Oct 13, 2022 I Nick Redfern

Bigfoot: A Spacefaring Race? Sasquatch from the Stars?

Although the term “Bigfoot” was not coined until the late 1950s, it's a fact that reports of giant, hairy, humanoid creatures inhabiting the wilder, mountainous, and forested areas of the United States date back to the earliest years of Native American culture. There is, however, something very intriguing about the Native American beliefs in Bigfoot. They strongly suggest that the creatures are far more than they appear to be. That’s to say, they do not just represent an undiscovered kind of North American ape, but something directly linked to the UFO phenomenon. Given the fact that reports exist of Bigfoot from centuries ago, as astonishing as it may sound Bigfoot, according to some eye-witnesses and investigators, may be nothing less than an ancient alien. In 2014, the late Brad Steiger told me a most intriguing story: “A bizarre incident occurred in Turkey on the night of May 14, 1964. Ismir Bey and his wife were driving along a road that ran adjacent to a railroad track when they spotted a spinning disc in the sky, described by them as ‘the size of a house.’ Suddenly, it seemed to plummet out of the sky, and as the two watched it crashed to the ground in a burst of flames. This is certainly one of the few reports of a UFO crashing, and, to add a bizarre twist, a huge, hairy monster was soon seen by the Beys as it scrambled out of the wreckage and headed for safety – straight toward the Beys!

“In an effort to protect his wife from whatever fate might befall her at the hands of the monster, Bey flung himself at the beast, and was rewarded for his valor by being pounded into unconsciousness. Mrs. Bey reported that the monster then flung her husband in the direction of the railroad tracks and ran off into the nearby woods, but apparently it did not try to harm her.” Moving on…The Native Languages website states: “The Bigfoot figure is common to the folklore of most Northwest Native American tribes. Native American Bigfoot legends usually describe the creatures as around 6-9 feet tall, very strong, hairy, uncivilized, and often foul-smelling, usually living in the woods and often foraging at night...In some Native stories, Bigfoot may have minor supernatural powers - the ability to turn invisible, for example - but they are always considered physical creatures of the forest, not spirits or ghosts.

“That is where the intertribal Bigfoot similarities end, however. In the Bigfoot myths of some tribes, Sasquatch and his relatives are generally shy and benign figures - they may take things that do not belong to them or even kidnap a human wife, but do not harm people and may even come to their aid. Sometimes Bigfoot is considered a guardian of nature in these tribes. These more benevolent Bigfeet usually appear alone or in a small family unit, and may exchange gifts or use sign language to communicate with Native American communities. But Bigfoot legends from other tribes describe them as malevolent creatures who attack humans, play dangerous tricks on them, or steal children; they may even eat people. These more dangerous Bigfoot monsters, known as Stick Indians or Bush Indians, are sometimes found in large groups or even villages, which engage in warfare with neighboring Indian tribes.” 

Stan Gordon is one of the United States’ leading researchers of the stranger sides of the Bigfoot phenomenon. And they don’t come much stranger than a case that Gordon investigated, in late 1973, in his home state of Pennsylvania. It’s important to note that the case in question was one of dozens that Gordon received from 1972 to 1974, which, collectively, suggested the presence of unknown, hairy, man-beasts all across Pennsylvania. Many of the cases that Gordon investigated, however, were dominated by phenomena that, for many Bigfoot investigators, fell far outside what one could call the norm – including a certain event that occurred at Fayette County, in October 1973. It was the dark night of October 25 when all hell broke loose in the heart of the county. The primary player in the story was one Steve Palmer who was both amazed and frightened to see a brightly illuminated UFO hovering over local farmland, around 9.00 p.m. But that wasn’t all that Palmer encountered: a pair of immense, ape-like animals with very long and muscular arms surfaced out of the shadows of the dark field and proceeded to walk right towards Palmer, himself. He wasted no time and blasted them with a salvo of bullets. Very weirdly, the bullets appeared to have no effect – at all – on either creature, and they retreated into the darkness. The UFO did likewise, vanishing in an instant. That was not the end of the affair, however. Approximately four hours later, things took on even stranger, and far more terrifying, proportions.

(Nick Redfern) Hanging out with Stan Gordon, Bigfoot expert

It was roughly 1.00 a.m. when Stan Gordon arrived on the scene, having been alerted to the Palmer encounter by a local police officer, one who had been apprised of the facts. Along with Gordon were fellow investigators Dennis Smeltzer, Fred Pitt, David Smith, and George Lutz. They met with Palmer, who proceeded to tell them of his unearthly encounter with the two Bigfoot and the UFO. Then, quite out of the blue, something horrifying occurred: Palmer’s breathing changed, to the extent that he was literally panting heavily and deeply, and he broke into a deep, guttural growl and knocked both his own father and Lutz to the field floor. And that was only the start of things. Pitt found himself unable to breathe properly, Smeltzer felt faint, and Palmer fell to the ground, having apparently passed out. A powerful, rotten odor of brimstone suddenly dominated the cold night air. The terrified group knew that it was vital they get out of the field – and quickly, too – before things got even worse. Later, when Palmer regained consciousness, he told Gordon and his team that he, Palmer, while in his passed out state, had seen before him a sickle-carrying, dark-robed figure that warned him the Human Race was on the verge of destroying itself – and would do exactly that unless it curbed its violent instincts.

 Even stranger than that, a couple of weeks later, Palmer was visited at his home by two Air Force officers, one in uniform and the other in plainclothes. It became very clear, and very quickly, that the pair knew all about Palmer’s weird encounter and the later experience. They even confided in him they knew that both UFOs and Sasquatch were genuine. There was a specific reason for the visit: first, they showed Palmer a number of photos of Bigfoot creatures and wanted to know if the beast he encountered resembled them. Second, they asked if Palmer would be willing to be placed into a hypnotic state, to ensure that the military secured all the relevant data. Palmer agreed. And with all the information in hand, the two men got up, thanked Palmer, and left. Despite telling Palmer they would keep him informed of any future developments, they failed to do so. He never saw them again. It was a fitting end to a case steeped in mystery. One of the most fascinating cases of relevancy came from James C. Wyatt, of Memphis, Tennessee. He shared the story with the aforementioned paranormal expert, Brad Steiger, a copy of his – Wyatt’s -grandfather’s journal from 1888. It described the old man’s exposure to the Bigfoot phenomenon, way back in the 19th century. The location was the Humboldt Meridian, in northwestern California. It was while in the area, on one particular day, that Wyatt’s grandfather encountered a tribesman carrying a plate of raw meat. Puzzled, he asked what it was for. After pondering on things for a while the man motioned Wyatt Sr. to follow him. On arriving at a cave built into a cliff face, he was shocked to see a huge, hair-covered, man-like beast. It was, however, quite docile and enthusiastically ate the meat provided for him.

It was then that Wyatt’s grandfather got the full story. The beast – nicknamed “Crazy Bear” – had supposedly been brought to the forests “from the stars.” Nothing less than a “small moon” had descended, ejecting both the creature and several others of its kind. The “moon” was reportedly piloted by very human-looking entities that always waved at the Indians as they dumped the hairy beasts on their land. James C. Wyatt asked Brad Steiger: “Who is to say the Crazy Bears weren’t exiled to our planet for some crime or other infraction of the laws of another planet?” Then, there is Jack Lapseritis. His thoughts and conclusions are worth expanding on the Bigfoot phenomenon. When the creatures were brought to our world by visiting extraterrestrials in times long past, says Lapseritis…  “…some were genetically ‘modified’ and released. Zechariah Sitchin practiced real science by correctly interpreting the Sumerian cuneiforms, which others in mainstream science could not understand. Sitchin opened the doors to reality for a lot of people. According to his work, all of us were genetically engineered. Some humans have the soul of an ET or Sasquatch/Ancient One. Contact with the right people is important to the Sasquatch. Some humans (‘hairless ones’) have the skills needed to put out the truth. The Sasquatch say we are living a lie, in an illusion created by our so-called ‘modern’ society. Our government and our religions are the true illusionists, perpetrating a diversion away from who we really are, in order to control the masses. More and more people are being contacted. We have all come here to learn critical lessons. I have come to understand, and to piece together all that they have told me and the other contactees.”

(Nick Redfern) The don't call them "Bigfoot" for nothing

Any mention of the legendary and macabre Men in Black inevitably provokes imagery of an X-Files-type nature; imagery filled with tales of conspiracy and cover-up. It is a fact, however – and a decidedly strange fact, too – that the MIB don’t just turn up in UFO-related events. They seem to have a deep fascination for strange creatures, too. In 1967, the Men in Black turned up in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, when sightings of the famous, red-eyed, winged Mothman were at their height. Then, in the early 1970s, a lake-monster researcher named Ted Holiday had an encounter of the MIB variety on the shores of Loch Ness. All of which brings us to the MIB-Bigfoot connection. A particularly strange story that falls perfectly into this category reached my attention in mid-March 2007 and occurred only a week or so earlier. It came from a married couple, Donnie and Lynne, who lived on the outskirts of Oklahoma City. It all began, I was told, in the heart of the Ouachita National Forest, Oklahoma. Certainly, it’s a forest that could easily hide far more than a few Bigfoot. 

The Forest Service says: “The Ouachita National Forest covers 1.8 million acres in central Arkansas and southeastern Oklahoma. Headquartered in Hot Springs, Arkansas, the forest is managed for multiple uses, including timber and wood production, watershed protection and improvement, habitat for wildlife and fish species (including threatened and endangered ones), wilderness area management, minerals leasing, and outdoor recreation.  Enjoy camping, hiking, biking, scenic driving, trail riding, water recreation, fishing, hunting, and more!” Donnie and Lynne intended on doing at least several of those things. Instead, however, they encountered the United States’ most famous monster. It was around dusk and husband and wife were strolling along the winding paths of the tree-shrouded Ouachita National Recreation Trail when Donnie was suddenly gripped by an overwhelming sense that they were not alone, that their every move was being watched and scrutinized by animalistic eyes. Donnie’s sixth-sense – one that we have all displayed from time to time - was right on target.    

In seconds, a massive, hair-covered figure emerged from the trees, at a distance of what was barely twenty feet or so. And when I say “massive,” the couple was talking of something that stood between eight and a half and nine feet tall: a genuine giant. Neither Donnie nor Lynne had any prior interest in the Bigfoot mystery, but they instantly knew what they were looking at: the legendary Sasquatch. They told me the creature was male: its anatomy made that much clear. Somewhat embarrassed, Lynne said that its “manhood” was visible but tiny. They did not know it, but gorillas, for example, are noted for being far less than well endowed. In that sense, their words on this aspect of the Bigfoot’s appearance actually helped bolster their story. In addition, the creature had a conical head, a huge chest, and thick legs. Perhaps not surprisingly, seeing the thing at close quarters caused Lynne to fall to the ground, her legs giving way beneath her. Donnie could only stare, with a mixture of awe, fear, and dread. For a moment the Bigfoot merely stared at them, and then something totally unforeseen occurred: Bigfoot spoke to the shocked couple. Not literally, but in a fashion that they could only describe as telepathy.

Both Donnie and Lynne heard the following words fill their heads, but in a soothing, soft, female voice: “Do not be afraid. You will not be harmed. Do not come close.” Hardly surprisingly, the pair did exactly what they were told to do. For a few moments, at least. Donnie decided after twenty seconds or so that this was a once in a lifetime chance to capture evidence of the creatures that science and zoology tell us do not exist. He slowly reached into his backpack and pulled out his digital camera. In a second, the voice filled his head again, although not that of Lynne, interestingly: “Do not.” It was as if, Donnie suggested to me, that the creature understood perfectly what a camera was and what it could do, and, therefore, instantly took steps to prevent the pair from securing evidence of the beast’s existence. The creature then strode towards them, as Donnie also dropped to his knees and the couple clung to each other tightly. 

Fortunately, there was no violent attack on them. Instead the Bigfoot leaned in close and, yet again, they heard a female voice say:  “You will not be hurt and you need not fear. Go. One more time I will see you.” They didn’t need telling again and managed to scramble to their shaking legs and backed away, finally breaking into a hysterical run, looking back until the creature could no longer be seen. The weirdness, however, was far from over. Over the course of the next few nights, both Donnie and Lynne had vivid, traumatic dreams of several silver-eyed Bigfoot looming over their bed, warning them never to talk of what they had encountered in the Ouachita National Forest. Notably, on the final night of the nightmarish dreams, Donnie woke up with a sudden jolt as the dream reached its peak, and actually saw the creatures in the bedroom – which suddenly dematerialized before his eyes. This led the couple to think that the dreams were not normal dreams based around a recent, traumatic event. They came to believe that Bigfoot can materialize, dematerialize, and even penetrate our dream states.

The pair did not see the creatures again – either physically or in dreams – but there was still more to come. On the next night, both were woken from their slumber in the early hours by a thin beam of light that arced across the darkened bedroom. It was coming through the gap in the curtains of the open window. Donnie raced to the window and caught sight of two things: a number of strange, small balls of light that flitted around the woods that surrounded their home; and – illuminated by a bright moon and motion detector lights – a man dressed in a dark suit and trench-coat and wearing an old, 1950s-style fedora hat, which is the typical costume of the Men in Black. Realizing that he had been seen, the MIB retreated into the woods, in the same direction as the eerie globes of light. A couple more weird things occurred, including several days of static on the couple’s landline – another classic aspect of MIB encounters – and strange howling coming from the woods. And then, nothing. Despite having told me of the events – when the creatures had firmly told them never to speak of it – no harm came to Donnie and Lynne. Unfortunately, there were no solid answers for them either. 

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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