Oct 19, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Psychic Claims to be "Living Nostradamus" - Predicts Zombie Apocalypse

How bold does a psychic have to be to declare themselves to be “The Living Nostradamus”? How accurate does that psychic have to be to convince the public that he really IS “The Living Nostradamus”? Brazilian psychic Athos Salomé is comparing himself to French psychic Michel de Nostredame – better known as Nostradamus – based on some prophesies of his which have come true. Were they big enough to qualify him for such a comparison? Were they big enough to move into one-name fame and become known as Salomé or Athos? Were they big enough to convince everyone – or anyone – to believe his next big prediction … that the world will soon be engulfed in a zombie apocalypse? Shouldn’t he try predicting a few more royal deaths or divorces first?

It's not easy being me.

"Many heads will be cut off, blood and psychological torture used particularly, leaving the population manipulated and living like zombies. The mental disorders will increase and mental outbreaks will occur at the time of pain and grief, unbalancing the human mind and triggering depression and death from suicide. Get ready, because the number can triple and it's not just the virus that will kill."

That certainly sounds like a forecast of a zombie apocalypse … especially since he used the word “zombie.” However, the context of this prophecy could also refer to a worldwide virus infection (although he says it is not) or an authoritarian ruler who controls his citizens or the people of other countries like zombies. In this respect, Athos Salomé is a little like Nostradamus – it is hard to figure out exactly what he is predicting. This is not as direct as his prediction that Queen Elizabeth II would die in 2022, or his prediction of a “stand collapse” which occurred in July at a bullfight in Tolima, Colombia, where six people died. Then there was his 2012 prediction of a global pandemic and a 2020 new COVID-19. Skeptics point out that the queen was old and pandemics are becoming more common, but that “stand collapse” was an interesting one.

Like Nostradamus, who was an apothecary (pharmacist) and a physician, Salomé has other careers – he is a model scouter, manages their careers and promotes modeling contests … he also has the look of a male model. (Photos here.) He claims to have had his psychic ability since he was 12 and earned a Bachelor's degree in Parapsychology from Winston Churchill University in Florida. All of that, plus a few correct predictions and some confusing ones, does not add up to a Nostradamus.

“The US will be betrayed and invaded, they have been planning the attack for some time and it will be worse than Osama Bin Laden 9/11 2001.

Two great leaders are behind the new episode. So the War 3 alert has been made! That's the question, does it happen in 2023, 2024 or until 2026? February, April, and July of next year, Kabbalah the human being will undergo a new transformation. Tragedies will be marked in this coming one.

This is no reason for despair, warning before it reaches the great leaders and something is done to prevent the worst.”

OK, those predictions from October 8 of this year sound more like a legitimate apocalyptic forecasts of the Nostradamus style. “Kabbalah” refers to a school of thought in Jewish mysticism, but little other than the reference to Osama bin Laden and the years is specific. Who are the “two great leaders”? Why reference the Kabbalah? Salomé also jumps on the ‘climate change is bad and getting worse’ with a prediction for a nation "where impurity and arrogance lead." That could be a number of lands these days.

"Dark clouds will get gathered in the sky, causing terror and tension. On a hot day, the weather will became dry, the wind will turn into a hurricane, covering the moons, stars and everything in the constellation, making the day look like the night. No one will escape from that place, only those who believe and those who need to know the wrath of the Lord. Listen, pray and watch, the rays which will hit the earth will be powerful – they will be able to rise the ocean one more time and swallow the precious lands of that place."

Again, one doesn’t have to be a psychic or a religious doomsayer these days to make apocalyptic warnings like these. The same is true with his predictions of robots replacing human labor, robot soldiers being prepared for war, and lethal autonomous weapons and drones. Salomé links these predictions to China – not exactly an original approach either – but gets specific when he asks, “Are you already prepared for the false peace agreement between China?”. He also moves into the realm of pop psychics with this prediction:

“We will also lose an international superstar; everyone will be shocked by her death and the way it happened. Something related to the singer Madonna appeared to be a lot, but I don't know if it has something to do with her or something that will happen or get sick.”

Oh, no … not Madonna!

Salomé seems to be aware that comparing himself to Nostradamus puts him in the category of doomsayer and bearer of bad news, so he tries to put a modern spin on his prophecies and claims he’s working to be a force of good by advising those in power so they have time to react.

"The predictions are made as a warning, not to bring despair to the population. This is no cause for despair, rather I warn so that the predictions reach the great leaders and something is done to prevent the worst."

Maybe he should stick to zombie preditions.

Does all of this add up to the second coming of Nostradamus? Not really. Outside of the prediction of the coronavirus being made in 2012, most of Athos Salomé’s forecasts are fairly recent and could easily be influenced by current science and media coverage. He doesn’t yet have a history of failed predictions imply because he hasn’t been making them on the world stage that long. Let’s see what happens in the next few years, especially with predictions like this last one:

“(A leader will be born between) 22, 44 and/or 66 years old (who will) remove some of those who are not in favor of his decisions!".

Salomé claims this refers to Elon Musk's failed purchase of Twitter: on April 22, he was offered to buy Twitter for $44 billion in addition to his private jet, which is said to be worth $66 million. Is that for real or is he trying to play with numbers to appear more numerologically psychic?

Sorry, Salomé … you need to some more solid predictions before the people even begin to start considering you as Nostradamus-like or even a Nostradamus lite.

Paul Seaburn

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