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Engineer Analyzes Unusual Magnetism at Brazilian Crop Circle Site

Crop circles are a controversial subject – farmers hate them, drone camera operators love them, believers think they’re made by extraterrestrials as messages, skeptics swear they’re made by artistic humans with boards, ropes and vivid imaginations. What crop circles need is someone to conduct a scientific analysis on them to determine what they are and who made them. On October 4, 2022, a crop circle appeared in Ipuaçu, a city in the state of Santa Catarina in the South region of Brazil – a town with so many crop circles, it is considered by some to be the Wiltshire of Brazil or the “City of ETs.” Word traveled quickly and it was visited and scientifically studied by a government and military specialist in electronics and a paranormal and UFO investigator. What did he find? Will it change everything? Anything?

It pays to look both ways when examining a crop circle

"I woke up and it was already there. When I came out, I could see from above."

Farmer Sérgio Girotto told the GZH General media organization of his experience on the morning of October 4 in Ipuaçu. Looking out the balcony of his house at a wheat field, where he also plants beans corn and oats, he saw parts of his crop pressed down into the crop. Brazilians refer to crop as agroglyphs and Girotto says he is far from the first farmer in the area to see one – they date back to at least 2008 in Ipuaçu. Other farmers saw the agroglyph and texted photos to Girotto, along with posting them on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Girotto noted that he’s had agroglyphs on his property before in 2013, but this one – with its geometric combination of a pentagon, circles and a triangle -- was one of the most intricate and precise he has seen and the first to be so close to an urban area. (Photos of the crop circle can be viewed here.

"I don't believe it or disbelieve it. But that's very strange, yes. People from Curitiba, São Paulo and even the Amazon. There was a French couple too. They said they live in Foz do Iguaçu."

As with the crop circles in England, the photos of this one went viral and the farm and Ipuaçu were soon swamped with visitors. By October 16, tramplings, decay and heavy rains had washed out the agroglyph … but not before it was visited by a team of investigators led by Alcides Cores. According to his biography at UFO Magazine (Revista UFO), Cores is a professional in electronic systems maintenance for the Brazilian Airport Infrastructure Company (Infraero) qualified in radio aid to air navigation, and is a technician specialized by the Air Force Command in high-precision flight telemetry equipment. On the paranormal side, Cores has been a researcher of paranormal phenomena and a ufologist for over 40 years, and is the author of “Dimensional Portals (Portais Dimensionais,) described by A Gazeta de Vale do Argentina as a best seller and “a fundamental work for any ufologist or interested in the subject, and it needs to be part of your library.”

“Several measurements were made inside and outside the figure to have a comparison parameter, using two different electromagnetic field meters: one with three axes, which makes scanning easier and more accurate and operates in the range between 50 MHz and 3.5 GHz, and a single-axis meter, but sensitive to a wider and higher band of frequencies, ranging from 700 MHz to 6 GHz.”

Cores and his team issued the results of their investigation last week in Revista UFO. They were most interested in magnetic anomalies in and around Sérgio Girotto ‘s crop circle. While the readings revealed a relatively weak electromagnetic field, they noticed several sudden magnetic pulse of more than 60,000 nT (an nT is one nanotesla or 10 to the -9 tesla) which “curiously happened outside the crop circle.” While they recorded fluctuations on their instruments, no anomalies were seen on personal electronics like cell phones and compasses.

Cores notes that the weak magnetic field could be due to the crop circle’s close proximity to the city of Ipuaçu. It could also be picking up electromagnetic emissions from a nearby (700 meters or 2300 feet) cell phone tower. Cores also points out that his team arrived the day after the agroglyph appeared and reading could have been different on that day. Moreover, he admits that “we are unaware of the technology that produces this phenomenon, but there is certainly the involvement of an energy that we can assume is of an electromagnetic nature and of high frequency, perhaps in the microwave range.” This is far from the first crop circle he has investigated, and Cores says he’s seen high magnetic readings in the wheat stalks of various crop circles. Unfortunately, electromagnetic radiation dissipates quickly and leaves no traces.

Those sudden magnetic pulse of more than 60,000 nT continued to bother the investigation team. Cores offered one possible explanation for them:

“According to the magnetic map that uses data from the World Magnetic Model (WMM2020), the magnetic field of Ipuaçu should have a value of 22,365.7 nT. Furthermore, it is known that the southern region is under the great magnetic anomaly of the South Atlantic, an immense area that is characterized by a great weakening of the global magnetic field, and Ipuaçu is located relatively close to its epicenter, which is currently over the Paraguay.”

Cores is referring to the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) – the area where Earth's inner Van Allen radiation belt comes closest to Earth's surface, causing an increased flux of energetic particles in this region and exposes orbiting satellites to higher-than-usual levels of ionizing radiation, which is why NASA tries to avoid sending satellites or space flights over it. If the Southern Atlantic Anomaly caused the spikes in electromagnetisim, could those spikes be attracting non-human entities there to create the crop circles?

Is the electromagnetism in the reading human-made or something else?

Alcides Cores has been investigating the paranormal with a scientific eye long enough to know better than to jump to any conclusions.

“The phenomenon of crop circles is perhaps more complex than we imagine. What is physically presented to the eye is the kneading of the wheat and the geometric figure formed by it, which undoubtedly can contain messages not yet deciphered. But perhaps, in addition to the geometric shape and the effects in wheat, there is something deeper in it that vibrates in the spectrum of energies of the universe that human perception does not reach.”

In other words, the local magnetic field may be dictating the shape of this and other agroglyphs in Ipuaçu and possibly in other areas. Since no one admits to seeing this crop circle being made, there is no evidence to conclude it was made by humans … but there is also none to drive the conclusion to extraterrestrials either. At this point, Cores reminds us why there are so many conflicts between science and the paranormal.

“However, it is worth remembering that science is not a matter of belief or disbelief. Science is verification, impartial investigation within a methodology established by it to avoid mistakes and reach results as close to reality as possible. In this process, data collection is essential.”

As we have noted, Alcides Cores and his team collected the data at the site of the recent crop circle in Ipuaçu, analyzed it a drew their conclusions as best as they could. To the frustration of believers, the conclusion was not extraterrestrials. However, this was only one of many agroglyphs in Ipuaçu and the surrounding area. Cores and other investigation teams will be back. And one day they may find the conclusive data on crop circles everyone is waiting for.

Paul Seaburn

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