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Bigfoot Exchanging Gifts, Lunar Flying Saucer Video, Lizzo's Ghost, Time Traveler Warning and More Mysterious News Briefly

A roundup of mysterious, paranormal and strange news stories from the past week.

Astronomers at the University of California-Riverside claim they can find aliens on exoplanets by looking for signs of broccoli – specifically, a gas called methyl bromide that is released by broccoli, other planets and microbes to help them clean out toxins … methyl bromide can be detected on planets around M dwarf stars because they produce less of the type of UV radiation that causes it to break down in Earth. If these planets are so loaded with broccoli, it could explain why aliens are looking for other planets with more meat and junk food.

Strange humongous ripples have been discovered at the edge of the solar system at the boundary between the heliosphere and interstellar space which seem to be caused by a reflected wave which travels back and collides an incoming flow of charged plasma, creating a storm of energetic neutral atoms that fills the inner heliosheath. If this is true, weather reports from the edge of the solar system could takes days to complete.

Dennis Tito, the first-ever private space tourist and first billionaire to travel to the International Space Station, has purchased tickets for himself and his wife Akiko to ride on a SpaceX Starship circumlunar flight around the Moon scheduled to start later in this decade. Somewhere in the afterlife, Ralph Kramden’s wife asks him where the couple is going and he exclaims one more time: “To the moon, Alice!”

The Airspeeder EXA Series, the "world's first electric flying car race," took place in the South Australian desert with the pilots steering two full-scale flying cars remotely -- the 13-foot eVTOL Speeders weigh 286 pounds, accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds, reach a maximum altitude of 1,600 feet and can support the weight of a human pilot. It won’t catch on until it takes place with real drivers circling an infield filled with fans, beer and barbecue pits.

Australian Sue Keogh claims the Loch Ness Monster is a hoax because the famous 1934 photo looks exactly like the sock puppets her dad used to make – she says this is proof that the “Loch Ness Monster is a bloke lying under the water with his arm striking out the water.” This is the first time many people would rather listen to that guy in Ireland who is constantly claiming to see Nessie on the Nessie cam.

Mexican UFO researcher Jaime Maussan posted a video on his Twitter account of what he says is the clearest video ever of a saucer-shaped UFO flying in front of the Moon – he claims it was taken in September by someone in China using a professional camera with a powerful zoom, and Maussan think the UFO measures approximately 33.5 miles (54 km) in diameter. That makes it the size of a small city or large enough to hold all of the commenters typing “Hoax!”

Researchers at Yale University have created the Amphibious Robotic Turtle (ART) which they says can morph its legs into flippers through a process called “adaptive morphogenesis” in order to walk on land and swim in the water – they hope it will be used for monitoring of ecosystems along shorelines, diver support, and ocean farming. We saw Adaptive Morphogenesis open for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Scientists have finally reached the tallest known tree in the Amazon – located in the Floresta Estadual Do Paru in northern Brazil, it measures 290 feet (88.5 meters) tall and 32 feet (9.9 meters) around, making it taller than Nelson's Column in London (170 feet) and nearly as high as The Statue of Liberty in New York (310 feet). A 275 foot (84 meter) redwood in California’s in Sequoia National Park just said, “Hold my beer and one end of the tape measure and watch this.”

Here is the medical news we’ve all been waiting for – famous TikTok doctor Dr. Karan Rajan says research shows that fat in the gluteofemoral region of one's bottom area can actually reduce the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases … in other words, having a big butt will help you live a longer life. The bad news is … this means the Kardashians are immortal.

Spoiler alert: astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted that a scene in “Top Gun: Maverick” where Tom Cruise’s character Maverick ejects from a hypersonic plane at Mach 10.5 and survives with no injuries could never happen in real life because “at that airspeed, his body would splatter like a chainmail glove swatting a worm. Just sayin’.” “Thanks for giving 10-year-old boys the idea,” thought worms.

Casey Dostert, who lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, claims he has been exchanging ‘gifts’ with Bigfoot – bagels and other treats – using a so-called “Gifting Rock” and he has the videos on TikTok to prove that he and Bigfoot have become friends as a result. Other Bigfoot have been seen spitting out stale bagels – proving that Sasquatch understands the concept of re-gifting.

The space launch startup SpinLaunch released a video of its recent tenth launch of a payload tens of thousands of feet into the air using a gigantic slingshot and the video shows the payload crashing to the ground so hard that it required a massive excavator to recover it – remarkably, the payload of instruments, sensors, and ChipSats from NASA, Cornell University, and Airbus were undamaged. While the video made the news, comments by astronauts asked if they would ride on this centrifugal slingshot are NSFW.

Grammy Award-winning singer Lizzo claims she visited the reportedly haunted Malahide Castle near Dublin, Ireland, while on a concert tour and a ghost named Puck stole her cell phone from her pocket and stuck it in the pocket of one of the dancers on the tour – Puck is a mischievous spirit believed to have been a four-foot-tall watchman who also served as a jester in the court of Henry VIII and has haunted Malahide Castle ever since. Puck is glad it was Lizzo and not Katy Perry because he doesn’t want to be in any songs.

Spanish and Polish archaeologists discovered an ancient (fourth to six centuries CE) Egyptian temple at Berenike, an old and long-abandoned Red Sea port city, which contained 15 mummified falcons, most of them headless and buried around a pedestal. Along with a collection of unhatched falcon’s eggs. Coming soon to your favorite streaming channel: The Falcon Meets the Mummy.

New evidence found in Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi shows that 10-kilometer Chicxulub asteroid which crashed to Earth 66 million years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs also caused an earthquake that reverberated around the planet for several months, releasing 1023 joules of energy or about 50,000 times more energy than was released by the 9.1 magnitude Sumatra earthquake in 2004. Did the dinosaurs that survived the impact die because they had no doorways to stand under?

A large wingless wood-eating cockroach, Panesthia lata, which lived on Lord Howe Island in Australia and was thought to have gone extinct in the 1930s has been discovered by Maxim Adams, a student at the University of Sydney, under rocks near a banyan tree in the North Bay – scientists thought that rats which arrived on the island in 1918 had wiped out the 1.5-inch roaches. Have they checked under any Lord Howe Island refrigerators?

A wildfire on Easter Island believed to have been started by arsons purned 247 acres and caused "irreparable" damage to some of the Moai - the island’s iconic stone-carved statues. Here is one time when it is OK to hope there was a curse.

Eno Alric, known on TikTok as @theradianttimetraveler, claims he’s from 2671 and was sent to 2022 to warn us about a meteor that will bring aliens to Earth on December 8, 2022, and four teenagers who will discover a device that opens a wormhole to other galaxies on February 6, 2023. Why can’t someone find a wormhole or aliens that will take us away from all of these TikTok time travelers?

A mysterious big boom shook parts of the Outer Banks hard enough to rattle windows and knock pictures off walls, and many people living on the barrier islands think it is the return of the Seneca guns which are heard for centuries there and in New York’s Seneca Lakes area and usually blamed on low-level earthquakes or military training activity – both of which were not present when this boom was heard. The only person not complaining is Pat Travers – these incidents always increase downloads of "Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)."

Underwater excavations off the coast of Belize, at a place known as Taab Nuk Na, where people lived from around 600 to 800 CE, show that the Maya cooked salt water in ceramic vessels until the water evaporated, leaving behind the salt they used for eating and as a currency. Paying for purchases with a block of salt doesn’t sound bad, but who wants to carry around a shaker for making change?

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