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USS Nimitz Crewman Reports Encounter With Huge Triangle UFO

Mention the USS Nimitz and many people will know it is a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of the United States Navy and one of the largest warships in the world. If they are also interested in UFOs, they will undoubtedly also know that the USS Nimitz and its pilots and crews have had their share of encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena – beginning with the 2004 event that has become known as the “Tic Tac” encounter because of the breath mint shape of the unidentifiable craft. Despite that event occurring in 2004, along with additional encounters with other aircraft carriers in 2014-2015, videos of these events were not released until 2017, and the Pentagon did not confirm their validity until 2019. At that time, and continuing until today, there has been much suspicion that these encounters are just the tip of the iceberg, and the U.S. Defense Department is hiding many more incident reports, videos and other evidence.

The USS Nimitz

While laws have been passed and hearings have been held, not much new has been released … until now. Another crew member of the USS Nimitz has come forward with his eyewitness account of another event … and it occurred while he was serving on the … you guessed it … USS Nimitz. It gets better – the incident occurred in 1991, over a decade before the Tic Tac encounter, and the UAP was a triangular craft … not a Tic Tac. Why haven’t we heard about this before? We think you know the answer, but let’s find out in detail what USS Nimitz crewman Kevin Thomas swears he saw in 1991.

“It’s night, it’s dark, so we went to darken ship and when a ship goes to darken ship everything gets turned off. There can be no light anywhere on the ship,”

In an interview with the YouTube channel QuestTV (watch it here), Kevin Thomas digs back into his memories from over 30 years ago to recreate what he believes is another earlier UAP incident with the USS Nimitz.

“When I went to open up the bulkhead it was locked, so I figured no big deal, I’ll just ride it out out here. So I found my way to the starboard side of the ship and I looked around the corner and there was something about halfway out of the water. It looked like a huge black triangle.”

We’re going to assume your antenna went up at the phrase “black triangle.” Secret triangular spy planes have been rumored for decades and were alleged – although never confirmed – to have been first deployed during the First Gulf War in … 1990-1991! Before you jump to conclusions and start connecting dots, let’s hear more of what Crewman Thomas has to say.

“I would estimate it was bigger than the Nimitz at about 200 yards away… It was big and I kind of froze there. I have this image of it looking like this clean dark thing sitting there with no water dripping off it.”

“Bigger than the Nimitz.” To put that in perspective, the USS Nimitz is 1,092 feet (332.8 meters) long, while the B-2 Spirit triangular stealth bomber (the largest of its kind) is 69 feet (20.9 meters) long with a wingspan of 172 feet (52.12 meters). Crewman Thomas was definitely not looking at a B-2 Spirit … especially since he claims it was stationary in front of him and making no sound whatsoever. In fact, it made no sound when the next strange thing happened.

“I got a real clear view of it, it probably raised up about 30-40 feet, and then it was gone.”

Again, Thomas says this was 1991. Even if the rumored Northrop TR-3A Black Manta was real, this would have been early in its life and, while undoubtedly of stealth technology, is not said to be silent nor to have the ability to hover. It appears the rest of the night went without incident for Crewman Thomas. Did he report what he saw to his commanding officer? You can figure out the answer to that question yourself.

“I had a feeling at that moment, my heart kind of stopped like ‘uh oh, I’m in trouble.’ I think that maybe I thought I saw something I wasn’t supposed to see and I’m going to get in a lot of trouble.”

Thomas states he was visited the following day by “two guys” in civilian clothes – an unusual sight on an aircraft carrier – who asked him a lot of questions about why he was out the prior night after dark and what, if anything, he saw. Thomas, as just about all military personnel do, feared for his career and did not mention the huge black triangle.

Until now.

"It kind of went slow at first and then it went boom and it was gone. That's exactly what I saw."

In the Quest TV interview, Thomas says the Tic Tac UFO videos and the military personnel describing the incidents in public were the impetus to opening his mind to revealing his own encounter. He estimated that the speed of the triangle he saw was between Mach 15 and Mach 20 – the same as the estimated speeds of the Tic Tac UAPs. However, this was a triangle. If you’re up on your military UFO videos, you may recall one that showed what appeared to be an unidentified triangular object in the sky. In April 2021, Pentagon spokesperson Sue Gough confirmed that it had been taken by Navy personnel aboard USS Russell in 2019. What exactly it was is still under debate, since they others were oblong or spherical in shape.

The triangular UFO

However, another photo of a triangular UFO appeared in 2021 that was allegedly taken by a pilot in 2019 who claimed the craft, with lights on its three corners, was transmedium -- it emerged from the ocean and rose straight upwards. As the result of this and other videos showing Tic Tacs diving into the ocean, the term “Unidentified Submersible Phenomena” began being used. If you recall, Crewman Thomas noted that his triangular UFO was “sitting there with no water dripping off it.” Was he hinting that this may have been an “Unidentified Submersible Phenomena” way back in 1991 … 30 years before the 2019 photograph?

Do you believe USS Nimitz Crewman Kevin Thomas and his story of seeing a huge triangular UFO near the aircraft carrier back in 1991? It will be interesting to see if his interview inspires other witnesses to come forward. If he is telling the truth, kudos to Crewman Thomas for stepping forward and to Quest TV for providing a place to tell his story.

Paul Seaburn

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