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A Terrifying Reptilian Alien Encounter in the Superstition Mountains

Sprawled out in the rugged wilderness not too far from the Phoenix metropolitan area or Arizona, in the United States, are the Superstition Mountains. With a maximum elevation of 6,266 feet, the mountains loom over the surrounding landscape, and are known for their distinctive rock formations and natural features that make them a popular recreation destination for the region. With a plentitude of hiking trails and outdoor activities, they are popular with hikers, rock climbers, and those just wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. They also earn their namesake, as they are a wellspring of various legends and strange stories, such as the tale of the famous Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine and numerous Native myths from the area, including that the mountains are a portal to the underworld. The Superstition Mountains have also long been a hotspot for UFOs, alien encounters, and all manner of high strangeness, and here we will look at a particularly harrowing and terrifying report of a woman who came face to face with violent otherworldy reptilian beings. 

The story here was related by a Phyllis ‘Carla’ Davis, whose friend Angie went out to the Superstition Mountains one clear spring day on a rock hunting expedition. She was not a particularly experienced hiker, but she often came to the mountains from her home in Phoenix to take a stroll and mostly to look for interesting rocks to add to her expanding collection, including rose quartz, turquoise, and pretty much anything that looked cool or caught her eye. On this day as she hiked she noticed something sparkling on the ground at the edge of a small nearby canyon, and although it was getting late and it was about time for her to head back she couldn’t resist going off to try and investigate what she thought was a shiny rock of some sort glinting in the retreating daylight. 

The Superstition Mountains

She began to climb up to where the object was, and it was a bit more strenuous than she had at first imagined, taking much more time than she had thought, so this only deepened her disappointment when she reached the edge of the canyon. There on the ground was a large chunk of white quartz, which while definitely pretty and shiny, was too large for her to possibly carry back down and bring to her car. Not wanting to go back empty-handed, she tried to find a way to perhaps break a piece of it off, and as she went about doing this, she noticed the opening of what appeared to be a cave on the opposite side of the canyon. Once again, her curiosity got the better of her and she went back down to begin another climb up the opposite side, her eye constantly on her watch and the sun. To her it was an adventure, and her mind danced with thoughts of discovering some ancient Indian artifacts in the cave. 

When she finally reached the cave opening, she was again rather disappointed, as it was only a rather shallow depression with an overhang, and there was no tunnel leading off into the unknown. She sat down in the shade of the small cave and had a drink of water, enjoying the peaceful quiet and the natural vista around her. It was then that her thoughts were interrupted by a shiny object lying nearby. She went to see what it was, and at that point a “green claw-like hand” roughly grabbed her shoulder. She then spun around to come face to face with a reptilian creature, but before she could really register what she was seeing or let out a scream the creature reached out and everything went black

Angie would wake some time later in a dim place, with “strange barking and chirping sounds” coming from somewhere out in the oppressive gloom. When she tried to get up, she found that she was ensconced in some sort of gelatinous substance that completely immobilized her. She now realized that the sounds she heard were not just background noise, and were not the sounds of animals, as they seemed to follow a cadence and rhythm that suggested it was language and that they were somehow someone talking to each other. As she tried to figure out what sort of bizarre language it could possibly be, she felt a hand on her thigh, and then several “men with lizard faces” bloomed out of the darkness, with all of them sporting green, scaly skin except for one that was white in color and larger than the others. Davis describes them as follows:

With both eyes now open, she watched as several greenish Reptilian men attempted to disrobe her. Her eyes criticized the strange faces carefully. They seemed to be a strange blend of human and serpent. The wide sit eyes almost glowed with a yellowish brightness, with glistening, straight sided, vertical pupils. Their broad flat noses ended in flat nostrils that flared slightly as they snorted while examining her. Some of them had a very wide mouth with many folds of skin, while some had small mouths with no folds. Angie wondered if the extra folds showed their age. Their small, rounded ears, which were set high on the head, had no lobes. There were three prominent ridges on the top of their cone line heads that resembled large scales. She noticed that the scales were a different color than the skin on the head. More like a khaki green that tapered to gray-green on the back of the head. Their faces were smooth with narrow chins that were pointed rather than rounded.

Two aliens wore either a grey scarf or a wide ribbon draped over their shoulder. Under the soft looking ribbons they wore a white jumpsuit with insignia that showed a curved dragon with a seven point star in the middle of it. The other ‘reptile-men’ wore black uniforms with the same insignia. The tall white-skinned lizard man wore a burnt orange jumpsuit with three insignia on the left side. There was a black inverted triangle, the round dragon with star, and an oval with moving stars on it. She felt fascinated by that one. It was like watching a 3d movie in miniature. On the right side of his uniform were three black bars on a silver disk. On the left cuff of his sleeve he wore a row of inverted triangles with three lines cutting through it.

Her clothes stripped away, she was now completely naked and the white-skinned reptilian humanoid loomed over her with a round box in his hand that he held near her head. The box then made contact with her skin and her terror oddly just melted away to leave her with an overwhelming feeling of peace and well-being. It was eerie that she should now feel so calm considering that she was being held prisoner by fierce lizard men, so she assumed that the device the creature held to her head was somehow having the effect of calming her down. Now that she was more able to calmly assess her surroundings and her eyes had adjusted to dim lighting, she could see that she was in an oval room about fifteen feet across, with domes on the ceiling that emanated a faint glow and various instrument panels with arrays of flashing lights all around. Then things took a deep turn into the bizarre. Davis explains of what happened next:

She looked to her right, beyond the tall white ‘man’, and noticed pipes with strange sacks, or maybe misshapen balloons hanging from them. While trying to recognize the shape of the bags, she realized some of them were moving. With a shock, Angie remembered seeing her dog’s belly, moving that way when she was near full term with her puppies. Another wave of horrified fear hit her. Deep inside her mind she wanted to panic, but couldn’t. It was like there were two minds inside her. One was calm, the other horror stricken. The calm side was in charge of her body. She could feel the unhurried beating of her heart much more easily than she could feel the horror welling up in her mind. With calm detachment she wondered how her body could be so calm when God only know what was going to happen to her.

At that point one of the lizard men approached her, apparently competely naked, and he soon made it apparent that he meant to rape her. Fear bubbled to the surface despite the calming effects that the strange device had had on her, but when she tried to fight back one of the creatures shot her with a blue beam that caused her to lose consciousness. When she next woke up, she was back in her car feeling dazed and confused and her memories of what had happened to her murky. She drove home and for reasons she could not understand scrubbed and washed her body for hours, after which she went to bed.

For the next few days she skipped work and stayed in bed, refusing to answer her phone or the door and feeling as if she were in a sort of daze or trance. When her sister came to visit to check up on her, she stayed there to take care of her, and noticed that Angie woke to terrible nightmares every night, screaming and clawing at the sheets. After several days of this she went back to her job at a store but quit when a customer brought a lizard into the establishment and she had a panic attack, which at the time she could not figure out the reason for. At this point in time she had no memory of her harrowing ordeal with the lizard men, but she knew something was very wrong. She made an arrangement to undergo hypnotic regression, and Davis explains of it:

During the first session she discovered she had been raped. It took two more sessions to bring out the reptilian rape. It was such an ordeal that she cried with all the pent up fear until her voice was a harsh whisper. The therapist at first thought she was transferring the man who had raped her to the reptilian man in an attempt to refuse reality. He quickly realized that as strange as it was, Angie had been raped by an Alien Reptilian man. His training had left him ill equipped to handle this kind of case, but he rose to the challenge.

According to Davis, Angie would eventually come to terms with what had happened to her and resume some semblance of a normal life, but she no longer climbs the mountains near her home. She kept the story to herself for some time before going to Davis with it, of which she says:

She doesn’t want to speak to anyone about it, and will refuse interviews if someone finds her. She sent me her story with the hope that there are other women who have gone through the same or a similar experience who hesitate to seek help from a hypnotist. She wants to encourage those women who haven’t yet remembered their ordeal to seek competent help. She feels good about herself now, and doesn’t worry about the aliens any more. She doesn’t know why they did it. Was it by choice, or by happenstance? Maybe they watched her for years, and maybe they still visit her. She is no longer concerned for her own safety. She knows it they want to find her, she will be helpless to stop it. Still, she avoids the mountains.

It is a pretty odd account to be sure, and it leaves one wondering just what to make of it. If any of it is real at all, then what were these entities and what did they want? It is interesting to note that encounters with reptilian aliens are persistent in UFO lore, and often involve sexual violence of some sort. Why should this be? There is no way to know if any of this really happened at all, but it is one more interesting and frightening case of reptilian entities, and yet another account to add to the general weirdness of the Superstition Mountains. 


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