Oct 14, 2022 I Brent Swancer

Some Really Bizarre Encounters With Dwarf-Like Aliens

The area of UFO and alien encounters is often a very strange frontier of the odd and the anomalous. There have been all manner of surreal, weird, and sometimes bonkers reports describing all kinds of high strangeness, with beings of all shapes and sizes reported over the years, their purposes mysterious and inscrutable. Here we will look at some very bizarre reports of some sometimes very frightening encounters with mysterious, diminutive dwarf-like beings from either some other world or dimension. 

Our earliest, and perhaps the most bizarre of these strange dwarf encounters is a series of events that allegedly went down over the course of several months in 1954 in the country of Venezuela. It seems to have all begun on April 10 of that year, when a hunter by the name of Emelino Martinez was walking back to his car after going out hunting in the hills near Caracas when he was startled by a low growl and some crashing noises coming from some nearby underbrush. Frightened, Marinez hurried towards his vehicle and looked back to notice two short and squat “half-man, half-monkey” creatures covered in thick, matted hair. As he approached the car, one of the creatures than apparently attacked him, jumping forward to grab him and throw him to the ground, after which it ferociously scratched and bit at him. Martinez was only able to get out the beast’s vice-like grip and escape its wrath into his car when he bashed it in the head with a rock, and even when he retreated into his car the two creatures screamed and banged on his doors and windows with great fury as he sped away. This might have been able to fit into more of the category of cryptozoology if it weren’t for a string of other bizarre encounters that would follow in the same area, which would show that these creatures were perhaps not of this earth.

On November 28 of that year, truck driver Gustavo Gonzalez and his assistant Jose Ponce were driving near the area of Petare when they were unable to go any further due to a large, metallic spherical object ominously hovering over the road ahead of them. Gonzalez got out of his truck and warily approached the strange sight, and as he did so he was reportedly attacked by a 3-foot high hairy dwarflike creature that was wearing a loincloth and had blazing red eyes. The creature allegedly pushed him with great force to send him sprawling, after which he drew his knife to stab it and find that his blade would not penetrate its skin, which was described as being like steel. Two other hairy dwarves then jumped down from the sphere, as another standing within it shot some sort of bright ray that blinded Gonzales. When his vision cleared up, the dwarf that had attacked him and his companions had entered the craft, and the mysterious sphere then flew off out of sight. The two men wasted no time in getting as far away from that place as possible.

Around two weeks later, on December 10, two hunters by the names of Lorenzo Flores and Jesus Gomez were hunting in the countryside near Carora when they were confronted by a strange object “like two washbowls put together” flying along spewing flames from beneath it. The craft then lowered to the ground and they could see four short figures walk out of an opening in its side. Flores would say:

We saw four little men coming out of it. When they realized we were there, four of them grabbed Jesus and tried to drag him towards this thing. I could do nothing but take my shotgun, which was unloaded, and strike at one of them. The gun seemed to have struck rock or something harder, for it broke into two pieces. We could see no details as it was dark, but what we did notice was the abundant hair on their bodies and their great strength.

The men were able to fight the creatures back by firing upon them, and although their weapons seemed to have no effect, the things retreated back to their craft to leave the two frightened men covered with bruises and scratches. Just three days later the hairy dwarves struck again, this time when a hairy, 3-foot tall dwarf attacked a man named Jesus Paz as he relieved himself on the side of the road near his car, after which it apparently jumped into a silver disk-like craft and flew off. Paz was apparently seriously injured in the attack and had to be hospitalized. On December 19 the attack of the alien dwarves continued when a Jose Parra was out jogging and spied a group of hairy, ape-like dwarves loading boulders into a glowing disk-shaped object hovering above them. When they noticed Parra, one of them shot a bright beam of light at him, which paralyzed him as the creatures piled into the craft and shot off into the sky. 

What was going on here? Who knows? Moving along, on November 2, 1967, two young local men named Guy Tossie and Will Begay were driving along near Ririe, Idaho when they were nearly blinded by a sudden bright light over the road, after which they could see a small, domed UFO about 8 feet across hovering there about five feet over the ground and bathing the area with an eerie green light. This dome was apparently clear, and sitting within the craft could be seen two diminutive beings sitting within it. The two men stopped their car, and as they stared at this outlandish scene, the dome opened and one of the figures within just sort of floated out and down towards them. It was described as being around three and a half feet tall, with an oval, hairless head that looked “heavily pitted and creased” and two large ears, a slit-like mouth, and two tiny, deep-set eyes. 

As the terrified men looked on, this otherworldly and not a little erie creature actually floated down, opened the door to the vehicle, and pushed the driver over to get behind the wheel. The car then seemed to be pulled along by the UFO through some tractor beam, and they were all dragged out into a field. When the car rolled to a stop, that craft still inscrutably hovering over them and that creepy alien sitting there staring ahead, Tossie freaked out and ran out of the vehicle towards a nearby farmhouse, leaving his friend behind. The second creature from the craft apparently gave chase for a moment before levitating back to the UFO, and meanwhile the one in the car with Begay began jabbering at him in a rapid, high pitched voice “like a bird,” after which it joined its companion outside and thy both floated up to their craft and flew off in a “zig-zag path.” They would later report the encounter to police and learn that there had been various UFO sightings in the area, as well as cows and other livestock panicking and bolting for no apparent reason. Shortly after this, the sightings would stop, and the answer to what these men encountered remains elusive.

Moving on to 1969, on May 4 of that year, an off-duty soldier by the name of Antonio Da Silva was fishing that afternoon on a clear day at a lake near Belo Horizonte, in Brazil, and at some point he had the sense that he was no longer alone. He had the sensation that something was moving behind him, but when he went to turn to see what or who it was he was hit by an intensely bright beam of light that completely paralyzed him. At that moment, two diminutive humanoids standing about 4 feet tall and wearing metallic silver suits and helmets appeared, grabbed him, and dragged him into a large, cylindrical craft, where they forced him to put a helmet on his head that blocked his vision. The craft then lifted off and after some time of flying they set down and forced him out. When Da Silva had his helmet removed, he saw that they were in what appeared to be a stone cavern that was brightly lit and decorated with various pictures of animals, but much to his horror there were four motionless human bodies lying prone on a low stone shelf, whether alive or dead he could not tell. Before him stood one of the small beings without a helmet on, which he sensed was the leader, and Da Silva would describe the being:

He had a look on his face of apparent satisfaction. His long tresses, reddish and wavy, fell down behind past his shoulders to the waist. His beard was long and thick and came down to his stomach. His skin was light-coloured, very pale. His eyes were round, larger than is the norm with us, and of a green shade.

Around a dozen more of these dwarves then entered the room and gathered around the frightened man, grabbing him and forcing him to drink some sort of bitter green liquid from a pyramid-shaped stone chalice, and they pilfered everything from his pockets, including his wallet and some fish hooks. Da Sliva reached for a rosary he kept around his neck, which enraged the leader, who tore it away and threw it to the ground to send beads scattering. A “robed and barefoot Christ-like figure” then appeared in the room, which the dwarves apparently could not see. This new figure then gave Da Silva a revelation concerning “the future of humanity,” after which he vanished to leave Da Silva alone with those dwarf-like beings. The creatures then blindfolded him and dropped him off at a place 200 miles away from where he had been abducted. Although he felt as if he had been gone for only around an hour, he would learn that four days had passed. He never would divulge what the robed figure had told him and it is all a pretty bizarre case to be sure. 

From August of 1979 we have another remarkably weird report from the area of Gateshead, England. One morning a witness called only “Carol W” was sitting at home drinking tea and waiting for her husband to come home when a bright red light shone in through the curtains. When Carol looked outside, she saw hovering not far away a “disc-shaped object sparkling with multicolored lights,” which promptly shot up into the sky. Carol backed away from the window and went to sit down again, and at that moment a miniature version of the craft she had just seen, this one measuring a mere 18 inches in diameter, allegedly came right through the window while “trailing a shower of glittering specks behind it.” It hovered there for a moment and then flew off again, presumably to join its larger companion.

Carol would try to put the strange incident out of her mind, but a fortnight later she was lying in bed when she awoke to find herself paralyzed and unable to move. When she looked up, she saw that same miniature UFO hovering over her bed, and gathered around her were a dozen small humanoids measuring just 2 feet high, with white suits and “unreal looking hair like dolls.” All around them was a buzzing sound, and the tiny beings seemed to be communicating with each other through a series of clicks, all of which frightened her dog and caused it to cower in the corner. The beings examined her and then left, although Carol was not sure of how they did so, as the UFO was much too small for them to have actually been able to fit into it. The creatures would visit her several more times before the nighttime visitations finally stopped. What do we make of this?

Such reports, and many others like them, not only serve to show us how varied and weird alien encounters reports can be, but also cause us to think about what these beings could possibly be. Some of these really buck the trend of the traditional "Grey" alien encounters and make us wonder what they are. Are these really visitors from other worlds, or are they perhaps interdimensional interlopers crossing over the barrier between realities? Are they just tall tales? Whatever the case may be, they are some damn strange accounts. 

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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