buenos Aires to live in a convent – a strange choice since she says her goal since age four was to be a model. While she lived for a brief time in China and other countries, she moved to Puerto Madero 12 years ago and that is where her modeling career blossomed into supermodling.

“I told my husband that the aliens had parked the ship and he didn't believe it.”

Don't ETs have their own supermodels?

It doesn’t appear the aliens had anything to do Elina’s modeling career, and they probably didn’t help her attract her husband. He is Eduardo Costantini, an Argentine real estate developer and businessman and the founder and chairman of the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA). In April 2022, Constanti’s net worth was an estimated US$1.6 billion. The couple married in 2020 and live in the affluent (of course) community of Nordelta in Buenos Aires. If Eduardo has had any UFO or alien encounters, he seems to be keeping them to himself and, while it doesn’t sound like he believes that Elina has seen ETs and communicates with them telepathically, she says he supports whatever she does. Then again, when you are married to one of Argentia’s top models – the “First Lady of Malba” – that is probably a good idea.

So, we have at least two airline pilots and possibly their crews and passengers witnessing as many as three UFOs over Argentina, with verification by a police investigator and a person who listened in on their communications. We have a well-known Argentine celebrity claiming to have met ETs and regularly communicates telepathically with at least one of them. We have a UFO witness who claims aliens have a base in Argentina. Add that to the woman whose recent abduction story has still not been explained and the many other UFO encounters and paranormal experiences in this country, and we definitely have a case for Argentina sitting on top of the list of Southern Hemisphere paranormal and UFO hotspots.

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