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The Haunted Ancient Ram Inn and its Sex Demon Are For Sale

There are so many old inns, pubs, castles and other buildings in England that it is nearly impossible to throw a stone without hitting one. Many of those building are so old, they are filled with generations of ghosts – to the point that it is impossible to throw a stone without it passing through one of them. The Ancient Ram Inn is one – it dates back to 1145 – and the building, which is still in operation, is now for sale. However, it may not be wise to throw a stone when you visit – not only will it irritate the owner and the real estate agent, it could anger the sex demon haunting the place which, like the many other spirits haunting it, are included in the price of the Ancient Ram Inn. Is this the perfect place for someone looking to open a haunted inn/S&M dungeon?

Did someone say haunted S&M dungeon? 

“The sex demon has driven me out of my home – there’s nothing will get me back there now.”

Caroline Humphries, the current owner of the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire county – the oldest building in Wotton-Under-Edge in the Cotswolds – tells LAD Bible she’s selling the inn which was purchased by her father in 1968 because one particular ghost in the building’s vast collection of spirits is ruining her life and her business as a popular tourist attraction for paranormal enthusiasts and the curious.

“My dad constantly complained about the sex demon that touched his legs and pressed upon his body when he didn’t want it to happen. It always happened when he was lying down trying to get some rest.”

The description of the “sex demon” given by Humphries which she claims tormented her late father sounds like the typical succubus, which those who encounter them claim to put physical pressure on their chests and ruin their sleep for days.

"Once, the bed started to vibrate. He passed out and when he came to, his arms were above his head. There was pressure all over his body and something was feeling his groin. He could not move or speak and when it released him, he couldn’t stop shaking. He left the room and went downstairs utterly exhausted and unable to sleep for many nights."

John Humphries knew what he was getting into when he bought the Ancient Ram Inn in 1968 – it was a building with a long, varied and somewhat sordid past. In 1145, it was built to house the local masons, builders and slaves working across the street on Wotton-Under-Edge’s new church, St. Mary’s.  When the project was completed, the masons moved out and the vicar moved in. It is not known if the vicar knew the history of the area or he might have chosen a different location. The area is on the intersection of 2 Ley Lines and many people believed in contained a high level of spiritual and paranormal energy as a result. That may be why the site was used as a burial ground 5,000 years ago. One legend is that the land the inn occupied had streams that were redirected to go around the churchyard – thus disturbing the Ley lines and releasing their disruptive energy.

That ‘dark energy’ may have influenced those who believed in the 1500s that the home was being used by the universal scapegoat – witches. During those sad and disgusting times, a woman accused of being a witch hid in one of the inn’s rooms to avoid her inevitable ate – to be burned at the stake. The room is still called "The Witch's Room" and many visitors claim to have seen her ghost.

John Humphries was said to have claimed he met all of the spirits of the Ancient Ram Inn on the first night he stayed there. While he believed the spirits appreciated the fact that he saved the Ram Inn from destruction, they still tormented him – allegedly dragging him across rooms by the arm. During his regular upkeep of the inn, Humpries claimed to have found evidence of devil worship and ritual sacrifices – including the skeletal remains of children he believed were murdered with daggers. He also claims guests staying in the Bishop’s Room – where bishops once lived -- have seen dark monks and evil bishop spirits. There are also reports of a ghostly Roman Centurion on horseback riding through the walls.

While it appears only Humphries experienced the activities of the inn’s violent succubus, his wife and daughters refused to live there. Caroline eventually moved in with her father in 2001. Although he experienced the spirits until his death in 2017, she did not. However, being a good innkeeper, she became concerned when guests began having the same experiences as John Humphries.

"Now we’ve started to have other guests tell me they’ve had the same thing happen to them. I have not experienced it myself, but I don’t want to be next."

John Humphries’ description of his experiences matches the descriptions of the actions of the succubus type of sex demon – which means it also matches the description of sleep paralysis, the common medical cause for feelings of pressure on the chest and being unable to move in bed. That would explain John Humphries’ condition … but why were guests having them as well? Mass sleep paralysis … or ghosts?

Sleep paralysis ... really?

Caroline Humphries hasn’t had a sex demon encounter at the Ancient Ram Inn, but she claims to have seen a cabinet fall down a flight of stairs and pictures drop off of their hooks for no apparent reasons. While she is convinced the Ancient Ram Inn is haunted, a visit in 2003 by the paranormal investigators The Ghost Club found nothing unusual. So, why does she stay?

"I have no doubt that the Ancient Ram Inn is haunted, and I don’t feel guilty about saying it is or for selling tickets for a paranormal events.”

Nonetheless, it sounds like she’s given up collecting fees and living in the inn when she says, “The sex demon has driven me out of my home.” It doesn’t appear that the Ancient Ram Inn is listed on any Cotswolds real estate sites just yet, and there is no mention of her intention to sell it on the inn’s web site. For now, interested parties will just have to wait for an announcement … or a news story about a sex demon who is NOT a politician, singer or famous actor.

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