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A Tale of Two Twins and Their Lifetime of Alien Abductions

Twins have always held a certain fascination within both science and the world of the paranormal. Throughout the ages there have been those who have experimented on and studied them, trying to find some elusive bond between them. There have been tales of twins with shared psychic powers, telepathic abilities between themselves, and many others. One area that has not been talked about so much is whether twins are both equally susceptible to alien abductions, and in at least one case it seems they are. Here we get into the bizarre world of a set of twins who have had a lifelong series of alien experiences that has changed their lives forever, and helped them to reach out to others in their predicament. 

Audrey and Debbie Hewins are identical twins from Oxford, Maine who claim to have had alien encounters from way back when they were just children growing up in Athens, Ohio. When they were just 4 years old they began seeing small little humanoid figures with oversized hairless heads, grey skin, and large black eyes they called “the bald men,” who would visit them regularly joined by a humming “like a swarm of bees” and a blinding blue light and glowing fog or mist, often terrifying them so much they refused to sleep in their own room. Memories of these early visitations are vague, but they claim that when they were around 11 or 12 when these entities would begin actually abducting them and performing “all kinds of experiments” on them. They claim that although they were scared at first, these entities were not malicious or evil, and that over the years they would take them aboard their spaceship many times and even rescue Deborah from drowning on one occasion. 

After every one of these abductions, in which they would always be taken together as a pair, they would return with fuzzy memories of what had happened to them and confusing bouts of missing time, but although they were scared as young children, they grew to accept that these aliens meant them no harm. These were benevolent aliens that promised to look after them, but they also started having encounters with another type of entity, different from the bald men, which they call “the bad ones,” and there was apparently more than one type of these. They have been reticent to talk about what exactly these negative entities did to them, but Deborah has admitted to being raped by a type of reptilian being, and has explained of all of this in an interview with UFO researcher Brent Raynes:

My experiences have had their positives but there has been the negative too. I’m one of the fortunate ones to have had both, the negative and the positive encounters. There’s so many different ET’s that it’s phenomenal. I’m amazed at how many different races there are. One of the most memorable negative encounters that I had was with a being that was like a grey but he wasn’t grey, he was more of a brownish, and he had a heart shaped head and giant almond eyes. That one, I thought, was going to kill me. Then there were the reptilian beings. A big reptilian was pretty much responsible for the raping and stuff. I was really getting taken by the bad ones for a while. I really don’t like talking about them. I was psychically possessed for about nine months of my life and then the benevolent ones started coming around and getting rid of the bad ones that were torturing and raping me and just making my life a complete hell. The good ones came and are now really transforming me. Thank God, knock on wood, I haven’t encountered them since I started working with the benevolent ones.

Over the years they would use hypnotherapy sessions to unlock their murky memories, and this proved to be a very bizarre experience for them. Deborah says of her first hypnosis session:

I went for a hypnotherapy session at an investigator’s house and was hypnotized, and it was me and my best friend Doreen, her friend, and Chris Pittman. The session went well, I remembered a lot of things, but the thing that was really the traumatizing part was that I was laying on the couch facing the back of the couch, and when I turned around, as they were waking me up, everybody started screaming. Apparently I turned color. I was gray when I turned around and everybody got really freaked out. They told me to go over to the mirror and so I went and looked in the mirror and when I got there I could see the gray fading away and then I was a normal color again. Well, I didn’t know what to do after that. I was the first who got hypnosis. It opens up a lot of things; I remember a lot. I panicked the first few years. I thought I was going insane. A lot of people thought I was going insane. My sister also had a hypnotherapy session with the same man. It brings up some issues that are very hard to deal with by ourselves. Audrey and I are lucky to have had each other our whole lives to fall back on. The memories we did recover were, ‘Uh, OK, we don’t want to do this again. Some memories are meant to be forgotten — the human mind is so fragile.

As their lost memories were brought back from the depths of their minds and they were able to understand more of what had happened to them for all of those years, these entities would start communicating with them in different ways, especially Deborah, who claims to be psychic and to have a psychic connection with them. One was through automatic writing, with the aliens writing out messages with her hand, the pen flying across the page of seemingly its own accord. Deborah has explained of this:

It’s been since December 10, 2008, when I started getting full blown telepathic kinds of contact, through automatic writng the first time. I sat down to do a report for college and it was like someone else was controlling my ink pen. The first message it gave me was “Eleven eleven is the number of the journey to oneness. Sleep.” I didn’t understand that and whoever was controlling my pen kept writing that. It was in the middle of the night. I didn’t pay attention to what time it was but I thought to myself do they want me to lie down, close my eyes and sleep, and the pen wrote yes. So I laid down on the couch, shut my eyes, and started to relax and later there was a flash, like someone had put a camera flash to my face. That startled me and I kind of glanced at my computer just to see what time it was and it was 11:11, turning to 11:12 right when I sat up. I started getting real freaked out with that, but I was very intrigued too. The next message I got from this being was, “Hi. My name is Sefferell and you will never be alone again.” I thought, you’ll never be alone again? Yeah, he wasn’t kidding. It’s been a constant telepathic bond that I have with these beings.

The aliens would also communicate through the radio, giving barely audible messages through the static and white noise, and most dramatically Deborah claims that she developed the ability to call on these entities, and that they were able to actually channel through people and even temporarily possess their bodies. She explains:

I’m also able to – I’ve done it a few times – when a skeptic is around they’ll want to see the alien presence and they’ll tell me to go outside and look up in the sky and they’ll turn on their headlights for you or they’ll fly right over. I’m able to call them. It’s amazing. Also they’ll channel through others. My guardian and teacher especially because he’s the one who is usually working with me, but they will channel through others and physically touch others. It’s a phenomenal experience to watch somebody go through this. It just really opens up your brain and you say, “Wow, I’m not crazy. It’s really happening.” I’ve seen people who wanted to communicate with Sefferell do it and I’ve seen one just psychically brought to his knees by the experience.

The two sisters decided to start a support group for other contactees, who they felt were alone and unable to typically share their bizarre experiences, and to destigmatize the experience of alien abduction and offer therapy. The Starborn Support group started as a simple hotline, but expanded to conferences and regular meetings, and now has 12 chapters on the East Coast, in Latin America and Columbia. They have faced many skeptics, critics, and disbelievers and received more than their fair share of ridicule, but they have remained resolute in their desire to help these people. She has said of the trauma alien abductees, or as she calls them “experiencers” face:

The PTSD is huge. Most of us have it. It’s a big issue and this stuff can really mess up your life. Especially when somebody goes to somebody to talk to them about their experiences and they start telling them what’s going on, or some voice comes out of their mouth in another language. They get labeled as insane or put on medications doing more harm than good because of misdiagnosis. It really can do a number on their psyche. So a lot of them clam up and start running away from it and they turn to destructive behaviors and it’s just a nightmare. They may self-medicate themselves using sex, drugs and alcohol. When you have people who are listening to you and can relate it’s huge in the healing process of this phenomenon.

Indeed, in recent years the abductee phenomenon has been looked at more and more as a real psychological issue, whether actual aliens are really involved or not, and the sisters have done a great deal to draw attention to it. There are even some scientists who have looked at thousands of cases and come to the conclusion that something definitely strange is going on that deserves further study. One of these is Robert Davis, a neuroscientist from North Port, Florida, who after a research project involving 2,300 alien abduction cases has seen the effects these experiences can have on the psyche, and thinks there is perhaps something more to it than just overactive imaginations and delusional ramblings. He has said:

Despite initial feelings of confusion and anxiety, many UFO ‘contact experiencers’ manage to reach a place of integration and healing. But for some it can be a difficult, long-term struggle. They often find that speaking of their experience can be traumatic to their psychological well-being and have devastating consequences. For many, it’s frightening to accept that this experience is valid. It’s unreasonable to think that they all would be lying or reporting dreams and fantasies. These events are consistently reported and should be taken seriously by everyone, in spite of their uniqueness.

There of course has been a lot of skepticism and criticism aimed at these two sisters. For many it is all a bit much to take in, even within the realm of ufology, and they have been called hoaxers, scam artists, and delusional whackos. Yet they have always stood by their story and have made sincere efforts to help others going through the trauma of what they at least believe to be alien abduction experiences. Is there anything to their wild and outlandish stories? Is there anything to the whole alien abductee phenomenon as a whole? It at least seems that many of these people truly believe in some sense that this has happened to them, so real or not, whether these two twin sisters have really had these experiences or not, and whether these people are mentally ill or not, it seems as if at least through such organizations they can find some peace with it all, and it is all a rather strange and unique case. 

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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