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Three "Real" Vampires Share Their Advice for Dracula Wannabes

It is never a good sign when you received a notification that begins with “Yes, I am a real …”. This is especially bad if it is from a doctor or the pilot of the plane you are on, but we have been seeing this quite a bit lately on the missives of TikTok time travelers who somehow forget that we can quickly look back through their previous videos and determine that they are most certainly not time travelers … or at least not good at remembering what they were supposed to warn us about. Nonetheless, they persist and this has inspired another cast of characters who want us to believe they are real … vampires. Do they need the caveat … or is it just an attention-grabber? Will it hold up in court? Let’s take a look at what three “real” vampires had to say this week.

Do real vampires have to brag about it?

“I’m a real-life vampire – I wear fangs and feed on my girlfriend’s energy.”

Jack Townson of New York tells The Daily Star he’s more of an energy vampire (some consider them to be the worst kind – especially at work) and his girlfriend is a consenting energy donor. He explains that he, like most vampires, was born a vampire, but didn’t realize it until he “awakened between the ages of seven to 10.” The author of “Blood and Roses” says the age of realization varies among vampires and is often triggered by something vampirish – in his case, it was from watching the movie “Interview with the Vampire” and the Marvel character Blade. (That’s something to keep in mind with “Interview with the Vampire” back as a series and many more vampire movies and books arriving.) He does reassure parents that awakening at a young age is very rare.

“From there, things started happening that weren’t like the movies. I became more sensitive to the energy around me and I became more empathetic to those around me as well. I started to exhibit certain feelings of hunger that didn’t make sense, almost this gnawing sensation, this intense need I couldn’t place as well as this very deep intensity that would take me and I didn’t understand it at all. I came a little bit more sensitive to the sun because that is a thing, vampires don’t burst into flames, that's not how it works, but we do have a certain sensitivity.”

Townson implies that there is some crossover between the energy and blood vampires – like the sun sensitivity. While he has no taste for blood, he still wears fangs, makeup and goth or Victorian outfits to stay in the mood. There is no known medical explanation for energy vampirism – he doesn’t believe it is an illness nor does he suffer from an overpowering need to feed. He says once a week he gets his girlfriend’s permission, places his hand on one of her chakra (energy) points and goes Tesla-at-an-outlet on her – making sure he doesn’t take too much and returns a little when he’s done. He’s definitely not Lestat, but it does sound a little kinky.

“I'm a real-life vampire – I feed on humans and participate in sex rituals.”

Speaking of kinky, our next “real” vampire is Meriticus, a founding member of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA], whose website indicates he is very active in the vampire community. Meriticus tells The Daily Star he is a sanguinarian vampire – what non-vampires would consider to be the “real” blood-drinking kind. Unlike Jack Townson, he doesn’t take on the traditional clothing – all black is fine – and eschews the fangs and contact lenses. However, he definitely drinks blood … consensually, of course, and preferably in conjunction with sexual or tantric contact that is often highly ritualistic and mixed with sadomasochism. Consensually, of course. With a verbal or written contract, of course. Will that hold up in court?

“It's an intimate and private event shared between two persons who connect on the deepest of levels.”

Of course, if he can’t find anyone to sign a contract, Meriticus says drinking from a glass or a donor bag will suffice. He’s also an energy vampire in a pinch. He also comes across as a half-empty, half-full traditional vampire. While he says that vampires are driven by strong desires or painful headaches, he stresses the importance of consensus with the donor, and care for the donor after being feed off of. To really kill the sexual mood, he also recommends discussing their donors’ medical history, emotional health and mental state.

“While this connection can be rewarding and mutually beneficial, it can also be psychologically unhealthy if manifested in the extreme. Much of the appeal to vampirism lies in our adeptness at shielding, grounding and centering energy as well as controlling emotional and sometimes behavioral situations.”

Yes, this seems like a lot of work just to have a dinner of blood and then have sex with someone … isn’t there a Transylvanian Tinder for vampires?

"The modern vampire community is now very focused on the 'material nature of life' and based upon human instincts like sexual practices, human emotion. But we here in Transylvania for many centuries are searching for more than merely human nature and human desires and lusts."

For the answer to that question, The Mirror went to Transylvania and talked to Andreas Bathory, a native of Romania and a vampire who doesn’t feel the need to reassure that he is “real” … he lives in Transylvania, has worked at Bran Castle and gives lectures on traditional vampirism. He also claims to have been inspired to become a vampire by Vlad Tepes - Vlad the Impaler – who came to him in a dream. In a previous interview before the COVID pandemic, Bathory admitted to drinking blood, but now he sticks with energy and preaches against the practice – saying that blood is merely a "metaphor representing the living force of life" in vampire mythology. While he also goes out in daylight, looks in mirrors and eats garlic, Bathory participates in one traditional movie vampire practice.

"Because of my mobile work, I sleep in my coffin when I want some peace and quiet or to meditate and recharge for a few days.”

Not only does he sleep in a coffin, Bathory wants to open a hotel for vampires in Transylvania with coffins instead of beds.

“The experience for other people can be incredible and at the same time, it can be a therapy for those who are afraid of death.”

This sounds like kind of a Motel 6-Feet-Under ... would you stay there? 

Where are the "real" female vampires?

Bathory presents the vampire community as having something for everyone – those who want to be close to human nature; those who want to role play or live in a fantasy; those who are born to take energy form others; those with higher powers who live together and away from humans. He also introduces the Transylvania flavor of vampires.

"On top of this, we have in Transylvania another category called Moroi and Strigoi, otherwise called the 'living dead'. This phenomenon happens when the undead entities from the unseen world inhabit people who have died recently to use their bodies to come back into the material world to feed, but not with food. They feed with the life-force of the human beings. The life force that appears in the myths of the vampires as blood.”

He says the belief in Moroi and Strigoi is so strong in Romania that priests will cater to the rituals in order to help distressed believers get through troubling times.

There you have it … three “real” modern vampires. Are any of them real to you? If they are, why do they feel the need to say it?

What would Vlad the Impaler do?

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