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Bizarre Cases of the Black Eyed Kids in Suburbia

One of the weirdest corners of the paranormal is that of what are called Black Eyed Kids, or also BEKs. Black Eyed Kids have been reported for decades, and generally follow a certain frightening pattern. They appear as children, usually in pairs but not always, and usually appear mostly, but not always as we shall see, in rural or sparsely populated areas. They typically appear as normal children from afar, but a closer inspection will reveal that they have a sickly, pale pallor to them, and that their eyes are completely dark pools of black, without any discernible iris or pupil, akin to the eyes of a shark. Although the tales may vary in their details, these mysterious entities are almost always described as exuding an intense wave of dread and panic, and their eyes are said to have a certain disturbing, sinister, and hypnotic quality to them. Almost every report of BEKs involve the children begging to be let into homes or vehicles. These requests often start out innocent and polite enough, usually gently asking for a ride or to use the phone, but not surprisingly due to their off-putting black eyes and clinging aura of fear the homeowner or driver will be reluctant to comply. This will cause the strange kids to become increasingly demanding, desperate, and foul-tempered, sometimes even violent, such as banging or scratching on house or car doors. It is all spooky to be sure, but far from what one might expect to happen way out in the rural boondocks and in the middle of nowhere, such cases are also reported from perfectly normal suburban areas as well, and here we will look at some bizarre cases of this. 

Quite a few tales of the Black Eyed Kids in the suburbs perhaps fittingly come from Halloween, and it seems that they like to go trick or treating as much as anyone. One rather spooky report comes from Reddit user “sarabeth 11,” who claims that she had never even heard of the BEKs before her harrowing incident, and didn’t even really believe in the paranormal at the time, but her mind was about to change. She says it had been a slow trick-or-treat night in her neighborhood that evening, which was unusual in and of itself as there were usually lots of kids about, but is was going to get really weird really fast. At around 10 p.m. she says that she was in the living room watching TV with her husband when he decided to go to bed for the night, leaving her on the couch with their dog, Chloe. She could hear the sound of the water from her husband’s shower turn on upstairs and then she heard knocking at the front door. Right as this happened she says her dog jumped off the couch to go to the back door and scratch at it like she wanted to get out, which the witness says was uncharacteristic behavior. The dog also seemed to be in a state of panic. 

At first she thought it was just some trick or treaters, but the porch light was off and it was a little late for that. A car then drove by and she could see through the window in that passing light the silhouettes of two small children outside. Thinking they were some neighborhood kids she looked outside and could see that they were kids she had never seen before, a girl and a boy, and they oddly weren’t wearing costumes. She was getting an uneasy feeling at this point, but she nevertheless went to the door to see what the kids wanted, opening it just a crack. The kids were quite small, wearing regular street clothes, and they just stood there, neither one of them saying “trick or treat.” The girl seemed to be 11 or 12 years old with blonde hair, and the boy looked 9 or 10 with brown hair, but she could not see their faces because most of the light was coming from behind them. The girl then asked if they could use her phone to call their mom, which was immediately odd, but it got stranger when she asked why they didn’t have their own cell phone. She says of the surreal scene:

Both kids turned to look at one another like they were going to say something to one another, but neither ever spoke. They both turned back to me and the girl said, “Ma’am, my cell phone battery doesn’t have any charge left in it. Can we please come inside and call our mother. We’re alone out here and my brother is scared.” I have to admit there were two competing feelings going on inside me. The first, that of a mother’s heart that wanted to help these two small children get to their mom. The other, a sinking fear in my gut that was keeping the other feeling at bay. It was then I noticed that during the short conversation I’d already opened the door a few extra inches which I was completely unaware of doing. I stopped. “Honey, why don’t you give me your mother’s number and I can call her myself.” Another pause and they again looked at one another. After a short moment, they turned back to me and the girl said, “Ma’am, my little brother has to use your bathroom. Can we please come inside while you call our mom?” And with that last statement the little girl moved closer toward the door like she was going just walk on in by me. As she did, she stepped into the light coming from inside the house and I got my first real good look at her. Solid, jet black eyes – that’s all I could see. That motherly instinct was gone and replaced by terror I don’t think I’ve ever felt in my life. I could feel every hair on my arms and back of my neck standing at attention. I closed the door to where just my face was able to stick out.

She slammed the door and could hear the girl out there, still pleading to let them in, and then both kids began to “whimper and cry.” She wanted to run upstairs to get her husband but was terrified of losing track of those creepy kids, so she decided to call a neighbor, at the same time noticing that her dog was cowering in the corner and shaking with fear while staring at the door. She says of what happened next:

When I got to my phone and started to look for his contact info, it was only then the kids stepped away from the door and began to walk to the street. As they did I walked to the door to get a better look to see where they went, still not calling my neighbor. If you get close enough to the glass you can see out enough to make out people’s shapes, but you can't see much detail. Of course, standing that close to the door would make you pretty obvious to anyone outside looking in. From the door, I could see that the kids were still standing under the streetlamp nearest my house, staring at me. As I lifted the phone to my ear after calling, only then did the kids start walking down our street. I met my neighbor out under the lamp once he was out there, but the kids were nowhere to be seen.

Pretty freaky stuff, indeed. Another Halloween report comes from Redditor “halloweenwarning,” and starts when he noticed that his neighbor hadn’t put out Halloween decorations, something he did every year. When he asked about it the neighbor said he was going to keep the house dark that year and just put candy out because some that had happened the year before scared him. When he was pressed for more information, the neighbor came out with quite the strange tale. He claimed that the previous Halloween he had been watching TV at around midnight when the doorbell rang. Thinking it a bit late for trick or treating he nevertheless got up to go to the door with the candy, but when he opened it he immediately regretted it. The reporter says of what happened:

He grabs the candy bowl and heads over, noticing that it’s a little past midnight and that’s pretty rude for trick-or-treaters to still be out, but then notices he hasn’t turned off all his decoration lights yet, so his house is still a beacon. He swings the door open and is about to yell “BOO!” or something to freak them out, but stops dead when he sees the kids at the door. He said one was probably around 13-14 and the other around 16-17, both boys. They weren’t dressed up, but he remembers the older one was wearing a flannel checkered shirt. He was immediately overcome with uneasiness, like opening the door was a huge mistake. They just stared at him and he noticed they had really big irises and dilated pupils. He couldn’t even see the whites of their eyes, so he figured they were contact lenses. He was frozen there holding the candy bowl, like he couldn’t slam the door in their face as much as he wanted to. He said the fear he felt was so primal and came over him the second he opened the door for them. So he nervously tried to smile at them hoping they would “break character” and ask for candy or something.

The younger one said they had gotten lost and needed to come in and use his phone. That was when he closed the door more than halfway on them and said “No, sorry” and the older one said something like “Can we just wait in your house until our parents come get us?” but by then he was convinced that his life was in danger and these kids must be high on something or intending to rob him and he just kept mumbling “No, sorry, goodnight” as he inched the door closed and locked it. He told me he was so fucking scared at that point that they were going to try to break in through one of his windows or something, but he looked through the peephole and they had turned to leave.

Apparently, the neighbor looked it up online to see that they had likely been Black Eyed Kids, a phenomenon he would claim to have never heard of before. Another story did not happen at Halloween but it is every bit as creepy. Redditor “InTheLabyrinth” claims that he was visiting his mom’s house, which lies in an affluent suburban community with “tidy lawns and plenty of neighbors.” At around 11 p.m. he left to go home, and even at that late hour it was such a safe and well-lit community that he had no reason to be scared of anything, but that was about to change. He got into his car, waved to his mom, and drove off, and says that a thunderstorm soon appeared and he also noticed that he was running out of gas. As he looked for a gas station he says he saw two figures walking on the side of the street, shrouded in shadow and apparently hitchhiking. For some reason these two figures filled him with an inexplicable anxiety, but he tried to put it out of his mind as he found a gas station and pulled in to the 24-hour pump. He says of what happened next:

Suddenly, the overhang lights of the gas stop started flickering wildly, a couple going out altogether. It seemed as if the temperature dropped twenty degrees in a few seconds as I glanced around, a sinking feeling starting to blossom in my stomach. As if in slow motion, I turned around, facing back towards the road, the long lonely road and saw what I expected to see there. But even as much as I knew what I’d see, I still felt the drop of my stomach, the colour draining from my face and I breathed a sharp, cold breath forcefully as it almost caught in my throat.

Across the street the two figures were standing, facing me. They started crossing the street slowly but surely and I fumbled with the gas pump. It had only been a few moments, but it seemed as if the gas pump was taking its precious time. I was shaking hard now, as thunder boomed once more, and I looked back up. The figures were now at the entrance to the gas stop and my breath was quick and shallow, as I blindly shoved the pump back into its holder, not being able to tear my eyes away from the figures. As they drew closer, I became more frantic, even though, now as they walked into the flickering light of the overhang, I saw they were just two teenagers. They looked ragged, and frigid, and soaked form the rain. I straightened up a bit, still terrified, but another compulsive feeling, similar to the one I experienced in the car was bubbling, and I felt obligated to talk to these two. Though, I insisted to myself to just drive away, not to risk anything.

He ended up getting to his car to leave, but before he could get his keys out and start it the two kids were practically right next to the vehicle. He says of the rather terrifying encounter that followed:

They were extremely close now, at the next pump when I slid into my car, shaking wildly, and fumbled for my keys, cursing myself as I dropped them on the floor. Leaning down , I swiped them up and sat back up, a cold, sickening feeling as I came face to face with one the teens, who had his hand on my window, knocking slowly, but forcefully. I rolled down the window a bit, just a bit, no bigger than to allow maybe a small child’s hand through. Before I spoke, he spoke first, the other figure standing in the background, still, but I could see something of grin there on her pale face. “Can you give us a ride into town? We missed the bus and dont have a ride.” He spoke slow, and something about his voice made me shiver, a cold chill swept down my spine and I opened my mouth, but no sound came out. Clearing my throat, I glanced at the dashboard, and at the keys in my hand. “I-I’m sorry, but I’m not going into town.” I stuttered, keeping my eyes down, not at the kids.

However, the teenager knocked harsher, and made me jump a little, as he insisted another time for a ride. I told him no once more, and looked up, trying to seem intimidating, which seems silly, trying to seem intimidating to a child, but a horrible, chilling sight greeted me. I looked the kid right in the eyes, and gasped sharply, my back hitting my seat as I went to back away. He had eyes, oh he did, but they were blacker than the night, pitch black. No discernible pupils, and no white whatsoever showing, pure black, deep, brooding, and surprisingly intriguing, but my fear got the better of me and I quickly turned the key and my engine revved to life. I thanked God, which I had never, ever done before tonight, my car had not stalled and went to pull away and the kid banged on my window with a pale fist, screaming for a ride.

What was going on here? Did this even happen at all or is it just a tall, spooky tale? Not all such encounters happen at night, and our next case from Redditor “coonavenger” apparently happened in the middle of the day. He says this happened in Odessa, Texas one day while he was ditching school with some friends. The area is described as suburban, with each house having alleyways behind them where the dumpsters are. On this day, it was out of one of these alleyways that they saw a little blonde haired kid maybe 10-12 yrs old come running at full speed. He says of what happened:

He was running towards us frantically like he was scared as sh*t. You could see terror in his eyes which I thought maybe his parents were abusing him. As we were turning left he stops at the end of the alley with his hands on his knees heavily panting looking at the ground. My buddy pulled to the end of the alley and I rolled down my window and said "Hey are you okay bud"? He then looks straight at me eyes with black eyes his demeanor totally different. He stands up straight off his knees no longer out of breath or scared and smiles at us with this mouth full of sharp shark looking teeth and points right at me. I yell to my friend f*cking go!! As we speed off the kids gaze follows us still pointing till we are out of site. Then we start screaming at each other WTF!! What was that? Did you see that too! I never heard of black eyed kids and found out years later when I remembered what happened and I decided to google it. I asked my friend through Facebook a year ago if he remembered the black eyed kid. He said he did but he doesn't believe in "that stuff" anymore... I mean how are we going to share the same hallucination?

While this may all seem terrifying enough, the victim is usually at least left in one piece and none the worse for wear, but this is not always the case, and some more chilling accounts seem to point to these enigmatic creatures having the potential ability to do great harm. For instance, there are reports that seem to answer the question of just what exactly happens if one is to actually give in to their demands and let them in. One such report was apparently e-mailed by a frightened woman in a quiet suburb in Vermont to the website Week in Weird, in which she claims to have let the kids inside, with disastrous consequences. The woman claimed that in 2015 she had been sleeping at home with her husband one night when there was a sudden, very loud knock on the front door of the small rural home at approximately 2 a.m. The woman at first thought it was possibly someone who had broken down or gotten stuck on the nearby unpaved road, as there was a snowstorm raging outside at the time. A look outside the window showed that the house’s motion triggered light was on and that there were indeed footprints in the snow, but there was no sign of any car on the road nor even any evidence that any had recently driven by.

The woman woke her husband and they went downstairs to investigate, where they saw that someone was casting a shadow from outside of the front door. Still thinking it was someone in trouble, they warily opened the door to see two young children of around 8 years of age, a boy and a girl, standing in the snow outside. The two children were described as not at all dressed for winter and sporting outdated, odd- looking haircuts, and both were gazing down at the ground. Interestingly, rather than worry for them and offer help, the couple immediately felt deeply unnerved and somewhat repulsed, and rather than letting them in out of the cold merely asked where their parents were, to which the two creepy kids replied “They’ll be here soon.”

Despite the unnerving quality of the kids and their odd demeanor, the woman and her husband nevertheless became convinced that they must have gotten lost in the woods, and considering that they were woefully inappropriately dressed for the increasingly frigid weather, the husband and wife guided them in out of the snowstorm despite a strong nagging instinct at the back of their minds not to do so. Once inside, the kids were prepared something hot to drink and asked about what had happened to them and where they had come from, but every question was responded to with the kids simply saying, “Our parents will be here soon.” The woman began to notice that their voices had a sort of strange melodic quality to them, and also that for such young children they seemed to be not perturbed or nervous in the slightest to be in a stranger’s house, which somehow added to a growing, gnawing sense of menace and fear she was feeling. There was also the fact that the family’s cats, normally very friendly, were now hiding, and when she went to pet one of them it hissed and growled at her. The witness described what happened next thusly:

When I walked back into the living room the kids were sitting on the couch as still as can be but my husband was holding his head in his hands. I asked him what wrong and he just said that he felt very dizzy all of a sudden but that he was fine. I turned back to the children to give them their cocoa, but when they looked at me I gasped. It took everything inside of me not to drop the mugs and run away. When they looked at me their eyes were completely black. They had no whites just giant black pupils.

When they saw that I was scared they stood up and asked if they could use the bathroom. I tried to be as composed as I could be and showed them down the hall. They went into the bathroom together and I hurried back to my husband to ask him if he had seen their eyes. He had seen them too and said that it looked like his brothers badly bruised eyes after a car accident. We were in the middle of talking about whose children they could be when my husbands nose started to bleed. He’d never had nosebleeds as long as I had known him. I just knew inside myself that this had something to do with the kids in the bathroom and I started crying while I ran to get my husband some tissues.

At this point the woman claims that the power in the house abruptly cut out to leave them in darkness, which provoked a short scream from the husband. She then ran back towards the living room and was startled to see the two kids standing motionless in the hallway. After a moment of heavy silence, one of the Black Eyed Children announced “Our parents are here,” after which they went to the front door, opened it, and walked back out into the snowstorm without closing it behind them. Looking outside, the woman could see through the snow a dark car out on the road with two tall men dressed all in black, who stared at the house before getting into their vehicle and driving off. The power would blink back on not long after.

Although this is already quite disturbing, things would only get worse for the couple. In the ensuing months three of their cats went missing without a trace and another was found one day dead in a pool of blood in the middle of the living room floor, apparently killed by some sort of massive internal hemorrhaging. Even worse, the husband became afflicted with constant mysterious nosebleeds and was also diagnosed with a rare form of very aggressive and terminal skin cancer. The woman herself also claimed that she was experiencing frequent nosebleeds that had no discernible cause as well as sudden spells of dizziness, and that her health had dramatically deteriorated since her meeting with the Black Eyed Kids. She ends the mail with a haunting message, saying:

I know that all of this is because I let the Black Eyed Children into my home. We’ve told everyone we could about the strange kids that showed up that night but no one else saw them and some laugh at how scared we were of the “Mennonite kids” but we know what we saw. I wish my husband had never opened the door. Feel free to publish this as a warning to others about the Black Eyed Kids. My advice would be to lock your doors, call the police, and wait for morning. Don’t make the same mistake that I did.

There are more cases where these came from, all happening right in the comfort of suburbia, to people who feel safe in their well-lit neighborhoods in a place where one would not expect ghostly demon children to be running around. It shows just how pervasive the Black Eyed Kid phenomenon is and how it can seemingly come for anyone at any time. We are left to wonder even what to make of such things. What are these kids and what do they want? Are they aliens, ghosts, demons, perhaps interdimensional interlopers? Or are they just figments of the imagination, tall tales and urban legend? Whatever the case may be, the next time your doorbell rings in the middle of the night, it might be best to check who it is before you open that door. 

Brent Swancer

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