Oct 23, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

An Entire Family Sees Dead People and Thinks It's OK

I see dead people

If there's something strange

In your neighborhood

Who you gonna call?

They're creepy and they're kooky

Mysterious and spooky

They're all together ooky

The Real-life Addams Family

OK, that mash-up of the theme songs of “Ghostbusters” and “The Addams Family” with the signature line from “The Sixth Sense” don’t really go together lyrically … nor do they fit together thematically either – the kid with the sixth sense sees spirits, the Ghostbusters removed spirits while the Addams family embraced them. However, one real family in England has managed to pull it off – they claim all four members can see dead people, they travel in a hearse named Morticia, and their family business is ghost hunting. Are they strange, kooky … or dead?

What does the Addams family have to say?

“We went to one venue with the girls to have a look around. When we were on the way back in the car, Snow asked us how many people were there with us. She said she saw a soldier wearing ragged clothes, a woman holding a girl’s hand and a teenager in the top bedroom. She said they all looked really tired, sad and were just staring at her.”

Thus begins the story of the birth of The Occult Family -- Jon Paul Kenny, Kymmi Jeffrey and their two daughters Snow, age 9, and Pebble, age 6. The parents are the owners of The Occult Hauntings, a “Paranormal normal investigations and ghostly events company, that provide professional ghost hunting nights, events and sleepovers in the UK.” Ased in Cheshire, they drive around the city running errands and around the country looking for ghosts in their eerie black hearse named Morticia after the mother in the Addams Family of TV and Charles Addams fame.

“I Googled the history of the building when we got home and she got the soldier spot on. She has a bit of a gift.“

Jon and Kymmi were not expecting their daughter Snow to have this “gift,” but perhaps they should not have been surprised. In a recent appearance on ITV’s “This Morning” TV show, Jon revealed that both of them have been interested in the paranormal, ghosts and spirits since they themselves were young kids – causing them to be called “weird” by others. Fortunately, they eventually met someone who shared their interests – each other! Jon told the Manchester Evening News he gave Kymmi tickets to a ghost tour for her birthday and she didn’t throw them back in his face – true love over the paranormal had blossomed.

“We have lots of events booked in. We’re just going to see where it takes us.”

The shared interest in ghosts eventually became a business for the couple called Occult Hauntings. It appears Jon works there full-time while Kymmi does it part-time will working as a therapist. They currently offer ghost events and sleepovers at some well-known and not-so-well-known haunted locations, including Ryecroft Hall in Manchester, Four Crosses in Cannock, and the infamous 30 East Drive in Pontefract – home of the Black Monk ghost and said by many to be one of the most haunted houses in England and quite possibly in all of Europe. Jon and Kymmi also have ghosts in their own house – “little pink ghosts" which they claim they first encountered at a haunted bingo hall. One of the spirits attached itself to them, followed them home and like to play with toys. They think this is the ghost of a child and treat it as one of their own.

"We did a two-hour investigation at a bingo hall before a charity event. When we took Pebble, she saw a two-year-old sat next to her and said she saw a little girl with red hair.”

Yes, their other daughter, Pebble, can also see spirits, starting with the little girl from the bingo hall. While Pebble is still new at ghost encounters, Snow sounds like she has a more powerful attraction to them. As they explained to the Manchester Evening News:

“She has a bit of a gift. Doing investigations with the girls is very controversial; people ask if it’s appropriate taking them on tours. If she has a superpower, we don’t want her to be scared – and why shouldn’t she use it?”

That seems like solid advice for other parents whose children show unusual or paranormal abilities and interests. Jon and Kymmi emphasize that drugs and alcohol are prohibited from their Occult Hauntings events and those using Quija boards are for ages 16 and up. However, they do bring Snow and Pebble to other events and to their own private investigations and both show both interest and prowess.

“We have Pebble’s responses and reactions on video. It was quite interesting. But they’re not scared – they absolutely love it. The events are 16+ when we do Ouija boards. We keep it very tame when we're with the girls. They get upset whenever they can’t come with us (to view haunted venues) all the time.”

The family that hunts ghoists together stays together? 

Are they worried the girls will also be treated as “weird” by others? Actually, the parents seem to be openly promoting their abilities and interests. They bought the hearse as a second car for the business, but “Morticia” has proven to be so popular that they drive it everywhere. The Addams family connected has now become official – they recently trademarked the name “The Real-life Addams Family.” To those who question their motives, Kymmi and Jon have this to say to them:

“Well, we love it, and the girls love it, and the girls aren't scared, and they want to do it. it's good for the kids to grow up not having that fear.”

What do would YOU do if your kids told you they see dead people? How would you handle it if the other children in the neighborhood thought they were creepy and kooky? How about if their parents thought YOU were mysterious and ooky? Would you help them if they suddenly came running out of fear that there is something strange in the neighborhood and they didn’t know who else to call?

Jon Paul Kenny, Kymmi Jeffrey and their daughters Snow and Pebble sound like they’re handling things quite nicely.

Paul Seaburn

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