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Harrowing Accounts of Dangerous Bigfoot Attacking People

As huge and powerful as Bigfoot are reported to be, one thing that has remained mostly constant among the many reports from eyewitnesses is that they are gentle giants. These are elusive, shy creatues that for all their physical might seem to be mostly more afraid of us than we are of them, hiding and retreating when we are near, and the general consensus is that if they exist then they are not particularly threatening or malevolent creatures. Yet, in some cases it seems as if these immense beasts live up to their fearsome appearance, and here we will look at some more frightening and dangerous encounters with these usually supposedly gentle denizens of the forest. 

A very early account of an aggressive Bigfoot comes to us from the 19th century. In February of 1829 there were reports in several newspapers such as the February 9 edition of The Statesman and the Connecticut Sentinel, of an apparent attack by a “hairy giant” in the Okefenokee Swamp of the U.S. state of Georgia. Two men had apparently ventured out into the swamp to explore, bringing along with them a young boy. At some part they found strange prints measuring 18 inches long and 9 inches wide out in the deeper part of the swamp, and they made their way back home after being spooked by the enormous footprints. Some local hunters then became interested in the tale, and one of the men who had seen the footprints accompanied them out to the site where he had found them. They did indeed find some vestiges of the tracks, and apparently followed them deeper into the wilderness for several days. One evening as the group was in camp they reportedly had a harrowing experience indeed, when some fierce creature charged them from the brush. Five men and the creature itself would end up dead in the ensuing battle, and The Statesman news report says of this thus:

The next minute he was full in their view, advancing upon them with a terrible look and ferocious mien. Our little band instinctively gathered close in a body and presented their rifles. The huge being, nothing daunted, bounded upon his victims, and in the same instant received the contents of seven rifles. He did not fall alone, nor until he had glutted his wrath with the death of five of them, which he effected by wringing the head from the body. - Writhing and exhausted, at length he fell, with his hapless prey beneath his grasp.

When the dead beast’s carcass was examined it was found to measure 13 feet tall and was covered with coarse hair, and the frightened men decided to retreat, as they were afraid it’s death would attract any others in the area. So hasty was their escape that both the mysterious monster and their fallen partners were left where they lay. Whether this incident really happened or not, the Okefenokee Swamp has long produced stories of such creatures from the Native tribes and sightings reports of Bigfoot-like beasts all the way up to the present day.

Another early report was uncovered by cryptozoologist Loren Coleman. The report comes from an article called Terror in the Woods, which appeared in the November 27, 1895 edition of the SanFrancisco newspaper The Call, and is a rather dramatic, violent account of several lumbermen who either went missing or were killed in a shockingly brutal manner by some wild beast in Northern California. The story goes that in November of 1895 a lumberman came out of the wilderness telling stories of missing men and a hairy wild man running amok. The article reads:

A lumberman who returned to-day from the forest in the north of the State brings the most harrowing intelligence of the doings of a wild man in the lumber region of the west branch. He states that great consternation has been caused and a large number of lumbermen have left the camps and returned to their cities rather than face the monster. For over two months quite a number of men have disappeared from the camps and when found bore the semblance of having had an encounter with some wild animal, their bodies in every instance having been terribly mangled and torn. A lumberman who returned to a camp a little north of this city a week ago startled all by stating that while at work he had been attacked by this wild man, and it was only by the help of his ax that he had been able to defend himself from the murderous attacks. Since that time he has been seen by the crews several times, but on their approach he fled into the deep woods with the speed of a deer. He is described as being so nearly like an animal that it is almost impossible to detect him from one. He has a long, shaggy beard, and is covered with a huge, skin coat. The general belief is that he is a sportsman who has become lost in the deep forests, and after wandering around for weeks has gone hopelessly crazy, and already there have been over half a dozen instances of a similar character in the State.”

What is going on here? Another early report was published in 1892 in a book written by none other than former president and rugged outdoorsman Theodore Roosevelt himself, called The Wilderness Hunter. In one entry in the book, Roosevelt describes the frightening encounter of a frontiersman called only Bauman, who was allegedly out with a partner at an isolated area of Montana's Wisdom River to do some trapping. The men made a makeshift camp and went out to trap, and when they returned found that not only had their packs been ripped open and rummaged through while they were away, but that their lean-to had also been destroyed.

The men perhaps foolishly decided to stay, and merely rebuilt the lean-to and tidied up the camp, and that night Bauman supposedly was awoken by something crashing through the brush and an oppressive, foul stink. Bauman grabbed his rifle and shot out into the night, after which the creature reportedly scampered off. The following morning, the men made preparations to leave, deciding that they had had enough of the strange goings on. Bauman allegedly gathered up their traps while his partner went on ahead to set up a new camp farther down the river, but when Bauman arrived he was met with the grisly sight of his friend dead, his neck twisted all the way around and horrific bite marks on his throat. Although this could have just as easily have been a bear attack as a Sasquatch attack, and was probably just meant to be a good yarn, it is a curious account nevertheless.

The late 19th century also brought with it several stories of often violent abductions carried out by hairy humanoids. One such account was from a lumberjack named Bourne, who claimed to have been kidnapped by a tall, hairy humanoid around 8 feet in height, with long, brown hair, as he had been on his way to meet his fiancee in the District of Isère, in France. Bourne claimed that the creature had slung him over its shoulders and brought him to a cave populated by similar beasts, all of which chattered with each other in some strange language. Bourne claimed to have been held captive in the cave for about an hour before he was able to distract the creatures and escape.

Another such bizarre kidnapping was a 17-year-old young woman named Serphine Long, who in 1871 was reportedly forcefully abducted by a large, male Bigfoot while hiking at Morris Mountain, in British Columbia, Canada. According to the victim, she was held captive by the Bigfoot and its family for around a year, during which time she claims to have been raped by the large male, before the abductor suddenly dumped her back to the place from which she had disappeared. Not long after this, it was claimed that she gave birth to a deformed baby.

Interestingly, this is not the only tale of a Bigfoot abductor seemingly looking for amorous relationships with humans. In a more modern account, one 19-year-old woman named Oksana Terletskaya was apparently kidnapped by a hairy wild man after she had become lost in the wilderness. As she stopped to pick some raspberries to eat, the young woman claimed that she had heard a chuffing noise and looked to see a strange creature that looked like an orangutan. The girl apparently screamed and passed out, after which she came to in a cave with the sounds of a stream nearby and rays of light piercing down through the darkness from above. The strange, ape-like creature was sitting next to her, with its teeth bared in a mockery of a smile. It then reportedly set upon her to rip her clothes off, after which she lost consciousness once again.

When Oksana awoke again, she realized that she was imprisoned, and that she had become the “wife” of the creature. Whenever it left the cave, it would roll an immense, heavy boulder across the entrance of the cave to prevent her escape, and would typically return with berries or raw meat for her to eat. The creature apparently showed interest in the girl’s CD player, and would listen to songs on it through the headphones. He apparently became very upset when the device inevitable ran out of batteries, and threw quite the tantrum. The creature, which Oksana had named “Tang,” then went out for awhile and came back with a fresh pack of batteries, which she surmised he had stolen from some store.

This gave hope to Oksana that perhaps the cave was not so far from civilization, giving her hope that a future escape would be possible. As the seasons changed and the weather grew colder, Tang would bring her warm clothing from some unknown source. Intriguingly, this would later be backed up by the report of a tractor driver, who bizarrely claimed to have had his clothes stolen by a wild man. When Oksana made a fire in the cave, Tang was purportedly fascinated by the flames and somewhat frightened at the same time, as if he had never seen such a thing before, although he would eventually overcome his his fear and sit next to her by the fire. When Oksana caught a cold, Tang dutifully went out into the wilderness and brought back what seemed to be medicinal roots and plants.

One day in spring, Tang left the cave on an errand and this time did not close the boulder as tightly as usual. Oksana was able to squeeze her way through the opening and make it outside, where she made a daring escape. When she made her way back to civilization, she realized that she had been held captive for about a year. Mentally unbalanced by her whole ordeal, unable to fully adjust to normal life, she was admitted to a mental hospital where she relayed her amazing story to her doctor. When no one would believe her, Oksana allegedly fell into a deep depression and then began telling people that the creature knew where she was and would come back for her. One day, the girl apparently just suddenly disappeared from her room, and other patients would purportedly claim that a large hairy beast had come to get her during the night. It is unclear just how much of this story is true, but it is certainly intriguing nevertheless.

In another report, this time from 1920, a young couple was tending animals in the Sierra Morena mountains near Lézignan, in Spain, when the woman was apparently abducted by an ape-like creature as she was washing clothes by a stream. She was then kept captive by the creature and repeatedly raped, and when she finally managed to escape and make her way back home she purportedly gave birth to a strange, hairy child who would be called Anica, and nicknamed “the daughter of the orangutan.” Apparently, the baby was deformed, with long arms, a hairy body, and an “ape-like mouth.” There are several other accounts of Bigfoot kidnappings in the 1920s. In 1928, a Native American trapper was in British Columbia, Canada, when he claimed to have been abducted by a Sasquatch during the night while sleeping. According to him, he was carried an estimated 3 miles through the rugged wilderness, after which he was roghly thrown to the ground and found that he was surrounded by a group of about 20 of the hulking creatures. Apparently there were human bones strewn about the ground around him, which led the trapper to think that the beasts meant to eat him. The creatures supposedly gathered around him to poke him, push him, and pull at his clothing, which they seemed genuinely confused by. After some time of this, the beasts lost interest somewhat and the trapper made a run for it, managing to escape their clutches.

These strange cases go on far past the 1920s. In 1957, a man in a remote village in China claimed to have heard his daughter screaming out for help and had run to find an 8-foot-tall hairy hominid picking her up and carrying her away. The father bravely grabbed a stick and chased after them to start beating the creature as hard as he could. The startled beast finally dropped the daughter and tried to escape, but purportedly became bogged down in some thick mud. Other alarmed villagers appeared and proceeded to relentlessly beat the creature to death. It is unclear what ever happened to this story after that or what the creature had intended to do with its prize. In another more recent report from 1962, an Ohio woman claimed to have been kidnapped by a group of Bigfoot after they had repeatedly visited her family home when she was only 12 years old. The creatures had repeatedly approached the home and gotten into the habit of whisking away the girl during the night. On some occasions, the father had barged in with his 12 gauge shotgun to shoot at the creatures, which seemed to have little effect. The biggest of the beasts was reported as being a whopping 14 feet tall. She would describe the creatures thus:

His hair was long and about the same texture as mine as I recall. The hair on all of them was about the same shade of brown, like the color of the decomposed wood layer in the forest. I could see skin around his eyes that was tanned looking and where there was facial hair it was more sparse with glimpses of skin showing through that area as well. I couldn’t make out a neck.  His chin was broad, his teeth were about the size of the nail on my middle finger but they were more flat and he had a mouthful of them meaning the width of his “bite” was wide.  His mouth was wide enough to show most of them.  His eyes were dark with some white around them, less so than human eyes.  They were kind with crows feet at the outer edge of them.  His skin was weathered like anyone who spent much time outside, like a farmer.  His shoulders were very broad though I did see his collar bone on one side which looked thick compared to a humans.  He was muscular and heavily built but in no way fat. There was an adult female and others who were almost as big as the female but didn’t seem to be young or old.

Another very bizarre more recent report of an alleged Bigffot attack happened in 1965 in Monroe County, Michigan, when a 17-year-old Christina Van Acker was driving home one evening with her mother. As they drove there was reported a loud thud that reverberated through the car and shook the vehicle. Thinking they had hit an animal or a person they stopped the car to take a look. According to the report, as soon as Christina rolled the window down a massive arm covered in black hair had then reached in through the window, grabbed her head, and then smashed it against the car door so hard that she was rendered unconscious. It is unclear just how much it had been prepared to push this attack, as Christina’s mother’s screams seemed to have startled it and sent it running off into the woods. The mother would claim that it was a hair-covered, ape-like beast around 7 feet tall, which had “growled like a mad dog.”

Yet another recent Bigfoot attack case is that of 48-year-old Jason Richardson, who was on a hike in Northern California, in South Lake Tahoe, at Mount Tallac. At one point during his trek, he claims that he heard a guttural sound reminiscent of a human “baby voice.” Thinking that it was perhaps a real baby left out alone in the wilderness, he rushed to where he had heard the noise and then claims that he lost consciousness after being bashed over the head, which was later evident by the blood he found leaking from back there. When he woke up, he says his head was bloodied and hurt badly, and that he found himself in some sort of cavern. Near him were two “bear-like creatures,” which seemed to be communicating in a series of guttural grunts, which sounded strikingly similar to what he had heard before he had lost consciousness. Richardson claimed that the creatures were somewhat human looking, and were covered with thick, red hair, with feet that were even hairier. They stood around 8 to 10 feet in height, and the terrified Richardson wondered if he was perhaps hallucinating. As he tried to move, he realized that his hands and feet had been bound with vines or some other plant material. As the creatures approached, his description becomes ever more bizarre. Richardson would describe them thus:

Then they approached me, and I pissed my pants, literally. I am not ashamed to say this, I was so fearful I had no idea if this was it you know? That’s when I saw their heads. Their necks were hairless and they reminded me of vultures. Their heads had red hair, but also black feathers or I don’t know what it was, but it looked like feathers to me. Their eyes were dark, very dark and big as they got close to me.

The creatures then apparently got quite aggressive, dragging him across the floor and kicking him. They then went off and returned with wood and stone tools for some unknown purpose. They freed his hands and feet but he was too scared to move. The creatures picked him up and tossed him out of the cave, and at one point Richardson claimed that he could feel a rock hit him from behind. He wasted no time in running out of there as fast as his legs could carry him. When he checked his watch, 10 hours had passed since the time he had been abducted by his enigmatic captors. Was this account real, or was Richardson merely hallucinating on some substance as he had at first thought? Nobody knows.

Sometimes it seems that Bigfoot use thrown objects to attack. One report from the site The Crypto Crew concerns a witness only known as “William,” who was allegedly out hunting with his brother-in-law, JT. At the time they were excited because they had acquired permission to hunt for deer on a tract of prime private land that they had never hunted before, so at the time they were scouting the area looking for good spots. They were circling the edge of the woods along a large cornfield when they got the distinct sense that they were being watched and followed, although neither of them could put their finger on what it was, just a sort of eerie certainty that someone or something was out there with them. They tried to ignore it and write it off as nerves, but as they headed back towards their truck a bizarre sequence of events would play out. The witness says of this:

As we were going to our truck, we had to cross this narrow pathway with high sides on our left & right. After thinking about it, it was the perfect ambush site. When we got a little into this pathway, we could hear growling coming from the high ground above us on both sides. Then a large rock about the size of a standard cinder block came crashing in behind us. We stopped, frozen in disbelief. JT asked me if I heard that, which I gave him the yes signal. At this time we still had our face masks on so we promptly took them off. That's when there was another growl, only this one was much more threatening. We left without pause and never did go back to that farm. I told the farm owner about our experience & he affirmed that there had been strange things going on there since he was a small child. He told me of a Bigfoot sighting that his family had encountered only a couple months prior to our event.

Whatever was out there sure didn’t seem to like company. Another report comes from the files of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), from the summer of 2014 in Kalkaska County, Michigan. The witness had been staying at a remote cabin with his family, and he made preparations for the trip back home with his grown son after the others had already left. The cabin is described as lying amongst tall pines, mixed hardwood forests, marsh and swampland. Before leaving, he always hosed the cabin down with bleach to clean it off, and as he did this his strange story would begin. He says that his cabin had been hit before by mysterious rocks, but this time was very intense. He explains of the harrowing sequence of events:

It was getting late in the day, there was about a half hour to 45 minutes of daylight left, when I heard what sounded like a stone or something hitting a fallen over shed that was to my left & behind me about 10 to 15 feet away. That caught my attention right away because I had thought just before that something or somebody may be messing with me because as I would turn to my left to reach down to pump more pressure in the pump sprayer I noticed a small stone about the size of a nickel slowly come to rest a couple of feet from my pump sprayer. I took a long steady look around me & saw nothing that stood out, but I was on a mission - I wanted to get the cabin bleached so I could leave for home. I then started the generator to get the water pressure up so I can rinse off the bleach. I grabbed the hose & started rinsing. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I would often turn & look real quick behind me and then I seen the ferns parting, coming in my direction but not directly at me & a stone came to rest. I thought maybe my son might be messing with me because I have told him about a lot of strange things that have happened up here. So I yelled for him to knock it off. Then it happened again, another stone & another. I went around to the front of the cabin to shut off the generator which is on the front porch.

 I noticed my son was sitting in my truck about 30 feet away from the opposite side of the cabin where I was rinsing the bleach off, messing with his i-phone with the window up. I shut off the generator & was walking towards the truck as a stone hit & rolled off the front porch. I rushed to the truck to get him to get in the cabin. He thought I was joking at first. Then he seen I was serious then he experienced it himself. We got in the cabin, it was last light, I could still see out the windows and stones were still being tossed & now they were hitting the cabin but not hitting the windows. As I sat at the dinning room table I seen something large & dark move fast from the other side of my driveway to behind my truck. I grabbed my 44 mag, reached in my pocket and sounded the truck alarm to scare it off. By then it was real dark out so I closed the drapes. My son went to his bedroom and his bedroom wall was hit. The cabin was at times being hit by stones on at least 3 sides within seconds of each other. There had to be at least 3 throwing stones. My son was terrified. My son counted at least 19 stones hitting the cabin, it is not uncommon to have my walls or door hit very hard & I mean whopped hard after dark, it will shake the log cabin & it scares the HELL out of anyone there.

A follow-up investigation by BFRO field researcher Kim Fleming would turn up more details. The creature that lurked around the cabin was supposedly 6 feet to 7 feet tall and about 400 to 500 pounds, walking on two feet and covered with black or very dark brown hair. She also found that this sort of menacing activity had been happening at the cabin since it was first being built. She says:

The witness also reported intimidating activity while building the cabin. He was in a trailer on the property, alone, when "something slapped the trailer just above the door." He could hear "something walking outside...on 2 feet... and it dragged a stick or something along the outside of the trailer" while walking around it. Scrape marks were found the next morning along with a "giant hand print" left in the moss just above the door. A large stick was also found lying on the tongue of the trailer. Moss had grown on much of the trailer over time. I met with a neighbor a few weeks after this incident who verified the hand print in the moss above the door of the trailer and a second time, above the door of the cabin. Marks left by what they believed to be a branch that was scraped along the outside of the trailer. This happened while the witness was in the process of building the cabin. The witness had asked him to come over and see what happened to the trailer. The neighbor stated, "I don't believe in bigfoots, but if there was such a thing, that hand print is the kind of print it would have." He described it as "huge!" The witness also reported a sighting by a friend while hunting on the property. That friend has never returned to hunt on the property since his experience.

From Reddit user “SteelwoolWombat” there comes another intriguing account, from the state of Pennsylvania. On December 3, 2013, he was out hunting for deer at the crack of dawn at Pennsylvania State Game Lands 229, outside of Tremont in Schuylkill County, looking for a good spot to set up his stand. As he hiked along, he became aware of a fetid stench in the air that smelled like “hot dumpster juice in the middle of August,” He couldn’t figure out where the smell was coming from, but decided to just ignore it and keep going. As he approached a ridge the fireworks would begin, of which he says:

I followed the path to my spot, which was down over the ridge from the garbage smell. Roughly maybe 40 feet down, that leads into a grass field where I would sit. I set up my seat, get settled in for about 2 minutes. That's when the rocks started coming down the ridge. First rock, startled me, causing me to turn on my light again, scanning the field hoping to see eye reflection of a deer but nothing was there. I sat back down. Another rock comes down the ridge. This time I stand up go out into the grass field with flashlight and the pistol that I carry while hunting. Scanned again, nothing, purposely waited in the field for about 5 minutes. Now I'm getting angry, assuming another hunter is messing with me because I'm in "their" spot. I sit down again. The 3rd rock, sounding larger than the others, comes tumbling down the ridge. I don't get up this time. Not 2 minutes after that, another rock, not tumbled but sounded as though it was thrown off the ridge and landed in the field. Now fuck it, I'm pissed. I gathered up my gear, and started back up the trail to the ridge. I get on top of the ridge, scanning with my light the whole time, nothing, no eyes, no other hunter. I get to the spot where I smelled the hot garbage. Nothing. The smell is gone. Finally, it clicked in my head. It may not have even been another person. Possibly something else. I've heard other stories of people's Bigfoot experiences, a lot of which remark about how bad they smell. I all but ran out of the woods. And to top it all off, no other vehicles were in the parking area when I got out of the woods.

Another report comes from Reddit user “Micky-n-Mallory,” in Kentucky. Apparently at the time he was hiking out in the woods looking for herbs when he was assailed by a shower of small stones. He says of the encounter:

I stopped to search the ground and saw a small stone roll past me. I look up and saw another land about 6 feet from me. At 1st I'm thinking nothing of it but was just curious to figure out what was going on. I move on uphill about 100 feet and again small stone lands beside me. I start looking around again and then all of a sudden it was just raining down small stones all around me. By small I mean really small like pebbles almost. The hair on my neck stands up and I get a terrible "I'm in danger" kind of feeling. I immediately start heading down off mountain while loads of little rocks are falling around me . I kept thinking I saw shadows or something moving quickly between the trees but never actually saw whatever it was. I have to add that I was on my own private property and no one around for miles and miles. It's a very, very secluded area and none of the rocks actually hit me.

What are we to make of cases like these? Are Bigfoot perhaps just as prone to being in a bad mood as anyone else? Are there perhaps some that are more territorial or resistant to being intruded on than others? Although rare, such cases of aggressive and bold Bigfoot attacking or even abducting humans remains peppered throughout the many cases of alleged encounters with these creatures, and whatever they may mean, they certainly shine a light on a different aspect of the phenomenon as a whole, and give some clues as to what behavior these creatures may be liable to exhibit in certain situations. 

Brent Swancer

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